He-yo! It's me, TheSilverDust! But you can call me Dust (or Silver, whatever). For those people who remember me, I'm this ****posting animal here in this site years ago. Haha, those were the times.

I have been quite busy IRL for several months. Since November, I started to log-in again here on this site. And it pleases me that this site is thriving! The guides were really good compared from the guides before! Also, what the heck there are so many "Vapora's Guide to (insert champion here)" now. I guess, Vapora Dark was really a renowned member of this community which really helped build this site to what it is in the present. Maybe there are more that I could say about MOBAFire, but I guess this is all for now.

First of all, League updates: I finished Plat IV this season. I may have not accomplished reaching Diamond, but I learned so much about the game. Well, I could've reached Diamond if it were not for the losing streak that I had during March-April where I fell flat into Plat V from Plat II. The cause of this losing streak was because I was rejected by whom I liked, ahahaha.

Anyway, a few months ago I have been in a major theatrical production which is shown annually. And I to be one of the actors, in fact. The play showed for three nights, and I had fun being there.

One fact: because of this play, I managed to removed my inhibitions and be a hot mess!

I was supposed to be part of this play a year ago, but I withdrew due to depression. But here I am, I have done it. One thing is for sure, this played a huge role in my development as a person. And that's all about the play!

And the last thing that I'm gonna discuss is I'm gonna be back again here in MOBAFire for Season 8! I will post my ranked journey here again, but I'm gonna make another thread for clarity. I sort of want to take a fresh new start on my ranked journey. So stay tuned for my race to Diamond (or beyond)!