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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Feakes

AP Carry

Feakes Last updated on June 3, 2011
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First off I would like to say... ORIANNA IS NOT LUX. They are similar, I'll admit that, but the major difference between the two is damage sustainability. Lux, in a team fight will serve the purpose of CC i.e. snares, slows. I use Orianna as a sustained damage output. Her scaling is brilliant, and the low cooldown on her Q provides great sustainable damage.

This build will not cover her support capabilities much, only her AP carry style.

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Pros / Cons

- Great sustained damage, especially late game.
- Unique and difficult to predict mechanics (THE BALL!!!)
- Good CC and support possibilities
- Great early game harass

- Poor mana sustainability in lane phase
- Squishy
- Difficult mechanic to get used to initially

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Orianna greatly benefits from the utility tree: cooldown reduction, mana regen, movement speed, xp increase. You can't go wrong. 9 points in offensive tree for extra spell damage and CD reduction.

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Standard for any caster.
Good source of AP for damage.
More AP >:)
I take these on all my champs. Very good for early game survivability.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is great for escapability. I take this on most champions.
Ignite is useful all the time. This is very optional though. I just really like the extra damage for early game kills.

In the end, use your head. Choose the spells that work well for your style. You might like to maintain presence so take teleport. You might prefer better early game sustain so take clarity. It's your choice.

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Is in my opinion the best mana user early game item at the moment. It's currently the flavour of the month in high ELO competitions. This item solves Orianna's early game sustainability issues.

Start with aRegrowth Pendant and 1 HP pot. Regrowth pendant is in my opinion the better starting item simply because I'd rather more health than mana.
Sorcerer's Shoes are the best choice. Early game magic pen really makes a difference.Boots of Lucidity are another great option.
Rod of Ages is the core of this build. It provides you with everything Orianna needs. The extra health is so useful for her suvivability. The extra mana and ability power make sure you have a constant presence early game.
Rabadon's Deathcap is what will bring you those kills. A massive AP boost.

This is the time that I upgrade myPhilosopher's Stone to anEleisa's Miracle. THIS IS NOT PART OF THE CORE BUILD. If the team has very little CC, don't worry about getting it. Typically team will always have an Alistar or some other CC bot. The extra tenacity really makes a difference.
Zhonya's Hourglass is a cherry on top. Another massive AP boost and a very useful active for team fights. This could be replaced with anAbyssal Scepter if the enemy is AP heavy.

Final/Optional Items:
Deathfire grasp is a very good item. Great source of damage and even less time on your cooldowns.
Works with every champ. Who doesn't like two lives?
A very good item! It's new and nobody uses it. If you feel like every time fight is just you being perma-stunned and dying then grab this item mid-game.
Don't be a cheap bastard. If they have a Tryndamere.. BUY IT!
What I get most of the time as my final item. Just a generally good item for anybody.

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Short answer: Her passive sucks

Long answer: Orianna's main damage is going to come from her spells. Yes her autos will provide damage, but not enough to be basing your build around it.

I'm not doubting the viability of an AS/AP build with Orianna. I've tried it with things such as Lich Bane, Trinity Force and Guinsoo's Rageblade. I personally don't like it. Nor do I see it as being nearly as effective as a straight AP/Utility build.

Her passive is not effective enough for her to have stronger damage output than any other equally farmed character. Any auto attacker would rape face on you.

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Early Game/Lane Phase

I take Orianna in duo lane. She has much more to give when she's got a team mate nearby. Don't spam your Q. If you can hit both enemy champs, go for it. Use it to get multiple creep kills as well.

Use your Q as a permanent ward as well. Chuck it in the bush before you begin the lane to check for an early gank, check for jungler, stop ganks in general.

Your W has two uses: speed and slow. I prefer to slow opponents over speeding myself up, early game at least. If your opponents are going for you, hit them with your Q, then W to slow them down.

Generally, for now at least, people underestimate Orianna's damage output. Don't be afraid to fight early on. Chances are you'll win.

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Once one or two towers are down, It's usually a sign the early game is over.

Keep your presence up. Be present for every fight and use your Q to check for opponents constantly.

In a team fight I see there being two phases. 1. The cheeky harass and staring at each other phase, and 2. The initiation and total chaos phase.
Orianna is crazy useful for both of these. You can harass them down with your Q, W combo. When your tank is going to initiate chuck the ball on him with E, and slow the pack with W once the initiation has occurred.

If you see a point where all enemies are in close vicinity to each other then chuck your trusty ball in and use that ultimate! This has a 1:1 AP scaling and does wicked damage.

Another great use for your ultimate is to cancel ultimates such as Nunu's and Malzahar's. This ultimate turns around team fights. Stopping one of those ultimate can save your whole team. This is one of the things I like about Orianna: She can shut down certain opponents very easily.

I always look straight for the enemy carry. I've killed a Teemo with a Q, W and another Q. Granted he had no MR but it still showcases the damage potential of Orianna.

Stay behind your team the whole time in a fight, Use your Q every cooldown and if a team mate is going to escape then chuck your E on him for protection.

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I love this champion. The new mechanic that she brings to the game really provides some great fun. I see her as approaching Veigar in terms of crazy damage output on a team. Where she shines is her sustained damage and utility capabilites.

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