Clan 707 is under new management, and now recruiting!

Clan 707 is a casual League of Legends clan. We currently have around 50 members, and we have around 30 members who are active on a regular basis. During peak hours we can have up to 15 people on our mumble server, but we have room to grow!

We currently have a mumble server with 25 Slots, and a backup ventrillo server in case we run out of room. Mumble is Currently our communication mode of choice. However we also have a website with active forums.

We have a vast spectrum of players in this clan. We welcome new players, as long as they are mature, and are willing to listen when we teach them new things. we also have quite a few veteran players who play serious games on a regular basis.

We do not have an official ranked team, because we don't force members to be on at a specific time. Some of our members are willing to duo que, especially if they're on during off-peak hours. We do nightly premade matches in normals, and when we find a group that works well with each other, we will sometimes move ahead to ranked 5s.

Interaction between our "Skilled" players and our "Learning" players, is always encouraged. Playing with more expirenced players is a great learning tool for newer players. However, Bashing another player for thier low skill level is never permitted. Helpful tips are always welcome, but getting angry over a lost game never helps anyone.

We don't have an age requirement for our clan, but we do expect a high level of maturity from our players. Obscenities sometimes slip, and we're okay with that, but please don't color our mumble server, and forums with unnecessary vulgarity. Also we are a fairly tight-knit community, but we're always ready to welcome new members, All that we ask is that you treat us all with respect, and we'll gladly return the favor.

We have recently implemented a new "Trial Member" feature. When you send in an APP, you will be set as a Trial Member. you will have full access to our mumble server, and our forums, but you will only be a temporary member. After 2 weeks, If you meet our standards, then you'll become a new member of Clan 707. However, if you don't follow our rules, or if you don't participate with the clan, then we won't make you a full member.

Clan 707 might just be what you're looking for, if:
  • You are looking for a friendly community who plays Lol regularly, and has Voice chat.
  • You get along with others
  • You enjoy playing League of legends for fun.
  • You are a new League of Legends player who is willing to learn.
  • You are a Veteran League of Legends player, and you are willing to teach.

Clan 707 is not the right clan for you if:
  • You talk like a sailor, and spew hate speech like its fun
  • You are looking to get carried to high ELO
  • You have a short temper, and get angry easliy
  • You find joy in Raging or Trolling.
  • You are unwilling to download Mumble (Mumble is downloadable here: Here)

    If you feel Clan 707 is a good match for you, feel free to fill our our Short application form at

    Hey Guys,

    I have been part of this clan for 6 months now. With one of my admin's permission, I am posting here for more recruits!