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Shaco Build Guide by Ryujjin

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ryujjin

Heavy Ganging Shaco. The AD Way.

Ryujjin Last updated on March 1, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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My choice on spells.

I useand , for chasing , fighting back , and burst .
The only other choice is if you're unfamiliar with shaco's escaping capabilities. The rest of the spells are not suggested. , at least for my playstyle and build.
If you are jungling however , you can switch either exhaust or ignite for smite. id suggest you keep exhaust however , the ways you can use it are endless.

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This is a short guide to Ganging AD shaco. Mainly just the basics , a few dirty tricks that shaco can pull off , and the way i like to build him on the way to ownage.
Shaco is a tricky little bastard , that has enormous burst capabilities , and high late game potential.
I included jungle shaco as well as lane shaco builds, depending on what you feel like or what your team needs.

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Shaco's Spells.

Shaco's Passive is backstab. it boosts his damage by 20% both on autoattacks and spells.
Not much to say here , always try to hit your target from behind.

Shacos Q is Deceive. Shaco blinks to the selected point and stealths for a few seconds. It gives him a guaranteed critical for 40/60/80/100/120% damage. this is further amplified if you hit your target from behind. Be carefull while using this spell. It leaves a purple cloud animation when used , so people know when u Deceived. You can blink over almost all the walls in the game. Try to use it when fogged or generally out of sight , so people wont see the animation and wont expect you.

Shaco's W is Jack in the box. it places an immobile , stealthed box on a spot that lasts 60 seconds , and when activated , it fears its target for 0.5 seconds and attacks it (if inside its range) for 5 seconds before it dies. Stacking these while playing as AP shaco is instadeath to squishies , but it deals quite a nice amount of damage when AD as well. But as ad , waiting in a bush stacking these just eats away your time , time that should be inveted to Q'ing over walls and ganging unsuspected victims. More on this spell further on.

Shaco's E is Two Shiv Poison. Shaco throws a slowing dagger at a target , which deals a decent amount of damage when playing as ad , and slowing the target for a nice amount.
Be carefull when using this , cause when its used , its passive effect (a low-percent slow) will be disabled untill its off cd. its other passive side-effect leaves a debuff that adds a decent percentage of miss chance to the target , but only works on minions. good when fighting golems.

Shaco's Ultimate is Hallucinate.
It creates an exact copy of shaco , which deals 75% of Shaco's damage and receives 150% increased damage. 75% is a great amount , especially late game when you're fed and you're dishing out great dps. if its behind your target , its damage is amplified by 20% , which makes it hit almost as hard as you from the front , so never underestimate it.

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Early Game

Start by picking the items of your choice (depending on where you're going) , and head to blue buff golem.
stack as many boxes as you can behind it (before it spawns) , and wait for it to spawn.
Focus it with both shaco and his boxes till its dead , drop another box if its off cd , and finish the small minions.
Now you got blue and you're level 2.
Skill your Q , and head back to your lane (usually top)
If you are jungling , you can kill wolfs and wraiths first , it shouldnt be hard due to boxes.
As soon as your smite is off cd, head to red buff , stack 2 boxes in the bush and pull it there. burst it , then smite it.
If there's a solo enemy nearby the tower top , Q thru the wall and backstab him. put a box in his escape rute , and start hitting him while he propably runs. if he can take you , start retreating , and pull of exhaust so you wont die. If you can take him , exhaust him/ignite him , and chase the ****er. If you're lucky and your partner top has a disable , you propably scored first blood! Gratz!
Same rules apply to all lanes. Gang whatever lane you can safely gang , the one that overextends , the one that has low hp or no escape mechanisms... you know the drill.
If you took the jungling route , you can counterjungle very effectivelly. easiest way to counterjungle is to put a ward near their blue , and typically try to take it around 7 minutes into the game.
Wraits is an easy pray , go there , throw a shiv , smite it , and leave. 3 small wraiths give 15gold and barely any exp , so you practically ****ed with their jungler with no threat at all.

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Mid Game.

By this point you should have Cutlass and boots. and thats all you need to properly gang.
Head off to the lane you can easily score a kill (the pushed lane , the lane with the squishies , the lane with the two low-hp guys...) and check their spells. if they got flash / exhaust and are nearby their tower , its your call if you think you can take them. remember that at level 9 , with Q from behind , cutlass , ignite , Shiv and a few auto attacks , shaco can pull off more than 1k damage in less than 2 seconds.
Focus on ganging when there's an available gang target , and farm in between.
Grabbing blue / red and possibly dragon are all possible.

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Late game.

By this point , your enemies will be pissed off and they propably got Oracles. this is the point where you set boxes on your escape routes , and pick your battles carefully. if the enemy team can focus and burst you down quickly , wait till they throw their disables somewhere else.
Q in , dispose with your burst the squishiest target , and move on to the next one , using exhaust to the most dangerous target.

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Dirty tricks.

Shaco is a master escapist , and the times i've fooled people to my escape or their death are countless.
Basic tricks include the smart use of ulti , boxes , and his Q , as well as knowing when you should keep on fighting or run.
Boxes :
Remember to set up boxes on every cd , in positions that benefit your escape , or block your enemies escape. this is a no brainer , all it takes is some insight.
His Q :
Never Q in the same direction you're running. always Seek out tricky ways out , fogged areas , over walls , and on the exact opposite way your chasers are going.
Also , due to the high damage output with Q , if your chaser isnt that tanky or has bellow half health , you can try and Q behind him and burst him , if your cutlass / hextech is off cd and you got enough mana to pull off your entire skillset. Remember that his passive works on everything , and not only on his basic attacks.
His ulti :
His ulti is highly underestimated. Not only it puts out enormous dps if left unckecked , especially late game , but it has great escape potential. If your enemy doesnt have an oracles , its easy to fool them by auto - attacking with your champ after using ulti , and holding down the Alt key to move the clone. Start running away with the clone , and most of the time people will start chasing it , thinking its the real you. meanwhile , you're dishing out great amounts of damage from the back of your target , while waiting for your chance to run away with Q or actually kill the target.
Another use of your ulti is to dodge spells like ashes arrow or karthus ulti , if used with proper timing.

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Last words.

These are the basics of a good AD shaco. it doesnt take an enormous amount of skill , just a little insight and trickyness. Always remember that you love targets that run away , their back is your pleasure. And as WW says , "Its only fun if they run!" (This should SO be shacos line , nobody runs from ww , they run from shaco ! )

- Go Forth and kick ***!