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League of Legends Build Guide Author iMamBa

Draven Guide The Glorious Executioner

iMamBa Last updated on May 12, 2013
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AD Carry


AD+Some Def

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Hello guys, I am iMamBa and this is my second guide in MobaFire. My guide here is all about Draven, my favorite ADR.I decided to make this guide to show you how I play him so you can also learn if you're new to Draven. I like Draven because of his skils and his abilities. You can just spam his Spinning Axe as long you can catch it. His ultimate, Whirling Death is global making him to kill steal easily. In this guide, there are some typos so feel free to tell me about it in the discussion area.

Let's start on the guide.

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Pros / Cons


+ His ultimate, Whirling Death is global.
+ Can spam Spinning Axe as long he can catch it.
+ Whirling Death can be used in kill stealing.
+ High damage
+ His passive, Wicked Blades causes critical strike to deal more damage.


- Squishy at beginning
- Needs Item to be effective
- Only one crowd control skill.
- Catching Spinning Axe can be hard to catch sometimes
- Few skins

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Masteries of AD Draven













// In the masteries section. I picked 21/9/0. In offensive. I chose those because it's for Attack Damage champions and it helps Draven it getting kills especially Executioner . In defensive, I get 3 Hardiness and 2 Resistance so he can have more armor and magic resist so he can stay in the lane quickly and not to be killed easily. I prefer this set of masteries than any other.

Masteries of Tanky Draven












// In this tanky Draven type, I choose more defensive in tanky Draven. If you want him more tougher and tanky, try taking this type of masteries because It help you not to be killed easily, Not only tanky, try getting some points in offensive too for you to survive too, I dont really prefer tanky Draven because I build him offensively not tanky.

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Greater Mark of Armor Penetration
Greater Seal of Armor
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
Greater Quintessence of Armor Penetration

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage: Draven needs some attack damage at the start of the game so he can kill easily. I prefer for you getting two of these and try getting one Greater Quintessence of Armor Penetration for more armor penetration..
Greater Mark of Armor Penetration: Armor penetration is one of important thing for Draven, he needs to finish tough enemies with high armor so he need armor penetration that can break the enemy's high armor
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist: As I told in the pros and cons sections, Draven is a squishy champion, strong enemies can kill him easily, specially heavy AP bursts. I reccomend getting magic resist glyph for higher magic resist
Greater Seal of Armor: I told you again, Draven is a squishy champion and can be killed easily by strong Attack Damage champions like Tryndamere and Master Yi so I reccommend getting armor at the start of the game for you not to be killed by those Attack Damage Champions

Other Runes

Greater Quintessence of Armor: Draven is a squishy champion, so I reccommend getting armor in the start of the game, I reccommend also Greater Quintessence of Magic Resist. If the enemies are heavy AP, get magic resist, if heavy AD, get armor
Greater Mark of Attack Damage: If you don't want armor penetration for Draven why not get attack damage for the start of the game?
Greater Glyph of Attack Speed:I have no glyph for Draven except the Greater Glyph of Magic Resist, but If you don't want some magic resist, try getting attack speed.
Greater Seal of Magic Resist: I don't really put physical attack seals because in seals, defense is it's importance, if you don't want some armor, then go to magic resist! You can also change this with Greater Seal of Critical Chance for you to get critical strike faster perfect for your Wicked Blades.

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Spells to get

Ignite: Your way to kill a running enemy, you can kill an enemy even if it runs, if it still don't die, use Whirling Death. Also beware of champions that have Heal and Barrier, it may save them from dying because of it's effects. So I reccomend for you to get this instead of Exhaust.

Flash: Your free Out - of - Jail card, it's better than Ghost you know. It can pass through walls and can used in escaping and chasing. I take Flash than Ghost because I think Flash is better than Ghost.

Exhaust: You can get this if you want, if you don't have ignite yet. I reccomend for you to get this if you're tired of escaping enemies because of their movement speed. You can also use Exhaust so they will be slowed and have more chance for you to hit them with Whirling Death.

Other Spells

Ghost: This is your movement speed spell that help you to kill and escape also, the bad thing is, it can't pass through walls like Flash. To those who doesn't have Flash yet, I reccommend you to get this.

Barrier: I've been playing many games with Draven that have Barrier, they only have few deaths at the end of the game, why? Because at early game, Barrier saves them, Barrier saves them even from the Requiem and Ace in the Hole.

Heal: Heal can be very useful for those Draven without runes. Why? It even saves them from Requiem and Ace in the Hole. I prefer getting this even if people call this "noob" spell because it saved my life many times when I forgot to get Flash and instead got Heal.

Teleport: This spell is very useful to Attack Damage with high attack speed and damage that makes them to backdoor towers. But also, teleport is a useful tool for draven for teleporting to the towers that are being destroyed.

