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Vayne Build Guide by Magwerste

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Magwerste

Hitting me is like boxing with shadows - Vayne Guide - MWS

Magwerste Last updated on October 31, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Intro about myself ;)

My IGN is: Magwerste on EU&NE
Hi i'm a 1850~ Elo player im currently working my way up the ladder.
I started Adc when my friends and I started a ranked team and i thought it fit me very well since I thought I had a good mechanical level, I love Vayne she is my favourite since her kit is perfect for kiting and making plays and so on :).
I believe I can reach higher than 1850~ Elo at one point.

Just to say I am NOT experienced at all with making guides ;) I've tried the best I could do, with the coding and picture thingies :D The guide is still in progress so bare with me.

I would love if you guys gave constructive feedback, rep and votes. Hope you enjoy. :D

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Summoner Spells

Since Vayne doesn't have natural escape abilities, I'd say Flash is a must! I just can't describe how useful this spell is. It will help you escape awkward situations, chase enemies and position yourself in team fights. Ghost can be a good alternative, it can also be used to chase or escape from enemies. But I prefer Flash.

My usual choice since Season 3. It provides nice protection from any damage dealt to you and it can be used to bait your enemies to attack you under turret when you are low health. I choose Barrier over Heal just because Heal is easily countered by healing reduction ( Ignite, Impure Shots, etc.)

When you are playing against champions with hard CC ( Amumu, Leona, Ashe, Sona, etc.) Cleanse is maybe the best choice to consider. Alternatively, you can take Mercurial Scimitar to free space for another summoner's spell.

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9x Greater Mark of Attack Damage

9x Greater Seal of Armor

9x Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

1x Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

2x Greater Quintessence of Life Steal


There are no other options for Marks other than Greater Mark of Attack Damage. These will help you do more damage on your auto attacks, as more damage on your tumble and your condemn abilities. Not only that, it'll also help you last hit easier! :3


As an AD carry that's most likely going bottom lane against another AD carry, you'll definitely need some armor to duel/trade against the enemy bot lane. Without these, you'll be taking massive damage whenever you try to trade, and you will end up getting bullied out of lane. Take Greater Seal of Armor!


Personally, I like running Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist. But in some match-ups you might have to go Greater Glyph of Magic Resist instead for example Corki, whom does massive amouts of ap dmg. Also there is another downside to having Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist and that is, that some supports have a high burst of ap.


1x Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage, 2x Greater Quintessence of Life Steal. This is mainly because I want to get +11 AD from runes in combination with marks, so that you can last hit under tower without your support's help. And Greater Quintessence of Life Steal are just extremely strong because it will help you sustain yourself in lane for as long as you need to, and it also scales extremely well with the AD items you will be buying. For a duelist champion like Vayne, having a lot of lifesteal is extremely strong!

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Pros / Cons


+ One of the best duelist in the game
+ One of the hardest AD carries in the game
+ Constant repositioning with Tumble
+ Has a hard CC ability (knockback/stun) with Condemn
+ Final Hour gives free bonus AD / MS / stealth with Tumble
+ Good chaser
+ Can avoid skill-shots easily
+ Great against high-health champions
+ True damage with Silver Bolts
+ Unstoppable late game carry


- Weak against close range casters (such as Ryze)
- Has a tricky laning phase
- Extremely hard to play perfectly and hard to master
- Relatively short range
- Squishy
- Completely disabled by CC
- Unreliable stun
- Always focused in team fights

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Offensive Items

- By far the most popular build to go on Vayne right now. This is because this item gives... well, everything! Vayne scales extremely well with attack speed because she deals true damage every 3 auto attacks. Not only that - but this item also gives a pinch of AD, and a passive that deals current HP % damage on every attack - which makes this an excellent mid game item. But that's not all.. you also get the active, that makes you a GOD at dueling 1v1 situations, which means your target should not be able to run away from you with the active. And of course, you can use it as an escape tool as well. This item gives you a LOT of options!

- People forget how good The Bloodthirster was on vayne. This item gives 100 AD (at full stacks), as well as 18% lifesteal - which makes it the absolute best item for dueling and sustaining. You will also need to change your skill order to maxing Tumble first because AD scaling on your tumble is really good. I go BT first occasionally when I feel like I don't need the active from botrk.


