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League of Legends Build Guide Author WuscheL

A Warding & Map Control Guide

WuscheL Last updated on March 14, 2011
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Welcome to Summoners Rift !

Since i couldnt find anything useful, i decided to create a overview for those who need help with warding.

Since Map Control is a important aspect of successful gaming, wards are useful in every kind of situation. Compared to DoTa wards are really cheap in LoL, so there is absolutly no reason for playing without wards.

I will just give a short Insight though.
Shall we start then?

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Who should get wards?

For me as a classical DoTa-Player there are a lot of Differences regarding the aspects of Warding. They are SO cheap compared to DoTa!

Basiclly, every Hero in LoL can afford wards. But not everyone SHOULD purchase them.
Assuming ure playin in a premade team, ull normally have at least 1 Supporter and most likely a Jungler also.

While ur Supporter is supposed to guard ur Jungler in certain ways, one of them being warding, ur jungler is trying to afford the best map control he can. Due to the fact, that Sight is a important part of Map control, jungler most likely plant wards where supporters cant reach ( without walkin a mile ofc). Since many Junglers have Wriggles as their first main item, warding through the whole game is not that much of a financial problem.

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Where should i ward?

There are 3 Lanes to secure.
Furthermore, u need to control the river and the jungle.
The Map shows the 3 basic lanes as they are called "top" "bottom" and ofc, the "mid" lane.

Red Dots indicate map control, teal Dots alternative wards. Later ones are good for Jungle control and Offense/defensive warding.
this is just a quick sum-up of good warding places. Red Dots are places for the most common(good) wards, while teal Dots symbolizing alternative Warding Spots.

In-Depth Placement of wards.
White = Counter Jungle
Teal = Key Points
Red = Situational Wards

While the Teal Wards should always be placed, red/White Wards have to be placed depending on the situation.
If u are pushing a tower for example :
-make sure u wont end up being caught stupidly while retreating
-dont get wiped out with a surprise attack.

As u also might notice, the bottom teal ward is not placed into the bush. The reason for that is simple : at this location u can see not just the dragon, but also both ramps giving u insight of who enters the purples team jungle and who leaves it. The top teal ward on the other hand gives sight for the entrance of nashor as well as the purple mid/ blue mid ramp.

If u can guess the enemys location u can also place some uncommon wards to get sight of them and strike with a surprise attack.

However, u shouldnt let one player alone carry the burden of warding. Since wards are not that expensive, u should have at least 3 players who rotate gettin wards.
Alternativly u can divide different parts of the map to different players and make sure they always got some wards ready.

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Common Mistakes

I often see Players planting wards directly before Nashor/Dragon. I often wonder why. Wards can spend so much more wisely, where they can reveal more then just one area.

Sooo often Ppl tend to, just like teemo with his mushrooms, place their wards into the bush. It can be, without a question, helpful, but seeing a key point and KNOWING who runs inside and out is soo much more worth.

Never go alone. Really. Its toooo bad to go without guard, giving the enemy a free kill and most likely not even reaching the ward spot.

Another important thing : try to plant the ward unseen. Enemys who know where ur warding will be very carefull around that area, making ur ward unreliable and , often, worthless.

Also, i see many People planting wards at the offensive brushes top/bottom lane, which reveal nothin but this brush. A Teal ward (look above) would cover all ganking options (except they really go a long way around it) and secures u even better in most cases.

Finally, many players tend to not get wards at all, resulting in big disadvantages against the other team. However, premade teams should always have enough communication to get around this problem.

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Outro & Feedback

Since i wrote that guide out of boredom @work there is still plenty to add. Feedback is welcome, so we can, together, make this a helpful Guide for all players who need help in this area.

Thanks for reading, comment and Thumbs up if u like, so people will actually SEE this help.
Critique, mannered, is welcome. IM not an expert at warding and there are surely plenty things to improve and add.

For specific questions add me ingame : ReeelaxO