I first set out to write a guide with the goal of proving my friends wrong. They got a good chuckle when I said I wanted to write a guide for League, and I have to admit I honestly had no expectations myself. A week or two later, however, the first iteration of "Ye Olde Pantheon Top" was published to MobaFire.

Months passed. I dropped by every once in a while to make updates, but I wasn't what you would call an attentive guide creator. The guide accrued some comments and votes, and I soon reached the milestone of 10,000 views! I started paying more attention to the guide. I taught myself to use GIMP from scratch and banged out some passable banners for my guide sections. More views came. What do you know, I said to myself, people actually give a sh*t about the stuff I wrote on here!

Fast forward to January 2016; the guide had around 1 million views, and I was content to update every month or so. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, I got an email from MobaFire: you've won a prize in the Guide Contest. Signed by some PsiGuard guy. Never heard of him.

"Is this a scam?" - Swuft 2016

It wasn't. Regardless of my ignorance regarding the annual guide contest or the sorry state of my guide, Ye Old Pantheon Top had managed to pull in a prize. I got my RP, and I was ready to abandon my guide and ride off into the proverbial sunset.

Then, as I was opening the packages containing my hat and champ figurine, a note popped out. Such a simple thing; letters on a page, a quick sketch. I can say with 100% certainty, though, that without that note I would not be on MobaFire writing this.

I don't know Mowen and Mowen doesn't know me, but that didn't stop him/her from sending that note. Turns out that note was enough to convince me there was more to MobaFire than just guides and builds, and that it would be worth my time to stay here a while.

Thank you for that. It has been a lot of fun, and I'm sure it will only get better from here!