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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Alyander

BBG anti-orthodox lineup

Alyander Last updated on September 12, 2011
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So this is an idea that has been running around in my head for a while:

Instead of the ranked play "normal" mode whereas you have 2 champions bot (support&carry) 1 mid (usually AP jumper) 1 top (Your average "oh, he is so OP-champion!!!") and one annoying bastard in the jungle, I wish to go a different approach.

I present to you the idea of having the enemy choose between which of your main damage dealers they wish to counter, and in doing so, neglecting them to counter anyone of them.
We have the raw AP of a Malzahar in the middle that just focuses one of the enemy champions out and with the flash-suppress combo, opens up their team for slaughter, by say a Morde, or a Twitch… It’s so lucky you have both, really.

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Quick reality check

Okay, I realize, this kind of teamplay isn't that easy on the first try, that's why I don't just want you to grab the guide and go out and play a ranked game the first you do, you will be murdered, completely. And to not stop there, you will probably go back to this page and rant about how you lost 29 to 3 and say that I’m an idiot. You might be right, so far I haven’t tried this, but I sure am going to.

And also, don’t just take one champion out of this guide and solo queue since some guy on the internet told you that this might possibly work, at least don’t do that and whine about it.

I cant stress enough that this isn’t an easy way to play, but if you can learn to do it, I think it will give you an advantage that is worth quite a lot in ranked play. You will be able to play in a way that is completely new to the opposing team, and with that in mind, all their old tactics will need modification to work against you.

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Done, Now, What is this... really?

Well, I hate the idea of having a support champion in your team whose sole purpose is to ward and keep track of timers and such doings, what if everyone can help in protecting everyone else instead?

With this in mind, think about how tanky this entire team is, you have 3 champions that act as tanks, first and foremost you have Leona, whose job IS to farm and initiate teamfights, that’s ALL she is there for!

Secondly, Twitch, who will scare the **** out of your enemy with the help of Nunu, if you haven’t already guessed, Twitch is this teams ROAMER, meaning that by lvl 4 he will get

out of lane to go gank mid, hopefully getting a kill for himself, he will of course try to farm all the time there isn’t an opportunity to gank, but try to gank so much that the enemy will waste time setting up wards that Nunu then can go in and destroy.

Nunu, which already has been spoken of, is the team’s second tank, and he is doubling as a supporthero, mainfocus with bloodboil is of course Twitch, to increase attackspeed and movementspeed , and flash+absolute zero is pretty much all he needs to do in a teamfight to get it going, and the casting snowballs. But he is also the team’s jungler. This puts him in quite a tight spot economicly, which is why he has greed specced AND gets both heart of gold and philosophers stone. He is the one mostly responsible for mapvision.

Malzahar is a deadly champion mid, and with the help Twitch traversing up from bot lane, that lvl 6 ult leading to a delicate flash+ult combination just gets so much aggravating.

Ah, you might have noticed that I left the “oh, he is so OP”-champion up top, congratulations. As a personal side note I can just say that I don’t believe any champion is over-powered, constant nerfs the last 6 months have been keeping it that way. But he is another AP damage dealer, with the tanky on the side. Watch out for ignite on this build, since it blocks up your enormous spellvamp and lifesteal. The runes are however made for a firstblood attempt, which probably will be changed when this lineup have been tested accordingly.

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Leona - Durability

Now, to start of this chapter, I will be completely honest, I don't know how to play Leona, and we still haven't tried this lineup, but the general idea is that she will farm bot for as long as she can and later in teamfights she will go in without remorse KNOWING* that the team is right behind her, and hopefully not die while her team have enough focused damage to take out their 2-3 carries.

An update on her items and skill order and such WILL come as soon as I get around talking to our Leona player, whom will have one or two things to say about all this. All this is going through a thorough remake as soon as we have tested, compiled an analysis and tried again.
*Now this is essential for all teams, regardless of composition, when the tank overextends a little too much, the rest of the team will know that it isn’t an overextend, but an initiate. The enemy however, shall never be allowed to catch on to this precise science.

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Twitch - Panic attack

The goal here is not to have an overfeed Twitch (although that is nice), it is however to make your enemy THINK that it is what you’re going for. Twitch starts out bottom with Leona, and I will of course try this out myself to see what works best, runewise/masteries and items for the short but intensive laning phase. Right now I’m thinking Doran’s blade, for the AD HP and LS, but I’m also considering the mana-aspect of Twitch, as he will need mana in the upcoming gank.

In any case, he will lurk about in bot lane, and take ALL minionkills the first few waves, I CANNOT stress this enough, and I know that I just told you that Leona should farm bot, but thing is, Twitch will get very little lane-time, so these early MKs are important for the boots of speed and the second Dorans, THEN you are ready to start roaming, leaving bot lane to Leona, if she can handle it of course.

Updates will come as expected on why those masteries and those spells and such

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Malzahar - Glass-cannon

Now Malzahar is according to me, one of the toughest solo-mid champions in this game, especially if you have good warders, which you will have. He will do the usual mid lane. I would go with Null zone for the first gank rather than malefic vision, but any way around is good. Twitch goes invis in his own lane, not moving upwards until he is completely invisible, this makes it hard for the people in bot to call him miss, and it also makes it hard for Malzahars opponent to take him as a threat, since the nerf, no one does.

Idea is, Malzahar loads up with stacks for a voidling, flashes in and puts out a rapid Vision+Grasp, meaning a stunlock for 2.5 seconds and 450 magic damage, that plus a voidling which will target the enemy champion will put you quite the way into your first blood attempt.

Now, the SECOND Malzahar flashes in, Twitch will appear and start laying down fire. This millisecond belongs to Malzahar, and it HAVE to go right, if he haven’t got the grasp out in time, the first blood attempt will fail when the opponent escapes with flash and ghost.

If he manages to get grasp out, you almost guaranteed have got the kill. Twitch does 240 magic with expunge at level 3 if he gets 6 shoots out, which he might get if he does it right, and that with the magic damage from Malzahar + voidling and Twitch’s AD will make it happened.

Leave the kill to Twitch and Malzahar goes back to laning.

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Mordekaiser - Powerhouse

Now, this is the one that the enemy isn't supposed to be afraid of, that is, if they don't see through your masterful and sinister Twitch.

Items, runes and masteries will be updated in time.

The idea here is to have a champion whom can, towards the end of mid-game chase down the entire enemy team, and doing right by that, or else they will die :)

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Is comming as soon as I fancy myself having the time for it.


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