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Jax Build Guide by Ante421

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ante421

Jax - The Damaging Survivor

Ante421 Last updated on August 21, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 9

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Skill Sequence - skills under focus.

Skill Sequence - skills under focus

First part of this chapter will explain spells and the second part will explain lvling order.


Relentless Assault is Jax passive. With every autoattack you land, your attack speed gets increased by % value. This value increases every 3 lvls and stacks 6 TIMES. Bonus with lvls are these:
1-3 : 4% attack speed bonus (total bonus is 24%)
4-6 : 6% attack speed bonus (total bonus is 36%)
7-9 : 8% attack speed bonus (total bonus is 48%)
10-12 : 10% attack speed bonus (total bonus is 60%)
13-15 : 12% attack speed bonus (total bonus is 72%)
16-18 : 14% attack speed bonus (total bonus is 84%, that is 1,5x attack speed bonus from Phantom Dancer)

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--Leap Strike--

Leap Strike is Jax Q. It is your close gap spell. Use this spell to catch enemies or to run from them. Awesome part of this spell is, that it can target even friendly units! That means little Shacos, Teemo mushrooms, wards, minions, champions. Use this spell for faster movement over battlefield. You can jump even over wall with this spell.

Things to remember:
+ Close gap
+ Can target friendly units (except traps)

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Empower is Jax W. When you press your W button you have few seconds to use it. Basicly it charges your lamppost with energy, that is released with following autoattack. It RESETs your autoattack timer, so you can make combo like this: AA - W - AA. This will land two autoattacks (one empowered) in very short time. Additional, if you have Sheen the damage dealt will be devastating.

Things to remember:
+ Resets autoattack timer
+ Procs Sheen

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--Counter Strike--

Counter Strike is Jax E. It is the spell that makes Jax what he is. This spell needs practice when to use it. If you press your E button, you will DODGE ALL INCOMING AUTOATTACKs and reduce AoE spell damage for 25%. The dodging part takes exactly 2 seconds, then you deal some damage and STUN every enemy around for 1 second. After 1 seconds of dodging you can press E again to end dodging and stun instantly, but you lose that AoE damage reduction. Important parts of this spell are DODGE and STUN, not damage.

Things to remember:
+ Dodge autoattacks for 2 seconds
+ Stun for 1 second after dodging
+ 25% AoE damage reduction
+ Can be ended after 1 second
+ Dodges Fiora ultimate!
+ Dodges Warwick ultimate (if you manage to press E before he jumps on you)

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Grandmaster's Might is Jax R - ultimate. It has passive and active part.


Every third following autoattack deals bonus magic damage. It makes PFTHH sound. If this effect is ready to use you will see small icon above your HUD (fist with eye). You HAVE TO land this attack pretty soon (cca 2 seconds) after previous autoattack or it is lost! If you manage to land AA + Empower + Sheen damage proc + PFTHH, you deal ridiculous amount of damage.

Things to remember:
+ Bonus magic damage every three autoattacks
+ Needs to be charged


This active part of ultimate is survivability stuff. So if you activate it, you receive bonus armor and MR. The received value is base value (25/35/45) plus % of your current bonus AD and total AP! The bonus lasts 8 seconds.

What does that actualy mean? It is actualy much better than it looks like, because if you are facing heavy AD team you build AD items and get more bonus armor from ulti. Similar if you are facing heavy AP team, you build AP items and get more MR bonus from ulti. Looks pretty well.

One last note: If you read previous paragrapf once again and then remember the stuff I was talking about Hybrid Jax, you will realize one awesome thing. As Hybrid you are hard to counter, BUT you can pretty easily counter AD and even AP champ, just by buying AD/AP items.

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--Items Continue--

Some items in this chapter are pretty straight, but some of them needs your judgment, your play skill and your brain to decide which one is the best for you in the current situation. Of course, I will help you and give you a touch when to use what.

The idea behind this build was to make balanced build to be "noob bulletproof". I mean it should work no matter how is the enemy team composed. You just have to recognize what is actualy going on and how to react correctly.

This build contains:
Starting item that should be sold later
Basic build - Hextech Gunblade and Trinity Force
Health item
Offensive/defensive Atma's Impaler and/or Armor item
Magic resist item

The reason behind two pair of boots is because of, you have the ability too choose. What I would recommend is to pick the Ninja Tabi if you're laning against an Ad top lane, or even if you're laning against ap and the other team got many ad's. Pick Mercury's Treads if you're laning against ap or the team got more ap's then ad's in their team.

Thanks for me, I hope this will help you out and like always have fun!

//Ante421 The Grand Jaximus.

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Pros +
Counter Strike a pain for your opponents early game
Massive dmg out put early game
Great escape champion
One of League of Legends best duealist game through
Can recover well from feeding
Can handle good AP and AD build (I've choosen to make a mix of both)

Cons -
High cooldowns early game
Often mainly focused due to high burst damage
No range abilities
Often get ganks because of often winning lane (So I really recommend you to buy wards in lanning phase, remember a ward can save a life)

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Thanks To

Thanks for me, I hope this will help you out and like always have fun!

//Ante421 The Grand Jaximus. - An jax guide by Riot Games