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Akali Build Guide by MintStarr

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MintStarr

Akali - The BloodMoon Dancer

MintStarr Last updated on September 18, 2011
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The Truth of it All

-Yo. This is Mint. This is an Akali guide. I'll try making this short and sweet, I don't wanna get into too much detail cause hey, my mind ain't your mind, we think differently. You've got those more intensive guides out there so go check them out. But if you want something simple that works go on and read boy. You won't be disappointed.

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About Akali

Who the **** is Akali?
-Akali's the ****. She's a close range 'melee' assassin that can solo, team, gank, chase, escape and above all KILL. The highest kill scores I've seen so far have all been Akali's. With Akali, anything less than 12 kills is laughable.

Seriously fun
Insane assassin
Bursts harder than a lotta 'Real Mages'
Snowballs like a champ
Wipes minions like nothing
Can chase/run after/away from anyone
Essentially has 2 passives
Passive works on inhibitors
Seriously the best stealth in the game

Requires a lot of map awareness
Needs proper skill timing
**** dance

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What You Should Get

Flash - Flash in, blink with Shadow Dance, dead. Or hey, guys chasin you? Flash through wall. Or hey, Shadow Dance, deal your damage, flash out. So many options for one lil' spell.

Ignite - He's trying to run? Hell no. Trying to heal? Hell no! Even early game it's useful for scaring people away even when you're 1v2.

What You Could Get

Teleport - I need to be there NAO. Kay? I'd replace Ignite for this if you wanna.

Ghost - Ghost is great when you need to chase for a longer period of time. I'd get this instead of Flash AND ONLY if you're not picking Boots of Swiftness.

Clairvoyance - Good to know where the hell everyone is. Dayum. Also if you place a random eye nearby some guys they'll be like '**** they know we're here!' and panic. Mind games.


Greater Mark of Insight - Mag Pen. GET THIS.
Greater Seal of Vitality - More health, stay alive longer. Cool.
Greater Glyph of Potency - For triggering your passive at level 1.
Greater Glyph of Force - For the ****load of a AP it gives you at level 18.
Greater Quintessence of Potency - For triggering your passive at level 1.

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Skills & Bein Smrt


Mark of the Assassin - This is your main damage dealer. The unique part about this is that it the magic damage is triggered twice with the AP bonus on both. Doin your base 150+AP? Cool. Doing it twice? Kill.

Twilight Shroud - Best stealth move ever. Why? Cause it's persistent. You can stealth, cut someone harsh, then .2secs later you're stealthed again. Amazing for early game zoning. With this I've scared away Annies and Corkis in mid.

Crescent Slash - This ***** is your farm skill. Dance into the middle of a minion wave, Crescent Slash. You heal your ****, do half their life and now lured the aggro away from your other minions.

Shadow Dance - Amazing to get to and from somewhere. Most of the time that means someone's face. Chasing people down/targetting the carries is the main job of Akali. And if you kill, you got an Essence back! Spam your **** boy.

Skill Summary:

What the **** is a good Akali? Someone that's mastered the Mark? The Shroud? The Slash? The Dance? **** no! A good Akali masters EVERYTHING. She ain't like a lotta heros where 2-3 skills are epic and 1 is situational, she uses all her **** all the time and rocks with it. If you can't Mark you can't scare people away, if you can't Shroud you can't do early game zoning, if you can't slash you can't farm, if you can't Dance you can't kill or run away. Master your ****.

Smrt Casting:

Smrt Cast. Do it. You can't waste your ****ing time tapping your keys then aiming THEN hitting their ****. Burst. Burst. Burst. A good Akali has absolutely NO HESITATION. That means no hesitating how to aim or who to hit. You just kill.

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Your Main ****

Doran's Blade - Dude. It triggers your bonus attack based damage passive, +100 hp to keep your *** alive and life steal to stay in lane. Getting this is a -huge- part of the game. No ****.

Hextech Revolver - AP + Spell Vamp + AP/SpellVamp Passive. Nuff said.

Boots of Speed - You need to run boy.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter - One of if not -the- biggest and most important part of the build: the early Rylai's. The AP makes all your moves hurt more and the slow makes sure you can catch anyone trying to run away.

Boots of Swiftness/Sorcerer's Shoes - Akali's all about getting into a battle fast, doing as much damage as you can, then hightailing your **** outta there. Sorc shoes if you wanna be able to poke someone a lil harder. Whatevs, your choice bro.

