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League of Legends Build Guide Author Aversive


Aversive Last updated on April 18, 2011
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I'll just say this now, you may need a fire extinguisher.

Alright , so this is my first build , ever.
I saved up for Brand the second I saw the spotlight, and I just knew he was my type of character.
In this guide I will be explaining how to go along with laning , farming , and the basic combo.

Starting off with ; Laning and the farming combination.

In my opinion ; Brands basic attack animation is amazing , I almost never miss a single last hit.
I'm not sure if everyone has this success with him , or if you need to.
Since once you hit level 5-7 ( Depending on how much Ability power you have )
You can completely destroy those caster minions , and with the manaregen; effectively farm them.
So pretty much, just start using your W and E combo alot more on those minions, if you're not going to push your lane too much.

Next , I'll go over the basic combo.
There are many ways and opportunity to do this combo, but I find the most effective way is to simply lead with E , Q then , W ( of course add in a R if you feel the need to )
If there are minions or any other obstacles blocking the way, you can also just try and hit them with the W then either back off , or attempt that Q.
Depending on the situation
You really can't go wrong with his combos , either way they will do a lot of damage.
Obviously some methods are better for different situations, like say you need the 2 Second stun to get away, or to do a combo.

Now I'll go over my choice of items and runes.

Dorans Ring : I choose this item because of the manaregen, and because of the health.
I feel a lot safer going into a lane, knowing I have more then 4 bars health; not sure about everyone-else.
Oh and did I mention the mana-regen? It gives you a nice amount even at level one and there are few items I personally think benefit him more then this.

Early Shoes / Shorc shoes ; The reason for this , is so that you can catch up to your target and in-order to position your q better, for that stun; and for that gettaway if need be.
Plus Shorc shoes give you a nice amount of penetration, combine that with the runes and you should be set for the levels untill voidstaff.

Hex Tech Revolver / Will of the Ancients : I get this at around the same level that you can be farming with your W - E Combo, this gives you a lot of laning power ; and with the mana regen you should be set for a while.

Rylais : For one , the slow on this is very nice, and you need the health at this point , plus the ability power never hurt.

Catalyst ; Or Void Staff ; You can get one or the other at this point, it depends on what the other team is doing, if you are getting bursted down quiet a bit , get Catalyst, if they are stacking MR at this point , get the void staff.
Either way you should be getting both at one point , so it's really just about what you need.

Banshees : Pretty self explanatory.

Zhonyas / Or DeathCap : Alright, so this is pretty much the final item.
It's all up to whats happening in teamfights, if they have alot of AoE or crowd control, or even if you need the armor Zhonyas is the way to go, it gives a sufficient amount of ability power, and the active is amazing.
Deathcap is pretty much if you just want to melt face.
Although I would not suggest it as much so, since Zhonyas seems to work alot more, in the situations.

Alright, so that's pretty much it; I may add more in the future.
Feel free to vote and tell me what you think, and what I can fix or do better!