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Hyper Roll Light - Hard Carry Vayne Patch 9.22

Reeferblower's Team Comp Reeferblower's Team Comp
Last updated on November 18, 2019
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New Team Comp
Hyper Roll Light - Hard Carry Vayne is a team composition for Teamfight Tactics. Comment on it, rate it, or even create your own team comp with our TFT Team Builder.


Hey, guys welcome to my guide!
I've been playing TFT for quite some time now and fell in love immediately.

Vayne and Aatrox are the main carries for this comp, as Vayne can reach an insane amount of damage throughout the game.

- With this build, I have finished the top 3 for around 80% of the games.
- it has an extremely powerful late game while.
- great team comp to finish opponents with 5-6 champions left on board -> massive damage to the enemy player

*Gloves are no necessary on Jax but it is a good option if you find 2 gloves during the game.

For the positions - I like to play with the 5 melees on the top hexes and Vayne, Soraka, and Janna 2 hexes down and spread them 1 hex from each other while keeping Janna in the middle hex to utilize her ulti

GL & HF !

Ideal team comp

  • Vayne in Tier 1
  • Nasus in Tier 2
  • Jax in Tier 3
  • Aatrox in Tier 4
  • Soraka in Tier 5
  • Yorick in Tier 6
  • Yasuo in Tier 7
  • Janna in Tier 8

Alternative comp

This is a stronger comp due to 4 clouds - we'll need a spatula for this one.*the comp says (5) lights but with orb of light it is 6

  • Vayne in Tier 1
  • Nasus in Tier 2
  • Jax in Tier 3
  • Aatrox in Tier 4
  • Yorick in Tier 5
  • Yasuo in Tier 6
  • Janna in Tier 7
  • Lux in Tier 8