so guys i just played a game as olaf and i had 473 ping!!!!! I know there can be worse but when you're used 70-90 ping and 50-60 fps then that's a nightmare.

So, in the beginning i realised that the champions were slightly late once every 30 sec or so, then it became much more often. So i had no other option from reconnecting. By that time i already had 1/4( and i started with 1/0/0 taking down renekton). After the reconnection i finally didn't have to force any laaaag issues but was already behind so i went 2/9. After this i focused on farming because i actually couldn't kill anybody, and then in the 1st teamfight a miracle happened. I got a double kill and 2 other kills later...of course i was shut down and it took a long time for me to take another enemy down but i thanks to teh gold these kills and some ***its i built super tanky( ok and a cleaver) and i had tons of hp(from which olaf benefits a lot). So in team fights actually played the role of the tank-doing also as much damage as possible- and thanks to teamwork mainly we managed to win the game.

Here is my actual score....yeah it does suck...but i was forced to go top(long story but can explan if you're curious)

Have you ever experienced any similar problems with laaaaags? How did you face them?

As a side note, i just prublished my Quinn guide. It can be found here.