And no, I'm not talking about these people who try their best and still fail.
That's completely acceptable. I mean, everyone has a bad game, and I despise people who flame them for that.

I'm normally not a person who does these kind of things, I really don't like hatespeaking about other people, and this is moreover a rant, so please be considerate.

Now, I just had two people in my ranked queue which (premade) trolled after not getting the role they wanted to have. (Consider they were 4th and 5th pick). Our 3rd pick even went support, but ah well. I don't quite understand these people. I mean, you solely play ranked to win (Old human instincts blah blah blah) and then there are these people. I'm not mad at them because I lost 5 points for dodging, I'm mad because they're abusing the system. The reasoning isn't there. If they are playing ranked to troll people, they create another kind of elo hell, because they won't get punished for losing, they have fun on other peoples expenses and they make our league community so, so, so bad.

Now I understand that these people are a minority, but I wish they'd play fair and square.

TL,DR: Just another "I hayt trolls in ranked omg" blog, nothing to see here, move on people.