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Irelia Build Guide by IEmi

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author IEmi

Irelia - No more cry for be OP !

IEmi Last updated on May 6, 2012
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Irelia Build

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Okay, im bored, and i havent time for play a game so i wanna know how im going with my builds, if i can improve, i play some rankeds and build totally different to normal games, is full tanks carrys that strike more than me with full build, is insane, so, i will do guides for people that want to play normal games, because isnt so good for play rankeds, is bored see how u are raped and ur team call u noob all time lol, skiping that, im EmyLoL in game u can see my historial, im not so bad like appears, im not an IRELIA, i use lot of champions, i play for fun not for win, lol, noob frase..

I will use the normal vocubulary, im not yankee, english, so **** with my grammar, try to read or read other guide, but traductors ? no, its for ramdoms

it is a hard to masterise champion but fun to learn, and, its a game, u take 5 games if u are slow of mind for start to undertans how the champ works

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Now that u was looking for : Requeriments

Lets see, NO VIDEOS, no falses match going 26/1, 30/5, i will tell u a real good build irelia, i will let the runes for yourself, its some personal thing, build runes about ur bad points, if u are squishy put life, if u need damage, put damage, u have to thibk, i cant give u all. first, if u wont read a good part of the build, get out of here, if u dont like irelia, get out of here, if u dont have irelia bought, PRESS ALT+F4.

Irelia WAS an op champion, she regenerates a lot of life, with an insane dps ( damage per second ) and that wansnt the better part, she got TRUE DAMAGE, YES, 100 irreducible damage per hit, so, with his life, dmg, sustain, regen, what more u want ? endless rage ?

Now irelia regen less life with her ( the move that u can move ur blades with the mind O.O )
so no more cry for be op, now is just a good life, a good burst damage and insane sustain with her NERFED regen

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Whats irelia, carry ?

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. i hate people that feed with irelia and buy phantom-infinity-bloodthirster-wringle lantern.

U are a Fighter ( like riot classificate u ), a tank off, u havent skills of tank, like rammus alistar, shen, they got, knocks air, taunt, shields, buff resist. U have a jump ( Q ) damage ( W ), slow/stun ( E ), regen ( W again ), and ur ult, a rare combination skill, for farm, drive towers, get ***sist, but i prefer to do a special chapter for this.

Ur job is end champions that try to scape from the fight, and def yours carrys from the other team.

U are 60% defense 40% attack.

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Pros and cons

- Burst damage ( damage in low time with a " cooldown, if u want call )
- Perfect for solo
- Sustain
- Anti-ALL guy
- Never squishy ( depends of u )
- Best CC resister

- Need to take sheen for start do damage
- Need to buy Giant belt for start to sustain well
- Not scape method, but stuns and CC wont affect u.
- If is underleved / not items / bad used. She fails, alot

Irelia isnt like warick, all tanks, u have to help ur team with corrects skills in goods moments.learn to use ur E in right moment of fights, use ur Q for scape not only for enter in battle.

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In all guides u see u can watch a large description of this skills, that, all kno hat its do, so i will skip the stupid description and told the necesary
-> Enter / Out Battle - End enemies - Farm

-> Damage/ Sustain line

-> Slow / Stun - Semi scape method. not the best

-> FARM, with m guide this is for farm and touch enemies under towers, first damage them and after END THEM, have a fkin low cooldown, and isnt definitive for win a battle, u can use when u want.

The discussion in builds is , wich skill maximize first ? what u want, all are good, less E, let it for second or ult for maximize. I prefer W first, sustain, a good true damage that is truely usefull in early-mid game, second Q, less cooldown for battles, and more damage, ur shen will do disasters whit that, and the unique good of maximize E is the time for stun slow, but is sacrifice 4 points in a slow stun of 1 second more, it wont change who wins, instead the W, or Q, yessss

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Early game

We put play, wait for players, pick irelia, and lock, put ur masteries right because irelia must have the right masteries, the 21th defense masterie, i dont know the name dont joke me, 3% more health, its like :
We wait for the woods machine guys load and when we start we buy quickly a , and 3 red potions, u got life, movement in lv 1, an "OK" damage, perfect tank off in lv 1.

U pick and prepare for fear ur enemies with a jump and basic attacks, in lv 1, will be hard win a 2v2 because u havent dps, like xin xao, yi, or more carries, u only help, but dont think about u are chuck norris.

In ur first back, u have to used ur 3 potions gain lv 6, and tried to kill 1 almost, and gain 1260 gold for our shen, the item that will give us our burst damage, with this we can strike heavy touchs that will hurt the enemy for tons, only u have to Q --> basic --> E --> W --> Basic ---> Run, if u dont play aggresive, they will take u like "lol, shes noob, lets drive her " and u will feed a posible pro that will eat u in late game if u havent a better pro fat.

If u have a bad parter or good enemies, just pay def, and dont let push your torret, irelia is a good defender, so approach that.

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Mid game

Its start in lv 6 - 7 and ends aproximedly ( in my opinion ) in lv 15 when all start to go together and got 3-4 items, almost 1 complete, here ( mid game ) is important let the kills for the carry or assasin, u can farm, not like other full tanks or tank off like mundo that is hard to farm vs rangeds.

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Late game

Is normal that u team thinks about u can tank, and not, if the enemy is good, u cant start a team fights, if u are feed, less, because they want to focus u so it will se like :
Let the job of start for the tanks, u have to enter in the AoE attacks and take some of damage, for use ur E on the other fighters, its the irelia job, joke the other fighters. let the carries for assasins, other carries, stealths, ur job is def YOURS carry. focus on that, u have the best resist to CC so go, dont be afraid of die, u can scape if ur team is not being raped.

Try to help push, if someone is going solo, u must go for save his ***, is normal, in normal games, the people isnt pro and they go push solo, get ganked, and after says that dont feed.

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Why to take irelia ?

Irelia is a tank off, pick when u see ur team needs life, but got a tank, dont pick it if somebody picks other tank off or 2 tanks.

If u wanna kill other players, pick assasin
If u wanna tro torrets, pick carry
If u want resist and joke other team, pick Tank

U want all at same time in minimun parts, take TANK OFF (Y)