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Xin Zhao Build Guide by tehsex

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League of Legends Build Guide Author tehsex

DPS FTW!!! your guide to DPS dominance

tehsex Last updated on December 26, 2011
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This is my first guide, seeing the lack of Dominion guides i thought i might try my hand at making a guide so here it is.

Xin Zhao is the champion this guide will focus on. He is good all round champ because he has decent Crowd Control (CC) with his Three Talon Strike and Audacious Charge, he also has great sustain with his passive Tireless Warrior which gives him health every third auto-attack, and finally he passively increases his attack speed with Battle Cry which is a good asset for any DPS champion to have.

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For rune i have chosen:
- Armor Penetration MarksGreater Mark of Desolation
- Attack Speed Seals
- Cool Down Reduction Glyphs
- Flat Health Quintessences
This provides excellent early game damage and decent attack speed at level 1 plus the additional 20% with 1 point in Battle Cry at level 3. He also gain that little bit of extra sustain with the flat health quints. This Rune setup with make you very powerful early game and if you play smart and make the right choices it will set you up for an explosive mid and late game

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For items i prefer to start off with a Doran's Shield but a Doran's Blade is fine, either one is fine because its mainly for the +100 health they both provide as to why you buy then, i just find that the +10 Armor and +8 health regen per five seconds helps me stay in the lane longer. i do my best to stay in lane until i have at least 920 gold so i can buy Berserker's Greaves but if you can try get 1340 gold so you can go back to you lane with Dorans Shield, Berserker's Greaves and another Dagger. The sooner you can get these the better due to your excellent early game damage at level 3 with the addition of the items you have the means to rip your opponents apart. by now your opponents are getting a bit more chunky so they are not as easy to take down or it is taking a while, the trick with champs like Xin is you want to take down one target ASAP and the move to the next, so now we start getting to the core of your build. you now want to invest in a Zeal and a Phage, these two item are the beginning of you smooth transition into you late game items. The Zeal adds a little bit more with the nice little bit of crit chance and movement speed which synchronizes with the Phage's attack damage, health and 25% chance of on hit slowing the target by 30% for 2.5 seconds. the passives on both these items makes you a relentless chaser, making it extremely difficult for enemies to escape once you have committed to killing them. At this point you have pretty good stats across the board so now is a good time to get a Vampiric Scepter giving you that little bit more lifesteal which is excellent with your attack speed to keep the health flowing in. now you want to save up for a B.F Sword with a beast +45 damage and then upgrade that to The Black Cleaver giving you +55 attack damage, +30% attack speed and very useful passive that reduces targets armor by 15 and stacks 3 times for a total of -45 Armor which will help drop those tank enemies and destroy the not so tanky ones. This Basically rounds out your core build of:
-Doran's Shield
-Berserker's Greaves
-Vampiric Scepter
these are the items i get without fail every game. now we can move on to the late game items. Xin has alot of versatility late but these are the items i recommend plus some alternatives.
- Upgrade Phage to a Trinity Force for extra health, attack speed, movement speed, attack damage, ability power and mana plus the passives from all the items its built from.
- Upgrade Vampiric Scepter to a Bloodthirster for extra attack damage and lifesteal.
- Boost your attack speed with a Black Cleaver and a Wit's End for the extra magic resist.
- Build a Guardian Angel late game for the armor, magic resist and it gives you a excellent passive.
- Upgrade Phage to Frozen Mallet for extra health and attack damage if your feeling to squishy or getting targeted
- Ugrade Vampiric Scepter to Stark's Fervor for health regen, attack speed and lifesteal
- Build an Infinity Edge for significant extra attack damage and crit chance.

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Skill Sequence

You want to max out you E, Audacious Charge first. this ability helps you catch up to fleeing enemies and interrupt the enemies capturing you turret.
Next its really up to you, i like to max Battle Cry first for the additional attack speed but its fine to max Three Talon Strike first too it just depends on personal preference.
And of course take a point in Crescent Sweep whenever possible

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Game Stages

Early Game
You want to play passively here, just focus on farming and last hitting and the occasional harass your enemy if he gets to close, try not to go back until you can buy boots and at least one of the recipe items for your Zeal.
Mid Game
You want to be rounding out your core build and move onto the more advanced items, you can become a bit more aggressive with you E-R-Q combo.
Late Game
At this stage you should have most of your items bar Wit's End and Guardian Angel which means you have most of your damage items and if you play smart you will wreck kids, its beautiful.

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Well i hope this guide will lead you to many victories and i welcome any feedback or constructive criticism.