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Lux Build Guide by ImaFawKuAwpMang

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ImaFawKuAwpMang

80% win ratio with this lux build

ImaFawKuAwpMang Last updated on April 1, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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First of all.

First of all, dont expect a simple build to rip you out of elo hell. You must have some skill. You have to hit the "e" shots. You have to land your ulti and you have to hit your stun most of the time, if not all of the time. This build has gotten me outa elo hell and got heads turning to see me play in streams. CLARITY. WHY CLARITY. i swear, every single ranked game i have ever played in, everyone asks why im getting clarity, some even automatically forfeits just because i play with this summoner spell. I cant stress it enough, its very useful early game and i will tell you why later in this chapter.
First things first, ill let you know why i get my items in this sequence. So here it goes.

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Dorans Ring
Why do i get 2 dorons rings? Omfg im such a noob!!... actually no. Im not a noob and i do this for a reason. As we all know, lux is a squish. you hate it, i hate it. These dorons rings are to protect me from the squish that i am, having +200 health +30 ap AND +10 mana regen is really the best item you could get starting off. I use these two dorons rings to patch up my rune page in which i dont have mana regen runes. So this definately helps me put more ap runes in.

DO not get Magic pen boots, why? Because when your trying to run away with 50 hp and volibear is running at you full speed with ghost/flash youll definately need that cdr to save you, get you kills, or save someone else. I get boots of ludicity, why? i can spam more, this is where my clarity comes into play and my 10magic regen to back it up. If you have a noob jungler... i guess you can say your clarity acts like an insurance policy.

Rab Deathcap
Lux is also a weak char, she doesnt do a whole lot of damage compared to other ap carrys so you must start to build the DeathCap, whether your owning and can wait for a needlessly large rod first, or a wand.. its up to you and how good you are. Sometimes i go large wand, and other times i go small wand. Doesnt really matter, your goal is to get the deathcap.

Megai Soul Stealer.
Lets just assume your horrible cant hit an e shot for jack Shiz or q and you blow ur ulti the complete opposite way of your opponent.. No need to fear Megai soul stealer is here. Use your W on ur friendly char and you will get an assist. If you cant even do that, then just dont play this game at all. lol. neways, Your super long range makes it real easy to get some stacks built up, get 6-8 stacks and your item already paid for itself. that means 8 w's or 4 kills. Which ever your better at.

Lich Bane
LICH BANE is wayyyy tooo good on lux, that stacks so well with her passive, its lovely and you should try it out. youll be hitting 400+ with a normal attack, if the game has been favoring you. Just think of it as another spell you gain. That is, your passive becomming a useful skill late game.

RoD of ages
By now.. its late game, theyre all trying to focus you. That 200 hp wont help you any longer, GET SOME EFFIN HEALTH. Youll need it, and your teamates will love you for staying alive and getting a penta Ulti blast to win them the game. People say you need to get Rod earlier for it to be worth it, but i say that you need more dmg earlier than health, if you want to carry and not be a puss.

Void Staff
Warning, this is only if your owning and theyre good enough to buy counter items. If you see 2 people buy MR whether its boots or anything else. Buy this item. If you see that theyre to much of a noob to not counter item you. then feel free to buy any other item you want, like a zhonya or somethin.

Anyways, this is the end of my items report and why i use them, move along to my rune section, i promise it wont be as long as this.. i can hear crickets in the back >.>

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Rune Page

Well, first off, i want to be the strongest player on the feild, so what does that mean? Im gunna get all FLat ap runes and heavy masteries all for ap.

But why do you not get ap per level? Youll be stronger later on!?

Uhh... Im not trying to go to late game, i want to beat you here and now, not later. Having Flat ap runes really increases your chance to beat mid. You beat mid, you get that kill, you automatically get that advantage towards them. How much ap i start off with? Well if i buy the dorons ring i start off with 50-52 ap. My opponents always start off with 20-35 ap. LoL... all i gotta say is thanks for giving me an advantage.

Sure ap per level will give you more ap in the long run, but if i start off with more and beat you at mid, well... then ill be dominant.

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You want heavy masteries for damage and magic resist, Why magic resist? Because in ranked games 99% of the time, youll be playing against ap mid. having a little defense will give you the edge you need with your 52 AP. Look over my masteries and try it once.

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Summoner Spells


We all know why we need flash.

CLARITY. I must say that im in love with this spell. It gets me kills, it keeps me in lane longer. When jungler gets the first blue, the clarity lasts you untill he can give you the 2nd blue. It saves me just as much as flash when im running with 50 hp, 0 mana and 3 people are chasing me down, i just buust that spell, snare them and run. MUAHAHHAAHA >:D. Careful though, practice with this spell. Its my style of play, and for the people who watch my stream or the people who talks to me in vent, really sees how well it works for me. Just as if an AD carry would prefer heal over exhaust. Its preference, If you want to see how well i actually play with it, watch my stream, come to my vent, do whatever.. Just dont start with clarity for your first time in a ranked game -.-.

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Skill Sequence

I Max out "E" first. I leave 1 on Q. and max out my W and ulti. Then finally i max out my Q last. Why do i max my W? To counter balance my squish. Have you ever played a Sion mid? It sucks when he maxes out sheilds first and you cant even do damage to him. Your mastery MR + health + sheild makes you stronger than you look. Sure you can max out stun first for more damage, but We all need balance for everything. And this my friend, is great balance. Try it, youll love it when karthus ults and u have 50 hp,with just enough mana to sheild you for 400.

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This is to conclude my chapter on How to be a great lux. If you want to watch me stream, look me up in justin TV. Or look at my lux scores win ratio/lose ratio. Youll see that im not just some noob throwin up some BS. Sorry if it doesnt look as pretty as some other guides. But im just here to help, wether u take it or not. thats up to you! Have a good day, hope to see you in the battle feild.