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Talon Build Guide by Manicorn

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Manicorn

A Personal Build

Manicorn Last updated on September 1, 2011
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First off, this is pretty much my first build on Mobafire and just to set things straight, as far as I know this is my personal build. It might resemble another's but I did not go anywhere else to get any ideas, nor have I looked at another person's guide on Talon specifically. I bought Talon the night he came out and played him ever since. It was all trial and error until I reached a point to which I am satisfied. I'm not saying this is a "pro" guide, it is not the best. All it is is an alternative that anybody can tryout. Oh... and he is NOT a tank nor should he initiate, at least not with this build. You would be surprised to know how many people I've seen try to initiate entire team battles with him. Talon's role in the team with this build is obviously the AD melee carry and your team will expect you to make some good hits. Lastly, Please read through the entire build before you comment, and constructive criticism is extremely appreciated.

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I don't quite know how I got to this conclusion, but my mix of Armor Penetration marks, Dodge seals, Magic Resistance glyphs, and Attack Damage quints just work for me. Feel free to deviate from this as I've been told by a couple of people that the generic AD rune build works quite well with him too.

Armor Penetration marks: Simple, you want to slice through that armor and get that extra damage in. This build's expectation is that you will be able to supply your team with a constant damage output.

Dodge seals: This is just personal preference and you can switch this out with Armor or something of the like, but I prefer Dodge just because it adds with my Masteries which I'll explain next. I also don't really stay in team battles too long, and I try to find anybody trying to backdoor alone.

Magic Resist glyphs: This will help with those annoying caster nukes. Talon is quite squishy compared to some of the other assassins, but if you play this build correctly (I'll explain in Hints/Tips later) then you shouldn't really be dying all too much. Again, this is changeable to fit your certain play style. I just like having that small bit of security when facing off against an AP caster (which will be one of your main targets anyways).

Attack Damage Quints: Again, your attack damage must be at or above par to work with this build. You will be a large part of your teams overall damage output.

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A lot of assassins I've heard of usually go with the traditional 21/0/9, but I change it up a bit and play 21/9/0. I honestly don't see the use of the utilities on Talon. That extra bit of "tankiness" will go a long way. Like I said before, I like to build upon that dodge rune, so I go for a bit of dodge masteries in the Defense tree. Other than that, everything else is pretty self explanatory, you want to maximize damage output with a little defensive support. I don't go for the utility mastery, only because I'm not much of a jungler with Talon. I might stop by for Lizard and Golem if my teammates aren't doing anything with them. Don't get me wrong, buffs are great with ANY champ, but Talon has very little reliance on them. They could be made to better use with some of the other champs.

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Doran's Blade: I rarely ever use a Doran's item just because they don't build into anything, but with Talon it gives you great potential to harass your opponents early game and do some good damage on the minions for those farms/last hits. This will obviously be sold mid to late game, usually after you reach your Bloodthirster (or maybe even your Frozen Mallet).

Ninja Tabi: One word, "Dodge".

Yomu's Ghostblade: First build a Brutalizer for some attack damage and then finish it. Attack damage, Crit chance, Armor pen, CD reduction, and a passive that gives attack and movement speed? Do I have to explain any further? The active will also do very well against turrets. This build can backdoor quite well, especially when the other team only sends one champ to chase you, love it.

Vampiric Scepter: You get this right between Yomu's and Frozen Mallet, just for that tiny bit of health regen. Trust me it will make a difference, especially when your AD starts to add up.

Frozen Mallet: Simply put, it slows them, and slowing is a CC. Guess what? Talon's passive relies on those CC's! Notice his Slow, Bleed, and Silence? Also, for an assassin this will make it much easier to chase someone and not to mention the huge health benefit.

Bloodthirster: Pretty common on AD champs, it makes good attack damage not to mention that health regen.

Infinity Edge: Attack Damage! Simple right? and a bit of crit chance. It'll do well carving through those health bars like a cleaver through a stick of butter. Yes, a cleaver.

Banshee's Veil: This is an odd one, and one might get greedy to go for another AD item or one that'll support your currently stacking damage. You can go for a Last Whisper, Hextech Gunblade, or a Black Cleaver, but trust me. This item will help you quite a bit it's ability to block an ability ever 45 seconds is a huge help late game especially for those people who try to focus you with their CC's and the Health + Magic Res = happy Talon.

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Skill Sequence

Not going to spend too much on this, it's self-explanatory. Rake is your best friend, it slices through enemies and minion waves like no other, it's slow helps a bunch too. You want that early jump on level two just to be able to close in that stubborn gap between you and your target to be able to slow them and then begin the owning sequence. Other than that switch between Rake and Noxian Diplomacy. Also, get your Ult whenever you can, obviously...

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Summoner Spells

Again, short explanation. I prefer Cripple just because well... it slows them and when Rake is on CD then you have this to rely on, and that cripple mastery that lowers their Armor... uh yea helps a ton. Flash? Use it offensively as much as you do defensively, it closes gaps as much as it can make them. Use it over terrain too, but you guys are all pros, so I'm sure I didn't have to tell you that. If you're confident in your ability to dish out good damage and want that extra "oomph" then go for the Ignite for those stubborn runaways. Other than that, I don't really recommend any other summoner spells.

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Well this build is meant for some good damage output and I play him as the true assassin that he is. He's simply just amazing in my opinion and jumping those darn carries (who ARE your main targets) is a blast. Knockout those carries to reduce your opponents overall damage and your team will gratefully appreciate you. Look for that Annie ;) or whatever it is your team might "hire" you to kill :) Look for 1v1's most of the time, if you learn to play him well enough, you'll be the victor. Don't stick around in battles too long, don't just stand in one place like a moron. Find your target, burst some damage, slip away, and repeat. Unless of course you see that guy with one bar left and he's just barely getting away; then, use your own judgement to dive for him or not. Also, his skills can be made use in more than one ways! Noxian Diplomacy works on Turrets too you know, and combo'ing them right after CDs with your Yomu's active ability really just chops those towers down. Jump an AP carry with your Cutthroat ability to cripple them from nuking you as you drain them of their health. Rake people who are chasing you to slow them even further for an easier getaway. Finally, Shadow Assault can act as a getaway as much as it can be used to catch up to someone. Don't use it just as an offensive skill. That movement speed bonus can help you quite a bit, and run right in front of that running champion before you recall your blades to maximize damage, because the blades will all fly towards your back, so if the enemy is right behind you... well you do the math. That's basically it, and don't be a show off... Talon is an amazing assassin and I believe he's balanced the way he is now. I get good games and if you play this build like I do, you shouldn't go over 5 deaths any game and most of those will come from early game mistakes and dives anyways, which are avoidable. Don't be the hero, you're an assassin after all so play dirty and go for ganks, not direct attacks. Remember to recall not only for health but mana too, and just be environmentally aware, because 9 times out of 10 you will be the focus, so watch out for those ganks while you are alone and/or backdooring. Have fun and I hope you tryout this build at least once. Please comment any of your questions, concerns, and/or advice. They are all much appreciated. See you at the Crystal Scar ;)