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Shyvana Build Guide by razorlemon

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author razorlemon

Enter The Dragon!!

razorlemon Last updated on November 2, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys, its my 1st guide. I've been using mobafire for champion builds for quite a while, and i've decided to give something back to the site. I bought Shyvana because she looked cool, and as it turns out, she's a pretty decent hybrid. Truth be told, I followed Phreak's Masteries and Runes from the Riot champion spotlight because i haven't reached a high enough level to unlock all the mastery points and currently I don't have enough IP to experiment with runes. What I am contributing here is my items and skill build, which so far has served me quite well despite the various enemy team setups.

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The absolute core of this build is the Trinity Force. It gives you an all rounder of everything, plus its a good chasing tool. You should choose to get EITHER Ghostblade OR Black Cleaver. Its there to give you attack speed so that you'll be hitting fast enough to proc the Force's slow quite often. Swift boots is there for maximum speed in chasing. I know that Mobility give you faster movement, but it only happens outside of combat, so Swift boots will give you lvl3 movespeed while you're chasing with your burnout on, as compared to Mobility boots. I find Shyvana to be quite squish, and she needs to be in the heart of the action to dish out damage. Sunfire cape serves this purpose quite nicely as it boosts your health just a bit more on top of Trinity Force. The main benefit of Sunfire Cape though, is its Area Of Effect (henceforth known as AoE) burn to nearby targets. It stacks with your Burnout well, and dishes out awesome pain to people you're chasing. Its an awesome taunt too when you kill people without attacking them, as they die off from the Burnout and Sunfire. Bilgewater Cutlass is there for the Hextech Gunblade late game. Why do I get it late game you might ask? Well because you'd be proccing your Trinity Force's slow quite often so its Active slow isn't that all important to get it so early. I get it mainly for the Lifesteal, which I don't really need all that much early game seeing as her hp regen is quite high. Regrowth pendant can be upgraded into either Warmog's or Force of Nature depending on your needs for the match.

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Skill Sequence

W->E->Q->E : chase em to death

Open with R 1st in group fights. You get double the armor and magic resist while you're in Dragon form. Also it modifies all your abilities to be AoE. So, positioning and point of entry with your ulti is pretty important. Check out the spotlight by Phreak to see what I'm talking about in action

Twin Bite

Twin Bite basically making her next basic attack strike twice. Note that it applies on-hit effects like the Trinity Force, so it might proc. I only get 1 point in this early game because the damage scaling isn't that all noticeable. See, her 2nd strike when you use the skill only does 80% of your normal attack damage at level 1. It scales up to 100 at level 5, but as i mentioned earlier, 20% reduction isn't felt that much seeing as we won't be going hard out ganking early game without a Trinity.


I max our Burnout 1st because of its immense use as a initiator/chaser/escape/farming capabilities. Be sure to use this while initiator/chaser/escape/farming. People fear the flame, and for good reason too. The damage may seem low, but if they stick around, they'll feel the pain. I find this skill amazing against a fleeing Tryndamere as most player will be running back home then BOOM! Undying rage activates giving him rage to heal. So guys, chase em down and burn em away. Burnout is also good for positioning Shyvana. You can use it to run ahead of a coupe of fleeing enemies then Ulti them backwards to your teammates.

Flame Breath

Flame Breath is good for just normal harassment of the enemy, and also getting those lasst hits on creeps. I usually alternate between maxing out Burnout or Flame Breath 1st after i get my ultimate depending on whether you need to farm more for Trinity, or you're getting harrassed and you can't farm with Burnout quite well. Flame Breath also burns away 15% of the enemy's armor, so remember to use it when engaging enemies; particularly before you use Twin Bite on them!

Dragon's Descent

Ahh, her ulti! It transorms you to a freakin dragon, how cool is that. Plus you get to yell ENTER THE DRAGON when you kill someone in that form lol! Anyways, you can activate this when you have full fury, which is pretty awesome seeing as you can speed up the cooldown by farming or neutral creeping. Also it recharges by itself albeit at a much slower rate. It does damage in a line modifies your basic abilities into better AoE version of your skills. Its passive give you armor and magic resist, and this double when you transform. Your dragon form lasts as long as you have fury. If you're in the heat of battle, it extends the form much longer seeing as you recharge 2 fury per basic attack landed. Aside from looking cool, I find that the dragon form itself is a visual deterrent for attackers chasing a fleeing teammate. Quickly pop open Burnout and you'll leave a fire trail that'll burn enemies who walk in there. 2 birds in one stone ain't it? You run faster and leave a flame trail. Flame Breath now fires in a cone, and Twin bite cleaves enemies in front of you in a similar fashion, so positioning is very important.