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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Conquezt

Gingerbread Shaco

Conquezt Last updated on August 26, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Can't catch me. I'm the gingerbread man.

This build is not best for getting massive kills. It's made for destroying turrets and pushing lanes. I find myself mostly a solo champion. Groups simply slow me down. My team chases down the enemies and defends our base, while I lure opponents all over the map, having them try to catch up with me, before i take down their turret.

Items used of course are optional, depending on what you've got working for you, however because I'm using a full rune page just for shaco, I find a little damage will go a long way with all the crits and additional damage dealt by them. Also depending on how the game is progressing you will learn to adapt your build for what's needed.

First thing I grab is always a dagger. Good for picking off last hits and it goes towards berserk greaves. Also grab a health potion; their always handy for a small fix. After I finish doing that I run quickly and grab the golem. At lower levels you eat through mana and it helps you to harass a little stronger and maybe even grab fb as well. It gives you level 2 putting you that much further ahead of the competition. Shaco like almost any champion needs a jump start to shine. Your job is to play aggressive but defensive. Out last the competition and get ahead. Ether in levels, your items, or both.

I stay in that lane as long as possible. When I get forced into a recall the amount of money will determine the item I buy. Ideally it's a pickaxe, if I'm lucky, also some boots of speed; if not lucky just boots of speed. I find the pickaxe is always my first choice here because the early damage on a character that I consider already to be one of the best low level champions works to my own advantage. That kick start is what I'm after.

Once I've bought the pickaxe and completed my boots of speed. I ether buy a zeal if I have the money or a vamp sceptre as my second choice. Which ever you build first, build the ladder next. At this point, I may switch lanes if I'm up against some nasty opponents not allowing me easy kills, or just not allowing me to farm. Ideally I still like to stay in my lane and farm if the game allows it.

The next step I generally take is turning that zeal into a phantom dancer. Your attacking at a decent rate, farming effectively, and now you gotten the first jump in your run. I find running speed is something that shaco receives allot of advantages from. I love the crits, I love the dodge, but I love to move. After completing my first phantom dance I start running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Push, change lanes, push, change lanes, push change lanes... etc...

Depending on how I feel the items will benefit me, I ether buy a frozen mallet, another phantom dancer, or turn that singular pickaxe into an infinity edge. If the next item I build is not the frozen mallet, which it often isn't, I always at least buy a Giants belt. I find by mid/late game if shaco is cornered or stunned by anyone decent he will die in 4-5 seconds, so with my own playing style, I always get more life. I'm not into the glass cannon builds, although he is one of the best for it. I much prefer to be able to survive, run to another lane, leech back my life, and push. Now ideally after getting to the point of owning a Giants Belt, I want my second phantom dancer. I love the increased mobility. Easily out running 9/10 enemies and because I don't go heavy damage typically, The crits are almost a must.

Now If I've gone with the giants belt and the second phantom dancer I'm committed to avoiding most fights. Bad thing? Depends what you want. Kills or a Win? It's not to say that you cant fight. You're dealing semi decent damage, hit quickly, dodge often, and have your clone as the ace in the hole.

Next if the game is still going, which it wont be if you've been doing your job, I like to finish the frozen mallet and finally, the infinity edge. Really the only time I build an infinity edge early on is when I have an opposing shaco. You're kind of forced into more combat when facing yourself, simply because your tactics can be mimicked. It's never safe for you to be pushing lanes while another shaco is hunting you.

That about sums up, why I ideally choose what I choose, and some tactics I use. As you can see I don't really rely on a heavy swing rather a fleet of foot approach.

Getting kills is fun but the goal is to win. I use early kills to feed the fire but late game I try to avoid fighting unless I find a straggler or an easy opportunity arises. I can get more then enough gold farming lanes. Most games I can easily have 15 kills or more, but my average is probably around 8-10. What I do contribute however is the ability to push and distract. My team generally does all the head to head fighting, while I do what shaco appears made to do, decimate their base.

Deceive is the ultimate escape technique but does you no good once you've used it to enter a fight. Clone + boxes make you a turret seeking missile from the start to finish. The mobility from the above items makes you typically the fastest moving champ on the map. Attack speed makes you tare down turrets that much quicker. Frozen mallet allows you, with the added life helping both you and your clone, and a box, tare down a turret.


Try not to deceive into a group fight if you can. A guarantied critical is not worth loosing your ability to flee, especially when your already hitting crits more often then not.

Always lay down a box or two in the most obvious places your opponents will flank from.
When retreating if your clone is summoned, send it in the opposite direction you're going.

The only thing boxes are good for is a single short distraction from a turret, keeping a radius, and a split second immobilization technique.

Sending your clone into a fight first, followed by yourself, is good way to overwhelm an opponent, forcing them to run and turn their back to you. Combined with your speed, shiv, exhaust, and any golem buffs you've got, they should never get away.
Anticipate your opponents movements and keep alert.

Almost anyone can pick up shaco and have a positive kill/death ratio. Killing opponents is the easy thing to do with shaco. What is difficult is controlling the actions of the opposing team. Shaco is the master of control and deception. Treat him well and he will provide for your team.