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Wondertr0n's Team Comp Patch 10.1

Wondertr0n's Team Comp Wondertr0n's Team Comp
Last updated on January 12, 2020
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New Team Comp
Wondertr0n's Team Comp is a team composition for Teamfight Tactics. Comment on it, rate it, or even create your own team comp with our TFT Team Builder.

frostbite berserkers

  • Volibear in Tier 1
  • Jax in Tier 2
  • Renekton in Tier 3
  • Dr. Mundo in Tier 4
  • Sion in Tier 5
  • Olaf in Tier 6
  • Kha'Zix in Tier 7
  • Ezreal in Tier 8

Jax LightBlades

  • Jax in Tier 1
  • Nasus in Tier 2
  • Karma in Tier 3
  • Soraka in Tier 4
  • Aatrox in Tier 5
  • Yasuo in Tier 6
  • Janna in Tier 7
  • Master Yi in Tier 8