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Fizz Build Guide by Austringer

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Austringer

Austringer's Fizz Build

Austringer Last updated on March 7, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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I'm going to add to this guide a little at a time. I'll keep track of what I do in a change-log in this section. At first I'm going to start simple, and just give the required information to use my build.

Change Log:

3/4/2012 - Created the Build!
Added Skill Sequence
Added Purchase Sequence
Added Tactics

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I've been playing League of Legends for a while now, I've purchased a good number of champions, and I've enjoyed many of them. I think I can safely say: Out of all the Champions that I've played in League of Legends, Fizz is the most fun to play. His ability to enter and exit battle deftly and quickly combined with this excellent burst damage make him a blast to play.

I believe that Fizz can really lane with anyone, but in my experience, the best partners I've had are either tank classes or another high output damage dealer. This may sound a little odd to some that I like to lane with other damage dealing classes, but I've found this arrangement to work well with a little team work. I usually lane with my wife, who usually plays Vayne, I'll go over some of the tactics that we use to dominate just about any Champ in the game.

There are numerous builds that I've used, and I commend all of those who have created builds for me to try out. There are just too many of them for me to mention them all, but I feel the need to thank the user herodom for his "The Fizzy (easy) guide to Fizz!!!" Guide, as I used many parts of it in my build, I have a few modifications that make mine somewhat unique, but I also recommend trying his build out because its great!

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Pros/Cons of This build


    GREAT Burst Damage!
    Ability to Escape Fights and Dodge skills
    Cooldown Reduction
    Good Chaser/Initiator
    Good Scaling

    Requires a lot of skill to master
    Very Squishy early, only a bit better later on
    Mana Hungry
    Gold Hungry
    Not good vs good AD Carries

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Skill Sequence

This Skill Sequence is the one I use for PvP, there are only subtle differences between the build sequence that I use for PvP and the one I use for Coop vs AI.
I start with Playful/Trickster, because in the early game, when the opponent champions are attempting to harass you away from the minions Playful/Trickster gives you the ability to dodge their incoming skills, thus providing you more longevity early in the game.

I pick up Urchin Strike second, so I can have a stand-off attack to harass with.

I unlock SeaStone Trident third, giving me access to all my abilities pre-Ultimate.

I Spend two points in both Urchin Strike and SeaStone Trident, then unlock the Ultimate:

A lot of Fizz players try to use Chum the Waters as a finishing tool, I frequently use it to start a fight, or mid-way through the fight to prevent escape.

This is where my build gets a little different.

Next I unlock three Playful/Tricksters in a row. I only do this in PvP, because it reduces the cool-down on the skill, giving me more survivability in the mid-game. During this time I'm usually buying AP items, so it doesn't seem to reduce my Burst damage much. I change this order up a bit when I do Coop vs AI, as I don't typically need to escape as much from Bots.

From there on, I just unlock either Trident, or Urchin and the Chum the Waters any time it comes up. I max out Playful/Trickster last.

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Early Game Harassment

I start harassing at lvl 2, this early, its just a one or two hit harass, then Playful/Trickster out. Once I unlock SeaStone Trident, I'll spend a few more swings in combat before escaping.

Making early kills
Players will frequently under-estimate Fizz's range. Watch for Enemy Champs who get into range of Urchin strike and make them pay for it.

If its a safe play, or if you have Flash up, Playful/Trickster or Flash into Urchin Strike range, then escape using Playful/Trickster or Flash. This makes for an effective Turret-diving tool!


1. If you are being chased, it is a good Idea to use Flash or Playful/Trickster to jump a wall, such as the walls on the river in 5v5 matches.

2. If you are being chased and your team is chasing your target, wait for Seastone & Urchin are up, charge Seastone, and use Urchin Strike to double-back through your target. This serves as a method to get back to the safety of your team-mates, does damage and confuses your enemy.


If you are low health, and have a few steps lead on a chasing enemy, you can often kite the target by waiting for your skills to be up, charge SeaStone Trident, run back towards your enemy and use Urchin Strike just as you get to them, shooting beyond them. They may only be able to get a single attack in. If you need more distance, Flash or Playful/Trickster, then repeat the process. Combining this process with Shark is explained in the "Draw & Shark" method below.

"The Draw & Shark"

If an enemy chases you and they are too close to their turret to engage, run away for a few steps, fire your Chum the Waters back toward your target, charge SeaStone Trident, and Urchin Strike back toward your target. You should hit them right as they get thrown into the air by your Shark (if you used ignite, throw that in there). This is a great way to get surprise kills, when the enemy believed they had the upper hand.