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Irelia Build Guide by keithjs2012

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League of Legends Build Guide Author keithjs2012

Irelia jungle - I'm not crazy

keithjs2012 Last updated on June 5, 2013
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My summoner name is keithjs2012. I am always interested in new and exciting builds and roles that champions can fall into, even if they do not necessarily "fit the meta". I'm here to say, screw the meta" in short. In this guide I will discuss and elaborate on the play style of Jungle Irelia as well as how she proceeds to be one of the most unconventional, but most successful, junglers I have ever played.

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Any jungle should take smite , you're stupid if you don't. Unless your Cho'gath with his 1000 true damage ultimate on minions and monsters (still should have it early for Cho because you don't have it till level 6 but it is what it is). Flash is a general summoner spell, very common, very useful, must have.

Another combo you can go is smite and ghost . The reason why I say ghost is because you have a form of a flash with your Q, but you need to be smart with it if you go this route. you can dash into a minion and kill it and stun the champion, put out some damage and dive him/her if necessary. But getting out is the trick. Try to jump either onto an incoming minions or a minion that is in lane to get out of tower range. Again this spell combo is for higher skill cap players who know how to keep Irelia's Q on cool down ALL THE TIME!

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Quints: Attack Speed
The reason I go attack speed quints is to dish out the true damage from my w and heal myself in return.

You can also go Attack Damage Quints and still get away with it. But you have to buy more attack speed in items if you go this route.

Marks: Attack Damage
The reason I go attack damage is so i can deal out as much damage as possible, makes sense right?

Seal: Armor
The reason I go armor is for the sustain in the jungle early and team fights later. Irelia is an off-tank she engages then does damage while she takes damage, she needs the armor.

Glyph: Mana Regen / 5 sec. per level.
Probably the most random rune for jungle Irelia but probably also the most useful mid game. When you hand off your blue buff to your AP carry, you'll need the regen. Trust me.

You CAN get MR blues though... if you need to go tankier... IF! its good for ganks on middle lane... but again HIGHER SKILL CAP.

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With jungle Irelia, you can carry a team, hold the front lines, and provide support for your carries in dire situations.