Gah,school has been keeping me so busy T_T Oh well, I hope you all had a great Monday! I know a lot of people are finally returning to school. This blog post is just somethings that I like (and list of things that I like so I don't forget >_>) Boys,feel free to skip the make up section.

Okay, so lets start with food. I'm a very picky eater. On top of being a picky eater, I love junk food. It makes me so mad how fast I can gain weight. I've been trying buy healthier foods and such,but it can be hard :s These are a list of my favorite foods.

I love,love,love strawberries. They are my favorite fruit. They are full of vitamin C and help keep your digestive system on track. Another fruit I'm loving is bananas. I found this neat trick where you can make delicious pancakes made with just a banana and an egg. It's so good and its under 200 calories so it doesn't affect my weight lose. Another food/snack I'm loving are peppermint patties. I like this because it gives me that chocolate fix I'm looking for,but the peppermint makes me not want to go back for me lol. Oh! I also love greek yogurt. I know there is this war that most greek yogurts aren't "real" greek yogurts. Idc, I buy what is ever on sale that week. I have tried so many and I have to say Voskos is my fave. Its under 150 calories and its really good. I love getting the granola kind. Honestly,it's really good and with 12 grams of protein you could never go wrong with that.

Now last week I tried Danons 'Light N Fit' greek yogurt and it tasted amazing,but it has an artificial sweetener that gives me migraines. It was a shame that I had to return. My body is very sensitive and it took me 5 hours to get rid of that migraine.

Okay, so now I'm going to talk about skin care and makeup. Skin care wise, I love Simple I swear this brand is amazing. I only have Simple Skincare products. All their products are amazing. For make-up it's been tricky, I just started school and I walk to class. My school is half a mile from my house,if that, and I don't like my make-up sliding off my face because of the humidity. I'm going to break down all my favorite products I've been using for school.

Foundation/BB Cream: I use BB cream as a primer for my face and because of the SPF 30 it has. BB Creams are perfect for people who want to have a natural look. I have been using Maybelline's BB Cream I have very dry skin and this BB Cream is kinda oily which is fine by me because it doesn't break me our nor does it dry my skin out. It really keeps my make up from flaking. Because the coverage is really sheer,I top it off with Covergirl's True Blend. It is very light,blends in beautifully, and gives a natural look. I was iffy about it as first,but I love it. It was $8.99 USD and It's not worth 9 dollars,but it is good. Speaking of Covergirl,I love their intense shadowblast shadow and shadow primer. I spent 3 dollars each on these because they were on clearance. I have one in Beige and Pink and at first I hated these. I thought they were too goopy? Like they smeared while putting it on. It is a sponge tip,but I've learned to pat the extra product on the back of my had and it goes on so well. My fave is the beige because its natural. Because it isn't matte I do take a fluffy brush and take a beige powder eyeshadow and roll it across my lids to make it matte. It does save me time in the morning. I love them.

So a lot of you know I have a dog named Jakey I have him on one of the best dog foods,he gets purified water, and is taken out 6-9 times a day. He has the life. The brand I use is called Nutro I was put him on their ULTRA foods and he just had an upset stomach all the time. I felt horrible,I did switch him over to this. It saved me 3 dollars a month because the other one was 14 dollars per bag this one is 11. He loves it, and he hasn't had an upset stomach since.

Anyways,this is what I'm loving. This is sorta a list for me as well to help keep track of what I really like. I hope you all have a good night and week :)