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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ckz

Brand Destruction

ckz Last updated on April 24, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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So you , been playing Brand since he came out and i mostly see people play him a bit bad , esp most people complain how OP is he , his abilities are strong , hope this build show you how to ultizies him well

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Pros / Cons

OP mid-late game
combo kills anyone quickly
alot of aoe damage
passive eats % of health
can stun every 6 secs
low cd in on abilies ( all less 10 secs)
Good in 1v1 and team fights
Can mid and lane


Combo need to land succesfully to do massive damage
No escape mechansim
Targeted alot
Item dependent late game
sucks early game

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People might say why did i take AP in seals, u can take some mana seals, but i like the early ap because it helps alot early game, where ur q w e might melt ur enemies health fully with the +30 ap

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Mostly the basic nuker ap setup, in the offensive Sorecy, and Archaic knowledge re a boost to your damage , 15$ pen + ur 9 early eats up squishes

in utility, mana gen and cd reduction are fully maxed , to help spam more and to not be oom!

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Summoner Spells

Being squishy esp early game , and when you starting killing people, they will target you , Flash is a must to get away , esp you will be behind your tank and mele , youll ahve time to see who is targetting u and move away. ignite is ued for those healers, spell vamps and to last hit when ur abilities are in cd and the enemy is passing away , some trade thsi with ghost for more surviviablity

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Skill Sequence

pillar gives the most damage, so leveling it first is better, its delay is around 0.5 secs , enemies without boots early game find it hard to dodge , confglation is used to trigger the 25% of pillar of flame from ur passive, and becasue its not a straight shot its good for haress, sear is taken one rank at 4 for the stun , its a skill shot that can be avioded adn need a alot of skill to land after casting ur combos and impossible if it was croweded with creeps, Pyroclasm, thsi ulti does wonders, esp when no creeps around , 5 hits, and with 800 ap .ur doing more than 2k damage with this one ability

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Yup, i start with a Sapphire crystal, kinda weird , but after alot of gmes i feel its the ebst start, why not a doran ring? because if you are haressed ul need to go back to base and again , with is , one potion will increase ur survivability and it will make ur next item approaches easier

Yup cataslyst, before the shoe, why? if you have this , you can lane as much as u can , spam ur build as wish and make u farm and farm , thats why the moment you hit 850 gold (before level 6), recall to get it , it will make ur laning much easier

Soceroers boots to add more to ur magic pen, after that complete ur rod of ages, i see alot of brands going for ryali's , never go for it before the rod , rod gives u mana + health and ap , while ryali gives u healh and ap , and a slow that u dont need much why? cause ur a nuker, u can kill an ashe in 2 secs by spamming ur abilities , the rod health is more than ryali too, after getting a rayli ur mana probs will be at the miniuim

So you got health adn some mana and a bit of ap ( around 90-100), now for maximizing your ap, being at mid game , its ganking time , 2 -3 kills should give the 1600 for your Large rod , to deathcap which is a MUST for brand , after this you will see how you kill enemies so easily , esp i team fights where ur ulti shines, after some ap , get a rayali for health and more ap , ur ap should be around 500 now, which is good for late game adn around 2.7 k health which is enough, if the game went for long , viod staff to redcue their armour , the last item depends on the enemies, staff if you want more damage , around 800 ap, hourglass if ur being ganked and focused , esp at mele's , scepter if alot of ap casters are there , both items boost ur defenses

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Brand is mostly played mid, from his pillar being casting anywhere and coz his abilites can kill anyone in one go, you should only last hit minions, so you dont push alot and be ganked , after level 6 , whoever it is , go fot eh gank , dead or not go back , abilites on again , haress or gank ,
The best way to farm , is cast pillar in a group of minions which will have your passive then cast conflagtion to any of them to trigger the passive and they will die , at level 7 , any jungle minion or wave minion will almost die with this combo

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Unique Skills

How to Haress? having a big range in his abilites, good players would give u space , being afriad oof being nuked which will give u time to farm as u wish , players who dont and act smart , target them by conflagtion which has a decent range then pillar them a bit away from teh direction they are going (behind if they are retrating , front if they are heading for you ) that should eat their health apart by the 25% , if they stun contunie to u , stun them and go to ur tower

In team fight, there alot of ways to kill you opponents, i mostly sear anyone of them , conflagate him which will speard to all then pillar the place so they all get 25% more damage ,with 2% of ur passive , then cast your ulti , now count the kills you got , if its still on , ur sear will be off cd after a sec or 2 , stun someone and repeat, thsi time they are dead for sure

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Try the build before judging , he is a bit hard to master being 2/4 of is abilites skill shot and alot of cunning to trick your eniemies into a stun or know where to land your pillar, comments are appericated