Cleanse: The enemies has Alistar !?! The enemy team has a lot of crowd control?!?! No problem, Cleanse will remove them and so benefits him. I dont normally get this because I get other spells like Ignite and Flash.

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Skill Sequence

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Wicked Blades
Draven's critical strike and Spinning Axe deal 30 + ( 4 x level) physical damage over 4 seconds
This is why Draven needs critical strike, he need to deal damage, Draven also needs to catch his axes very quickly for when he attacks, it deal more damage.

Spinning Axe
Draven's next attack will deal bonus physical damage equal to a percentage of his total attack damage
This skill helps you to deal damage more higher for easier farming and killing, but you need to catch this so you can continue hitting with Spinning Axe. Remember, Draven can catch the axes of a opposing Draven.

Blood Rush
Draven gains increased movement speed for 1.5 seconds and increased attack speed for 3 seconds.
This skill will help in escaping,chasing, and killing because of it's movement speed and attack speed increase. But it reduces over time and it's only a few seconds. But the movement and attack speed gets higher and higher when you level up.

Stand Aside
Draven throws his axes in a line. Enemies hit take physical damage, are knocked aside, and are slowed for 2 seconds
This is the only crowd control skill that Draven had because it slows enemies. The slow and attack damage deals more damage when you level up.

Whirling Death
Draven hurls two massive axes in a given direction, dealing physical damage to every enemy struck.
This will be the skill that help you to kill yo! It is your kill stealing skill but it is hard to point because the enemies are moving, try to team up with stunners like Veigar and Sion to stun your enemy and you use Whirling Death.

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: Well, do I need to explain? This is the boots for AD champions so don't ask me please.
phanton dancer: AD Champions need attack speed, (not really, some don't need it like Ezreal.) AD champions need to destroy turrets, what you need is Phantom Dancer, the best attack speed item ever.
: For me, this is the best lifesteal item ever, Yes. even after the nerfs. It just give you attack damage and more lifesteal if you kill enemy units!
: Well, the Rabadon's Deathcap of AD champs, all AD champs need this yo! Do I need to say more?
: I prefer this for Draven because it reduces armor. Better when fighting tanky champions.
: I always get this for Draven for the survival. Sometimes, at a teamfight, enemy champions focus on Draven so he got killed easily and loses the chance to free hit.
: Well, I also get this for Draven and I replace it with Frozen Mallet or The Black Cleaver sometimes because this item helps Draven in farming. You choose this to the 2 items. Your choice.

Other Items

: I don't really get this for Draven, I won't explain here, just decide if you will get this.
: This gives you 70% attack speed and fires 2 bolts to nearby enemies. I don't know if I'll pick this for Draven. YOUR CHOICE
: Err. I don't really get this much, I just get this when I really need survival
: It revives your champion man! If in teamfight, you are first target to kill, you're dead, not dead because you'll be revived and at the time you are revived, your team are already fighting, let's freehit!
: It gives you armor penetration for 40%. Do I need to say more?
: I don't also get this much, I only get this at Tanky Draven.

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AD Draven

Tanky Draven

Tanky AD Draven

Backdooring / Destroying Turrets Draven

Supporting Draven (Not Supported)

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Red: Protecting yourself from ganks
Blue Jungle Protecting

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Last words and Trivia

Thank you for reading guys. Glad if I help you, After reading, here's some fun facts about Draven.

Draven was designed by Volty.[1]

Draven is voiced by Erik Braa, Who also voices Jax

In Old English, Draven's name means "Hunter".

Draven is one of the 9 champions who do not have a single skill that scales off ability power; along with Darius, Zed, Garen, Olaf, Riven, Talon, Quinn and Vayne.

Draven's dance is the fire dance.

It is also the first dance to have the champion talk while dancing.

Draven's name and overall aesthetics is a possible reference to Kraven, the Hunter, from the Spiderman comics.
In his Champion Spotlight, Draven was not played by "Phreak" like the other champion spotlights.

When Draven recalls or teleports, he strikes a pose identical to Usain Bolt's signature pose.

When Draven strikes his recall pose, he points toward his respective summoner's platform or towards where he is teleporting.

Draven's backstory is possibly a combination of two famous executioners: Souflikar, a Turkish executioner who would challenge his victims to a race, and Richard Brandon, an English executioner who excited the crowd by killing his victims in a single blow.

Draven can catch the enemy team's Draven's spinning axe and gain the buff.

Draven's death animation is similar to Liquid Ocelot's death at the end of the final boss fight in Metal Gear Solid 4.

Draven's death animation is likely a reference to the enigmatic ending of Cowboy Bebop in which the main character makes the same finger pistol notion as Draven and says "Bang" before collapsing, which Draven reproduces down to the thumb-hammer motion, which can be seen here.

Well, the fun facts end here, hope you like the facts and my guides! BYE

Source : LoL wikia


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