Rabadon's Deathcap - 140 AP + 30%AP. You. Will. Make. Them. Cry.

Will of the Ancients - "WHAT THE ****. WHERE'S THE GUNBLADE." Damn man. This is cheaper, gives a buttload more Spell Vamp and doesn't give you useless as **** AD. Akali's hardcore AP no buts. Sides, the money to upgrade your Revolver into this can be put towards your Void Staff.

Elixer of Brilliance - Get this when you can. Gives you a butt load of AP and 10% CDR for only 250. Worth it.

Void Staff - AP, pierce their **** 40%. No reason not to. At this point you're running bout 500-600 AP.

Guardian Angel - Hey, remember when people focused on you cause you're all squishy and ****? Not anymore. That big white *** veil around you makes people go like 'uh, let's NOT focus on the guy that'll just come back to life.' Mind games and ****.

Alternative ****

Mejai's Soulstealer - **** man. Just. Yes. If you think you can keep up the stacks for this this snowballin' highrollin' ponce of an item. I love the **** but I prefer more 'stable' items.

Banshee's Veil - Better for taking a stun and still running the hell outta there. I'd normally get Guardian Angel but, hey, situations arise.

Hextech Gunblade - It's decent. Meh. Get it if you want but try gettin it instead of a Guardian Angel, you'll have more Spell Vamp and stuff. For that really awesome, unnecessary, oomph.

Spirit Visage - Health and SpellVamp boost!? **** yeah.

Why the **** not? -ITEMS YOU DON'T PUT ON AKALI-

Lich Bane - Yeah, AP is nice. AP boosting your AD to epic proportion is seriously nice. But you're paying for mana you don't need and I've never had an isssue where I needed more Mag Res. You're paying for **** you don't need.

Guinsoo's Rageblade - It's awesome, no doubt. More AP/AS per atk!? ****ing boss. But Akali can't keep up the stacks to make this an overall useful item. Also you get AD. Da ****.

Zhonya's Hourglass - Stasis means you're rooted in a ****ing spot for 2 seconds. They know you're comin' back. They'll wait. Dumbass.

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Level 1
Grab your Doran's Blade, tell the other team 'gl hf' then decided where the eff everyone is going. If you got a jungler, get solo top. If everyone is meleeish or your Teemo wants to lane go mid. Your goal at this point is get to level 2 ASAP. Play defensively, keep to your tower and poke the enemy with Mark whenever they get too close and, hey, if you can ignite their *** for your AP bonus.

Level 2
This is where you get your ******* Shroud. This is where you rock hardcore. Zone their *** with it. Pop a veil, run in. If they got a SkillShot they'll try to hit you in it so dodge. Whenever they get close poke em with Mark. Keep them scared, keep em away from the wave and get your levels while denying theirs. When you can grab your Revolver and Boots for lane staying and running when they, stupidly, try to gank you.

Level 6
At this point you should be -starting- on your Rylai's. Try ganking if you see some options for the gold. Otherwise farm your butt off. If you can get some kills go for it or get the assists at the least. Gold's awesome.

You are now god. Kill all the mortals that laughed at you and your defensive **** early game. Kill, chase, push towers with groups. Grab your shoes to chase/pierce their ****. If you want it, it's now the time to get your Majai's Soulstealer.

****. At this point you should have the most kills, leading by over 10 kills in score and doing faces like =3 at the other team. If they haven't /surrender'd make them wish they did. Your AP is about 450+ or at least should be. You're poking hard, killing hard and anything after this point is overkill.

The Rest
You're doing something wrong if the game's lasted past your Void Staff/Guardian Angel combo. Whatev's bro. Make them cry man. Make them cry.

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-Really old as you can tell by the background. This was actually only a week after I started playing Akali.

-Still rockin it as Akali. Death's a lil high but big whoop.

-This is roughly where I start realizing that Gunblade costs A LOT. An earlier Void Staff actually worked wonders.

-First try on my new build. I actually woulda kept on going but the other team surrender'd. Why? See that lil' red box? Yes. An Akali based pentakill. Fo sho bro. Fo sho.

-Latest game with this build. Didn't finish it off but it did WONDERS. Why is this one so much more different than the others? It was a 20 person killing spree. Yes. 20 people in a friggen row. The only reason they caught me was cause of Tryn shout + Nasus slow. ;o;

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Akali is just good. Even if it's not my build, use her. Abuse her.

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Updates/Upcoming Updates

I'm gonna add more images and ****. Maybe format the **** more.