Lately,I've been doing really well in my games. I've been supporting as Sona and so far I've won all my games with her. I feel like these past few weeks my "training wheels" have been taken of and I'm a big kid now. I've been able to go on my own,be comfortable with myself, and win games. I can't believe a year later and I'm finally "decent". It hasn't been an easy road for me. I use to be so scared to play all by myself,but now I can play with people and not be bothered by their flaming. I'm very proud of myself. I have a positive score with Ahri,which makes me very happy because for 6 months I have worked non-stop with her. Oh! I've been finishing up my sig request and came across some old guide graphic bundles that people no longer needed/wanted due to them taking down their guide. I have one for Sona and Annie. If anyone is interested in them I'll post them up later to see if anyone wants them. I'm also going to redo my sign and "About" section of my sig store. I'm very excited :D I feel like I have finalllllllly able to hold my own. :)