It's been over a month since I last wrote anything which probably was weird, considering I was just writing posts actively. Hiya there! I'm back with all limbs intact. School and extracurriculars have been FAR too chaotic but I'm back and I'm going to start working on my Anivia Jungle guide.

I just got a score for my Anivia Jungle guide and the score is in the YELLOW, which is expected honestly. I wasn't good at jungling then and I was making one with a very off-meta champ. I sound pretty stupid in the guide and I just read over the guide, wanting to smack my face into my keyboard the entire way through. I'm currently prioritizing my Jungle guide as a result of that and will work on my Anivia Support guide later.

I also wanna take this time to mention that I won't be nearly as active I was over quarantine and summer but I'll still be on almost every day. So don't be hesitant to shoot me a pm with anything - I don't bite :)