- This is honestly personal preference. Statikk Shiv will provide you with extra wave clearing capabilities, where as Phantom Dancer will give you a higher single target DPS. It's also worth mentioning that Statikk Shiv is slightly cheaper, and sometimes if I only have money for a Statikk Shiv then I'll just get the Statikk Shiv so I can finish off the rest of my items a little bit

- This will round out your build. This item gives you AD and crit, Not only that, but your crits will deal additional damage. Along with the Phantom Dancer/ Statikk Shiv that you already have, this item will give you a HUGE boost in damage output. I don't like rushing this item however, because Vayne needs to get the Phantom Dancer/ Statikk Shiv ASAP to proc your silver bolts faster - and going Infinity Edge + vamp scepter is a LOT more expensive than just going for a The Bloodthirster or a Blade of the Ruined King.

- Although Vayne already has her own way of dealing with tanks and tanky characters, you still need armor penetration. Last Whisper is an awesome item for that purpose, because it gives you 40 bonus AD and 35% armor penetration. Combined with the masteries it gives you total of 43% armor penetration. For example, if target has 150 armor you will ignore 64,5, which makes a big difference to your damage output.

- For the people who whined about no BC - If your enemies don't stack a lot of armor and it is below 100, you can replace Last Whisper with The Black Cleaver. Your attacks will actually reduce targets armor so your whole team will deal more damage to them. Besides AD and armor penetration this item will give you more health and cooldown reduction, so you will use abilities more often, and probably be able to kite more.

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Defensive Items

- Against a heavy CC enemy team, you definitely want a Quicksilver Sash / Mercurial Scimitar to help you free yourself from all the cc. Of course, this should be an automatic buy against supress champions, as well as champions that you can QSS out of (ex. Fizz ult, Morgana ult, Vladimir ult, Zed ult). It's also the only defensive item that also gives you a ton of AD when you upgrade it to a scimitar.

- If you're going against a lot of unavoidable damage/cc such as Karthus ult / Nautilus ult , or against heavy catch/poke such as Blitzcrank/ Thresh then I recommend going Banshee's Veil. This item is pretty neat with the spell shield, and you should be nearly impossible to catch.

- This is a rare buy, but if I feel like all I need to do is kite the enemy team for the victory, then I do go this path. A great example is a Singed - with a Frozen Mallet, Singed should never be able to get to you.

- I take this against an extremely heavy AD assassin/bruiser enemy team - for example, if I'm against Pantheon/ Zed/ Irelia on the same team and they're all obviously going to zerg you, then take this! It's extremely strong against them, the active is pretty nice to have as a self peel.

- This is great item to consider in most situations. It will provide you nice protection against balanced team, giving you both armor and magic resistance. Also, if you have a problem with staying alive during team fights, it will save your life, literally. Upon dying it will revive you with percent of your maximum health, and, trust me, this can turn tides in team fights and possibly bring you to victory.

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Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

  • Most of you might know Q Tumble is an auto-attack reset.
  • If you shoot twice on the target with Silver Bolts your Condemn procs the last proc.
  • You will most likely lose the trade if you dont get the last Silver Bolts proc off.
  • If you Tumble straight into a wall i resets straight away.
  • Most often you will see is 2x auto-attack and then Tumble or auto-attack Tumble auto-attack.
  • Probably the hardest and most difficult trade is auto-attack, Condemn and then while they fly back auto-attack right after, so you get the last Silver Bolts proc off.

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Lane Match-ups

I'll explain some of the counters for Vayne and why.

Counters for Vayne

I'd say that it depends on which support you or they have so it changes the final outcome.
Keep in mind that Vayne outscales all these AD carries :)

Vayne counters who?

I'll explain which champions that Vayne counters and why

Basically its all the champions with skillshots like f.e Ezreal, Lucian or Jinx. Its not all ways you can dodge them, but if you do they cant do much. So you have to be quick, otherwise you might lose lane because of that. But eventually you will outscale them, especially if you farm well.