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Garen Build Guide by Drakneel

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Drakneel

Garen Almighty

Drakneel Last updated on November 17, 2011
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i take flat armor and magic resist (seals and glyphs) to be the owner of the lane and to attack without being bullied for none

and armor penetration (marks and quintessences) in order to do so much damage that even a tank its going to be afraid of you

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i go 15/14/1 to be offensive and defensive at the same time..

this is an excellent complement to the runes post before

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i begin with Doran's Blade beacuse i have a lot of armor penetration and we need the most AD possible to deal more damage

try to stay as much as you can in your lane to go back to your nexus and buy the brutalizer and at least boots of speed. Then upgrade your boots to boots of swiftness.

the next item should be giant's belt. if the other team has more AP than AD you can skip the chain vest in order of negatron cloak. If not grab the chain vest to complete your sunfire cape and farm even easily with this and your E.

The fifth item is force of nature to complete your defense agains AP and with the previous sunfire cape you should have 150 armor and magic resist which its a good point to stay.

At this point you could have sold your doran's blade or not but you can buy what you need depending of how things are in that moment.

if you need more health as a tank buy a warmog's armor.
if you want more AD and Armor grab an atma's impaler.
if only need armor buy a thornmail.
etc etc etc.

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Skill Sequence

First i take my E skill so i do a lot of damage with this and the exhaust spell. Then i take my Q skill and with those 2 i can kill anyone in lane.

Try to take a partner lane which have stun, slow, taunt or can do a lot of damage so you can get first blood easily

The order should be R, E, Q and W to ensurance a lot of damage and kills to your cause and team

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Summoner Spells

i grab exhaust and ghost to chase and to dont let escape anyone from my attacks

both summoner's spells are offensive and defensive so this is what we need

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This is the best way to build a garen that i have tried a lot of times but any suggestion its well received