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League of Legends Build Guide Author Faww

Jax - The 3vs3 King

Faww Last updated on May 2, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 21

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 9

Expanded Mind
Blink of an Eye
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Presence of the Master

Utility: 0

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At the beggining I want to sorry for my awfull english, I'm polish so I don't speak english very well.

Jax, in my opinion is THE BEST champion in 3vs3 games.. He dominate in early, mid game and with good farm he can kill ANY champion so easy.

This build is concetrated to do insane dmg in all time in game.

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Pros / Cons


    Great assassin
    One of STRONGEST(if no the strongest one) champions in early game
    In 3vs3 with good farm can win game like 1vs3
    Good damage through whole game


    First targatable in early/mid game
    Sometimes too squishy
    Fast banshee veil is soft counter to him

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Runes which I take are:

9 Seals of Evasion - more dodge, it's great for jax!
9 Marks of Potency - more AP, why not?
9 Glyphs of Potency - more, and more Ap!!!
3 Quintessence of Evasion - dodge more ,dodge more, dodge more...

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I ussualy go 21/9/0.
Offence tree gives me way better dps - it's easy.
Why defence no utility? Jax has rly nice dodge percentage with runes, skills etc. so 4 point in evansion and 1 point in Nimbleness are GREAT for him... additional 3 armor/1 MR are good for him too

Also you can go 9/21/0 but in 3vs3 i go more offensive so i go 21/9/0...

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My item sequence is not so orginal but... it works!
Most jax's build starts from Doran's Ring -> Ninja Tabi -> Guinsoo's Rageblade.. It's rly good choice becouse it works great with his skills.
After i ussualy make Sheen and Hextech Revolver (ussualy Hextech Revolver first but not always), next i make Hextech Gunblade, and then its the end of core. Of corse player should complete Lich Bane but it's not best priority. We have to choose 2 additional, situational items now. I prefer to make Rylai's Crystal Scepter and Frozen Mallet after core - both gives rly good passive, and Mallet make you harder to kill..
Other chooses are:
-Rabadon's Deathcap(if you want nice AP boost)
-Trinity Force(if you want more dmg from auto-atack's)
-Sunfire Cape(if you need better survilablity)
-Phantom Dancer(i don't like it on Jax but i saw many players use it, you can try too)

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Summoner Spells

Good for jax:

- great skill for 3vs3. Easier 1vs1, catching enemies, better running out of battle, IT RLZ!

- Good for early kills, help in fights also, it's great counter to Dr. Mundo which is the most OP champion in 3vs3 ;)

- Should i say something? great for catching enemies and run out of battle, great spell.

Can be picked too:

- Helps to jump in/out of battle,initiate fights, catching enemies, jumping through the walls, good spell.

- If you want more survilablity, staying in lane longer etc. pick it.

- Not bad spell. with high dodge percentage, leap strike it makes your champion rly hard to gank.

Don't pick theese:

- You don't need it. If want better map control, buy some wards..

- Just not needed...

- Twisted Treeline is rl'y small map, not needed.

- Are you the jungler? No. Not needed.

- No, just not needed

- At all it's not so bad skill in 3vs3, anyway it's not needed(another spells helps more than this)

- If you die too much, pick heal or something which helps to survive, never pick revive, it sucks so hard...

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Game phases

First blood:
It's begging of most 3v3 games, everyone go bot and try to gank someone...
Early game (1-6lvl)
Stay at lane, try to harras using W and Q then, if opponent is at low hp try to W->Q, exhaust and ignite then to kill(spam stun if possible), main priority is last hiting minions and harras as much as can.
Mid game(7-14lvl)
Gank as much as you can, in this time there are always many team battles, if you gain many kills-you get better items-easier late game. If you'r team is dominating you can try to end game, if opponents are dominating try to farm and defence.
Late game(15-18lvl)
If you killed many opponent you should have enough good items to rape enemies, it's ussualy time to choose situational items, again you are dominating, make more dmg items, you die too much make some defence items. Many players go ONLY dmg, and die so much before they deal any dmg. Rember: better is do less dmg than nothing.

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It's the end of this boring guide.
Read guide & try it before voting please.
Say in comments what should I change.