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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author rsmrules05

AP shaco (completely legit)

rsmrules05 Last updated on April 16, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Well this is my first guide and if i do bad please tell me and what i might want to fix. If you have any comments or opinions that would be greatly beneficial to this guide please tell me. Please don't down vote this guide till you have at least tried it once. I'm not used to typing much so if my paragraphs are a bit short, sorry.

Also this guide will not make him invincible in any way it up to you to make him one of the best champions out there.

Funny thing is that I origionally came up with this build as a troll build but, it works great as a normal build to.

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AP Pros / Cons

Pros- Great Pusher with Hallucinate
Great at farming in the beginning
Can block enemy ults or snares with his ult and timing.
Does well in team fights if you go for the one who's alone. Like a ranged carry.
JITBs can deal quite a bit of damage over time and repeated placing.

Cons- Low health and mana in beginning
Quite squishy so no turret diving before level 6.
Needs a nice tank or damage dealer to get kills/assists
Your team might think of you as a killstealer
You will lose out to your ad counterpart

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I take Marks of Insight to help with damage at the beginning so that they go holy cow why is he doing so much damage with his JITBs and Two Shiv Poison. Seals of Clarity cause he has mana problems in the beginning so you want as much mp regen as you can get. Glyphs and Quintessenses of Potency because it help with early game damage and area control.

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You want 9/0/21 mainly for the CD in the beginning it help you place JITBs quicker not much quicker but, every second counts and again he has mana problems in the beginning so you definitely want perseverance and spacial aclarity. You will need your summoner spells quite a lot if you want to be a help to your team rather than a hindrance. I would like to stress this is the way I build him. I personally think this is a great guide if you know how to use Shaco well.

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I take Doran's ring for the survivability, ap, and mana regen. As i said before you need a lot of mana regen to be of any help or else you'll just lose all your mana and be of no help to your team.

Ionian boots of Lucidity help with the CDR so when you hit max CDR you can throw your Two Shiv Poison every 5 seconds and deal 600 damage with them.

Void staff to deal more damage and it's pretty dang cheap for what it does. It's great for early game domination.

Rabaden's Deathcap, Do i even have to explain why this is on ap shaco?

Morello's Evil Tome helps with CDR and so that you can place JITBs every 9 seconds and be doing 200 damage a shot with them.

After all that start building Archangel's Staffs destroy everything on sight.

And if the game has gone on long enough get hextech gunblade and for your next trick you'll make them disappear.

But, usually the game ends way before getting archangels or hextech.

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Skill Sequence

Deceive is pretty useless on Ap Shaco because it deals physical damage but, if you in a tight situation you can just deceive behind your enemies and run like crazy. When running away try to go through the forest and deceive onto the other side of the walls to elude your pursuers.

JITBs is pretty helpful for getting minion waves and checking the grass and fearing the enemies for that 1/2 second when all your teammate come and destroy them. Also if you want you can get blue buff in the beginning just make sure to tell your teammate you'll be grabbing it then coming back to the lane. It will also make you level 2 so you'll have an early game advantage at the beginning. Should never be off CD as you can deal more damage with it. You can put 1 down after you deceive behind the target and attack him once so you deal some damage with deceive and then use Two Shiv Poison to slow him down enough for the JITB to work.

Two Shiv Poison is yuor main attack and will let you do major damage at a comfortable range. you can even attack them under their turrets dealing 200 damage in the beginning. It's a very fun skill and if you need to run just Two Shiv poison them and then decieve.

Hallucinate is one of those skills that can save your life or get a kill after your dead, just got to make sure to know how to use your clone (Alt Right mouse button) and your clone will be doing somewhere around 500 damage at first level if your quick to get some ap. It can help you escape ults like karthus's ult if you time it right and snares like Ryze's and Lux's. Also if you run under a tower and start being attacked by it you can use Hallucinate and the turret will go after the clone thinking it's you. I have to stress this though DO NOT GET BUFFS AND USE THIS SKILL! It completely destroys your chances of survival if the enemy team is smart. You can go for blue buff in the beginning but, that's about it any other time you will die if you use it. It meant to help you disguise yourself and get kills. Just hope that you don't get attacked by the enemy cause I mean it's a 50/50 chance on you get hit.

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Team Work

Beginning the laning phase.

Get blue buff in the beginning for the extra mp regen and cooldown, this isn't a jungle build but, it's good in the beginning because you start at level 2 when you get back to your lane. When at buff just keep putting JITBs next to the pot at blue buff and then just smack it a couple of time and you should have it in 10 seconds.

Once back to your lane, use your JITBs to check the grass but, be careful about it. Try to get to the grass first you probably will with your speed alone. Once you get Two Shiv Poison make sure to to harass the enemies by repeatably throwing your Daggers till one get below half health. Make sure to mark the person you want to attack and tell your teammate what your going. Make sure to be ready to be able to put down a JITB after you hit them with deceive and two shiv poison them, your team mate should be able to do the rest if he's a high damage dealer.

Mid Game

Start ganking if your lane is doing well and some other lanes need help. If your going for mid wait for them to over extend their push and make sure to let your teammate know what your doing. Once they've done that Deceive out and flash if your too far away, after that you should know what to do.

If top need help it's it's basically the same thing except with 2 people instead of 1 and you have to be more careful.

Late Game

Now it's time for team fights, you want to stay in the back and send your clone in to do the heavy work while throwing in a couple of Two Shiv Poisons to deal some damage while the rest of your team fight. You want to stay next to your guys at all times and don't leave lanes unattended, if you see most of your teammates going bot to defend the tower go back mid and defend that one to the best of your ability. Place a couple of JITBs to help defend from minion waves.

If your team is doing bad... Don't fret.

If you have feeders maybe 1-2 of them that could mean you can't do much in team fights and the only way you could win is to wait inside base and fend them off until they get too cocky and you kill most or all of them then get your tank to take the turret fire until some of them are up, always be watching the timers. Watch for the main damage dealers and the disablers as that can ruin a push and lose you the game. Rinse and repeat.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost for the running, ganking, and chasing aspects. Kinda has been nerfed from 14 seconds to 10 seconds. That can be helpful but, if you run out of ghost and they wait to use their ghosts your pretty much dead if you can't deceive away.

Flash for running and ganking. A great combo for running away is to flash through a wall then Decieve trough a wall to get away quickly. Just hope you don't run into another enemy who's jungling or preparing a gank. It's happened quite a lot and can be frustrating.

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Please try this guide before you down vote it or anything and i could use some help if you would be willing to give me advice. I would like to learn more so i can put up more guides on how to build champions.

Hope you have a great time using this build and always have fun playing LoL.