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Ahri Build Guide by Siro

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Siro

Ahri - get haunted by the 9 tailed-Fox

Siro Last updated on December 16, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Ahri, the Nine Tailed Fox

"Mercy is a Human luxury & responsibillity."

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Somethin about ..

Hey, Summoners. :) This is my first Build & it won't be the last. I'll do this Build, cause there are much Guides about Ahri now. But none of them goes that pure DMG, like mine will do.
Sure u think now - 'WTF?' Cause i dont go into any +HP. Well, the most of u like to push the HP of your AP - Chars. I like it too, but not by Ahri. She is a Movement Char, so u should have the Skill to use it. For what u need HP, when u can jump in a Teamfight & jump out of it, like no other Champ ? Ahri is not an easy Champ, so thats the Reason why i dont play her safe at all. U need to learn her to Play. Even it takes Weeks or Months. And that's why i like her. Even i'm not perfect with her yet, but i'll try to get to.

Stay tuned! I'll add some more Facts, Builds etc, in here. Still testing her, till my Fingers are rainbow Coloured. :§

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Core Items !
Grade them Up to the Shoes u like ! U need them. (My Shoes can u see in 'Facts, Facts & Facts !!)
It pushes your Damage really nice. Build it up to Lichbane & your Enemys hates u !
Ahri needs Spellvamp ! Her Passive isn't enough, trust me.
Beside that, u push your Team up too with this Item when u Build it up to 'Will of Ancients'.
(If your other Teammates only AD - Champs.. Well, Comment.)

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Facts, Facts & Facts !! (Read this, or this Guide won't work !)

- Dat Noob forget the Shoes ! Lawl! .. Well, not! - For the Summoners, who dont know which Shoes to take on Ahri, take one of them.

-> (Reducing your CDR is always nice. But not rly needed if u get always the Blue Buff.)

-> (Your Abilitys will deal more Damage !)

-> (I like these Boots. Join faster Teamfights, get faster out of them. U run faster to get the Blue Buff. Just , awesome !)

- U are not a Tank ! - So don't try even to start a Teamfight. Even if u dont have a Tank in your Team(like in some RND - Games) don't go in first !

- Stay hidden ! Dont show your Enemys who u are ! If there seems to start a Teamfight on a Lane, dont stay on the Lane. Hide in Jungle. U're more like an Assasin, just not a pure Assasin, but a little bit. If the Fight starts, dont wait to long ! Your Team needs your Assistant.

- I'm gettin' Focused ![/u] - Run! Even if u called a Chicken, just Run ! Ure a really Squishy Char & if 3-5 Champs focusing u , u're Dead. Believe me. And u cant Help your Team, if u're Dead, right? Take a Healpot or somethin & than go back in Fight. Never(!) stay in the Middle of the Fight. Ure not a Melee - Fighter, too !

- Chasing & get Chased - If there's an Enemy on Low HP, your Ulti is on CD, u surely want to kill him, u're chasing him. Care ! Get the Facts ! - How much of the Enemy Champs are Alive? Are they Missing ? If they are all Missing, are there to much Alive. Take a Shi* on that Kill. Believe me. As i said before, u're that damn Squishy. They nuke u easy without your Team as Backup. As Assasin u have to play safe. Dont get to Egoism. U can farm more Kills in Teamfights, than chasing One & get raped by an bite - Gank. Almost when i'm Dead i always say: "I hate that Time of my Life". :>

- Ahri, the Mana & U - So, i dont Use any Manareg Items or Runes. So u have a Problem. Out of Mana! (If u have Mana problems in early, get better Aim. There's nothin' more to say about this.) In Mid - Game u're most sucked out of Mana. But.. wait ! Hey ! The Jungle gots nerfed ! Farm the Blue Buff. U need it. It don't even gives u nice Manareg., u get CDR too. This is so AWESOME on this Champ(like the most Champs in LoL ..)! It is realy easy to Kill the Big Golem, even without your Ulti if u want to save it.

- Last but not Least - Well, my Runes are not the 0815 Runes everybody uses. But that's the Clue. They Work ! Just try it. :) Oh .. and ..
Get this everytime u have Money left. It push u up to Heaven !

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Ahri & Naruto - The real Story behind the Nine-tailed Fox !

The Nine-tailed fox is a mythological creature that has the appearance of a fox but with nine tails. This mythological creature was first created in Asia (China, Korea, Japan).

The nine-tailed fox, or Jiǔwěihú is a mythological creature species that was depicted in the Nanshan jing, Haiwai**** jing and Dahuang**** jing of Shan Hai Jing as having the voice of a human infant. It can be eaten by humans, and those who eat it can be protected from evil.

Later in history books like Book of Zhou and story collections like Extensive Records of the Taiping Era, the nine-tailed fox was depicted as a beast of fortune. Sent by the heavens, the nine-tailed fox was seen as a sign of fortune, peace and luck. In the Han dynasty, it is the protector of royal blood. However, it can also represent an omen of revolution when the emperor is not good.
It was said to have possessed Mei Xi, bewitched Jie of Xia, and caused the downfall of the Xia dynasty. This story, which appeared after the story of Daji, however, was very similar in nature to the story of Daji. Therefore, the story received criticisms stating the later writers only plagiarized earlier folklore, or that the telling of the stories was modified to discredit a different dynasty. The torture and creations of Mei Xi were very similar to those of the creations of Daji but were first used in Zhou dynasty with little historical evidence dating those back to Xia.

The nine-tailed fox appeared in the epic fantasy novel Fengshen Bang as a Yaojing, or spirit, controlled by the deity Nüwa and was ordered to bewitch King Zhou of Shang in the 11th century BC. The fox possessed the body of Daji and did her bidding. Daji was eventually killed by Jiang Ziya and the fox was condemned by Nüwa due to the fox's cruelty and disobeying its original order of bewitch King Zhou but do not harm others towards the end of Fengshen Bang.
In later stories, a nine-tailed fox was blamed for possessing Baosi like Daji and caused the downfall of Western Zhou, forcing the dynasty moving its capital and establish the Eastern Zhou period.

- - - -

So, the Original Nine-tailed Fox don't even comes from the Manga/Anime Naruto. Even both Storys of Ahri & Naruto aren't the same. So please, stop shoutin' around that's it copied.
Ahri got her own Story, and nothin' to do with the Tales of Naruto. Tell it your Friends too !