So last year I had received a full amount of $5,500 for my schooling by FAFSA. If you don't know what FAFSA is,it is a form you fill out,sent to the school, the school reviews it, and decides based on the info you provided how much money they can give you to pay for class. Well, last year I did not notice the child support question(child support given to my mom for my little brother) and this year I did. Based on that the school only gave $1,000 this year. my full time classes cost me $1,300 and for full time they could on give me 500 per semester. I started freaking out. This made my stress level rise. I don't have a job,yes I do freelance work on the side but it isn't like I'm always having income coming, I don't have job because my mom doesn't want me working until I have my AA. That has been a "contract agreement" between us.

I ****ed up and thought I would get the full 5,500 again. LOL NOPE. I went and talk to my mom about what I should do and she said to get a loan that I didn't have to pay back until after I got my BA. I did just that. Today my loan finally got processed and payed for my classes. I ca not express how happy I am. This has been a HUGE stresser for me. I haven't been able to sleep at night because of it. I could of gotten the full 5,500 for the loan,but I only took out 3,500. This covers classes and books that I will need. I am just so happy.

Now I am happy I'm able to go to school,but if you are from Florida, DON'T EVER GO TO POLK STATE COLLEGE!!! I did not listen to my mom about going there. Their financial aid department is like dealing with the DMV. I had to contact the school President to get a lot of things fixed. I had faxed over 6 documents that they did nothing with for two months. This will be my last year at PSC because I am moving to South Carolina summer of 2014.

With all that being said, I am so happy my mind is put at ease. It's like a weight has been lifted off of me. I started crying when I saw the money in there. I'm just so happy. I think I will celebrate by ordering some Chinese Food XD