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Master Yi Ability (LoL): Meditate

Meditate Master Yi

Master Yi Ability: Meditate
Cooldown: 9
Master Yi channels, restoring 120 / 200 / 280 / 360 / 440 (+100% of ability power) health over 4 seconds. This healing is increased by 0-100% depending on Master Yi's missing health.

While channeling and for 0.5 seconds afterwards, he takes 90% reduced damage, decreased to 45 / 47.5 / 50 / 52.5 / 55% after the first 0.5 seconds.

Cost: 40 mana + 6% maximum mana per second

Master Yi's Abilities

Master Yi Ability: Meditate Master Yi Ability: Meditate Master Yi Ability: Meditate Master Yi Ability: Meditate
Meditate is used by Master Yi

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Vegeis | June 11, 2012 2:41pm
Its function is so underestimated... Play with an AP Master Yi, blink into a teamfight and start Meditate: With your core build you will heal 2,5 k HP + k and dont forget the incredible Armor and MR boost. In my eyes an excellent tank ability for 5 seconds, because no one expect such an Yi and so the oppenents will focus you ;)
NicknameMy (155) | August 12, 2011 5:55pm
Also very underestimated. The Armor and Magicresist bonus let you never die, but the heal is useless. Use it, if the enemy focus you, but wasted it's cc.
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