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Fizz Build Guide by Lokii

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lokii

Fizz- Swimmingly Jungler

Lokii Last updated on November 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Fizz is a very fun Champion to play! He can dodge many crowd control skills and retaliate with power strikes. His Skills can be used for both Initiating, AND escaping. Fizz is also a very versatile and universal Champion because you can build him AP, AD, DPS, Tank, etc.

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I choose Flat health Quints and Armor seals to secure my jungling route without any worries. Magic Penetration works well with the rest of your skills Can't hurt to have 8 extra magic penetration along with your 10 Magic pen from your mastery. Cooldown Glyphs will help, but i prefer magic resist/level. I tried

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9-21-0 is the way to go. Nothing beats a melee fighter then survivability! The movement speed is crucial in faster jungling and you can't go wrong with a little extra health, armor, CD, and my favorite... LESS DAMAGE!! with the masteries, you get a ***pin 4 damage reduction from minions/creatures, and another 6 with your passive! and note: your passive improves as you grow in level, meaning that at lev 18, you get even more damage blocked! minions doing 0 damage is common, dont think of it as a glitch =D

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BRUISER!!! I don't get why you would bring an initiater to a fight with 0 survivability... And also, Why do people go AP? Sure the skills scales pretty well with AP, but when its like that, your weakness is ALWAYS going to be CC. I like a build where i have no weakness.. My Armor, health, and Magic resist are perfect for surviving team fights. and when things get out of hand, i just Playful/Trickster out of it! I prefer wit's end over Malady because my Urchin Strike will also give a proc on Madred's Razor AND Wit's End Magic resist.

I grab Wit's End before Mercury Trends because not only that it gives magic resist, but it also gives me attack speed, which is important when jungling. Sure boots will give you the Tenacity, but you will risk jungling speed, which will give you more money for the later items.

Grabbing Warmong's is key, because this is the only item that will give you health. Without this, you'll still be squishy.

The reason why i don't use Rylai's is because the Elder Lizard will be the replacement AND it does constant damage. With your Seastone Trident, the damage will stack and you'll notice the difference instantly.

Edit:: I found out that I only have 5 out of 6 item slots filled. Feel free to customize your 6th item =]
-Rylai is decent, but not necessary
-Atma's Impailer is good becuase by the time you finish with your warmong's stacks, you'll have almost 3.5k health
-Banshies is good if they have annoying stunners like Sion, Veigar, Taric, Fiddles, Etc.
Usually my game ends even before i get blood razors xD only 1/~15 matches i managed to get Guardian angel because you'll win before that lol
-Trinity force is a waste of money to get to, not worth it
-Hextech may be good, Never tried it, but it costs a lot to get to, and you wont feel like you're doing alot with your money until you get Gunblade. once you get the revolver, you'll feel like 1200 is wasted on just 40 AP, and when you get the Cutlass, your 1850 shuld have been spent on upgrading into your blood razors.

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Skill Sequence

Maxing Seastone Trident first makes jungling Easier, and Urchin Strike second for the extra damage. Use your Playful/Trickster only in the middle of the team fight, over walls, or chasing. But When it comes to chasing, try and only use it on emergency cases, because once used, you're left vulnerable.

Try and activate your Seastone Trident in the middle of your dash when using Urchin Strike, that way you can maximize your time and damage of your Seastone Trident. Q click, W right away, then save your E when the real threat comes. If hes dead, then just use it for chasing. Never try and use your Playful/Trickster for the damage.

Always remember: Initiating with Playful/Trickster is RISKY, Its best to do it in the Middle of a team fight when being focused. Depend on your Urchin Strike to confuse enemies on what direction you're going.

Fizz's Ultimate has Awesome range. Absue it when chasing! even if you think you can't catch up even if you use it, USE IT! it slows the enemy when the fish attaches to them, giving you time to catch up, then the shark pops up the enemy, giving you even MORE time to chase! But keep in mind, if you click on the enemy and the enemy is running, the fish does move fast, but it's not instant. meaning that the fish you placed, will just hit the ground, not the person D=. Use it's maximum range as your advantage

But remember... Chasing isn't always good if there are 4 MIA, just saying lol

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Summoner Spells

Smite for jungling and Ghost, to escape or initiate after dodging enemy skills with Playful/Trickster. Flash works too, but if you could really use your skills at the right time, and when to use it, you wont need it. Besides, With the Bruiser Build, I don't think taking a couple of hits would matter =]

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Pros / Cons

-Fast Jungler
-High Defence and Magic Resist Makes good Survivability
-Fast Farm
-Can Carry easily

-Burst Isn't as high as AP, but Still Strong
-Golem/Lizard Dependent
-Low Cool Down
-Takes patience and time to master the Playful/Trickster Skill
-Ultimate may have lots of range, but sometimes hard to hit with minions in the way

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Creeping / Jungling

Wolves-->Golem-->Wraths-->Red-->Double Golem

Have someone help you with wolves, so that when it hits 1:55, you'll be finished with wolves and Golem would be easy =] Preferably Riven, Maokai, Morgana, etc, champions with good AOE and auto attacks, that will help you with the wolves at start.
If golems reset, it's ok, Fizz is so strong and have such good survivability, that you'll still manage to kill it! Just take care in double golems, they might be difficult, but still possible. After that, you should B back and get your boots and some more pots. Earn enough for Madrad's Razors. from there, jungling should be a peice of cake.

Try not to last hit the jungle too much, attacking one at a time is key, make use the Seastone Trident's Passive. and always remember::: SMITE GOLEM FIRST!! it will give your Seastone Trident more damage on the passive (4/5/6/7/8% of the target's missing health as magic damage)

Abuse your Activation of Seastone Trident =] It's CD is short, it's damage is high, and it takes little mp =]

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Overall, Fizz is a very great junlger, as well as top lane. But i may prefer to jungle. It may be difficult to master, but once done, all of your games will not only be successful, but very fun at the same time!
I hope everybody enjoyed this guide, It's my first but definitely not my last ^^

Please Comment On what i have to improve and Changes i could make