So, I'm not sure there's another place I can really post this, so I'm going to post it here.

As I've been starting up playing again, I'm noticing a very significant issue that I'm starting to wonder if I need to address before I can really fix some of my mechanical problems.

When I don't play things I'm comfortable with (unless I'm playing whatever it is as a support, in which case I just run on autopilot), I tend to start to panic in most combats. It's most noticeable and severe in one on one combats, but it pretty much happens in all of them to some degree.

When I say panic, I don't mean a panic attack. This does involve physical and mental side effects, but they tend to subside once the combat ends. My heart rate increases and I can hear it pounding in my ear, I shake, my decision-making is definitely worse, and I feel something akin to actual fear.

Does anyone have any idea how to start dealing with this? I'm kinda to the point where I'm starting to think this is a sign I should just actually quit, I guess.