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Anivia Ability (LoL): Glacial Storm

Glacial Storm Anivia

Anivia Ability: Glacial Storm
Range: 750
Cooldown: 4 / 2.5 / 1
Cost: 75
Toggle: Anivia calls forth a driving rain of ice and hail, dealing 30 / 45 / 60 (+12.5% of ability power) magic damage per second to all enemies within while slowing their movement speed by 20 / 30 / 40% for 1 second and chilling them. Glacial Storm can be recast after 1 second. The blizzard increases in size over 1.5 seconds. At maximum size, enemies within the area take 300% damage and suffer a 50% stronger slow which lasts 1.5 seconds.

Glacial Storm deactivates if she gets too far away or runs out of mana. Additionally, Glacial Storm is deactivated by all forms of interrupting crowd control.

Once recasted, Anivia deactivates Glacial Storm, dealing one last tick of damage.

Costs 60 (+35/45/55 per second) mana while the storm is active.

Anivia's Abilities

Anivia Ability: Glacial Storm Anivia Ability: Glacial Storm Anivia Ability: Glacial Storm Anivia Ability: Glacial Storm
Glacial Storm is used by Anivia

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IcyAuron (23) | January 20, 2013 8:10am
One of the best pushing abilities in the game, bar none.
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