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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RockNRollBob

DoT is FtW

RockNRollBob Last updated on November 22, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Well first off I have played Teemo since day one and I find with all of the new updates this is the best way to play him. If you are new to LoL this guide isn't for you and if you are new to Teemo this guide is not for you either. I am a very aggressive player but for Teemo he is very squishy and there really isn't anything you can do about that unless you wanna build him wrong. The smartest way to play is hit and run, then when they run, you run after them. Everytime I play this build I get all the nerf that **** comments so if this is the reaction from the other team that you are getting then you are doing something right. This build can be used in 5's but it is mainly for 3's only because I don't play Teemo in 5's because I feel he isn't viable enough with this build in a 5's match.

Rune Choices
These runes work the best for this build if you don't use them exactly the build will not work.

Mastery Choices
Teemo doesn't need crit for any reason in this build so it is pointless so I went with the most effective build for this play style.

Early Game-
First off you wanna grab your boots of speed and 2 health pots and head to top lane where you will solo. You can take bottom but teemo isn't the best when it comes to partnering and I like to have the exp advantage for ganks. You wanna start with your "Toxic Shot" ability which is going to be your main spell for this build. The good thing is I haven't found a single champ that can harass Teemo more than he can harass others. Another good thing is by lvl 6 you will be able to gank bottom very easy b/c your top lane is always pushed forward keeping top distracted with minions at their tower and Teemo is very quick with his "move quick" ability. So your main objective starting out is to harass and to do this you will cut down the enemy minions last hitting as much as possible alternating targets letting your poison do most of the work. This will give you the most gold and also let you keep your lane pushed forward the fastest. Doing this if the enemy dares come close enough or if you can take a shot you wanna auto attack them first and then quickly use your blinding dart ability rendering them from attacking you further b/c they will miss and at this point if they are melee they are gonna flee until it wear's off because if they are dumb enough to attack you before lvl 6 while blinded you will kill them. So you will continue to do this until lvl 6 and this is where the fun starts.

Mid Game-
Now your objective is to first off plan your gank what your gonna do is head down to bottom and place a mushroom in the mid area just enough to avoid golem but enough to let you see if the top player will come down to try to disrupt your ganking. Go ahead and target the person your gonna gank for your team and then auto-attack/ blind dart/ ignite/ auto-attack/ exhaust/ repeat w/o the summoner spells if they didn't die. If you did it right they are dead and you might have gotten another one depending on what your teamates did. Now you should have enough money to buy your malady and maybe finish off berserk greaves. Go ahead and head back down to top lane and push your minions back and lay mushrooms in every bush and entrance way that you can. Tab to see if anyone has bought an oracle and this will be your next target. Now you just repeat everything getting as many kills as you can and helping out your team as much as possible. Always call out mia's and ping the map where you know or think they might be. Build your other items as you get the money and as you see fit depending on what you think you need whether it be a slow or attack speed/magic damage.

End Game-
Mid game should have gone fairly quick and at this point you should have your nashor's tooth unless you are doing horrid then you might want to forfit and not waste your time playing with noobs who fed the other team and or you shouldn't be playing Teemo. Now your objective is just to keep getting all the money you can to finish off your build whether it be jungling/farming or setting up ganks which should be fairly easy with all the wards/shrooms/satelites(astronaught teemo) you have all over the map. Just remember always plan your escape with a mushroom(s). You can also take out a tower with this build very quickly however I would recommend sticking with your team unless you know you can get it down with out getting ganked. Everything else is pretty much straight forward and you might last long enough either buy getting rich/fed or you are playing a really good team where you have enough cash to turn that phage into a frozen mallet for more hp.

I hope this build helps and I think you will like it and piss a lot of people off and if your like me that what you like to see is *****ing b/c you are overpowered. Please try this out before voting and any suggestions are always appreciated and considered but it doesn't mean that your right.