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Amumu Build Guide by PressF1

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PressF1

Jungle Amumu - Something to cry about

PressF1 Last updated on August 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Amumu is one of the most banned champions in ranked play, because he is a strong jungler with a very fast clear (you should be able to beat mid to level 4 in most cases), which allows him to counter jungle fairly well. He has one of the best initiates in the game, a decent damage output for a tank, and a good amount of cc.

This is my first guide, so please leave any constructive comments for me!

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Why This Build?

As it is now, nobody cares about Amumu after his ult. This build gives them a reason to, making him a better tank, gives him a lot of damage output in a team fight, increases your whole teams survivability in team fights, and mid-late game drastically increases your teams ability to chase and escape.

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I choose magic penetration marks because almost all of his damage is magic, therefore standard jungle reds such as AS and ArP don't benefit him very much.

The yellows are flat armor. These help for both jungling and tanking, because every team does some phyiscal damage, and they make the jungle so much safer.

For blues, there are a lot of options, but I go with CDR. These are good for his ult and his stun, which are the main reasons Amumu is good. The sooner they are off CD the sooner your team can rack up the kills.

For quints there are a lot of good options, and in my opinion there are no "best" quints for him. Flat health helps a lot early game, and there has been more than one time when I got away with <78 health, which means the health quints saved me. There are also lots of times when CDR quints are useful, and a lot of other ones. Use what you have, and decide what fits your play style the best.

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Pretty simple here, just picked up defense points to make the jungle and tanking roles easier, and dropped 9 points in offense for the penetration, because you shouldn't be buying items for it. The other build puts 9 instead in to utility for the buff duration and xp gain, which make jungling a lot easier but you don't have as much damage mid-late game. It's up to you, but I'd definitely recommend starting with the utility build first because it is much easier for jungling.

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Skill Sequence

first 3 levels are for jungling, after that max stun for cooldown reduction, then max despair then tantrum, picking up ult as available of course. Nothing too complicated.

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Summoner Spells

Smite for jungling, flash for initiation with your ult (flash ult is so strong) or various other uses, such as flash toss.

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This is where my build really stands out from other builds. When you see an Amumu, you think "okay, he's the tank, nobody attack him" which makes the actual tanking bit rather difficult, because if nobody wants to attack you, you're rather useless as a tank!

Once you have ulted, most teams will ignore you. This is where my build truly shines! You have short cooldowns thanks to our masteries and runes, so you can use your abilities multiple times in a team fight, except for the ult, which should be up for every team fight.

Cloth and health pots are standard jungling items. After that, the Aegis of Legion is an excellent item. It buffs all of the tanking stats, and also buffs the stats of nearby allies, which is invaluable in a team fight.
Then, you of course want boots. Merc treads are my personal favorite, because Amumu has really bad magic resist, and the tenacity is awesome, but if the other team is full of AD champs ninja tabi are great, or if you don't think you need either then lucidity keeps your ult and bandage toss available a lot more often.

After that, you want to get a Giants belt for the tankiness, then go blasting rod and build them in to a Rylais Scepter. This increases your damage output slightly, gives you a lot of health, but most importantly it makes you an AoE slow. The help this gives your team is immense, as you can slow the entire enemy team and prevent them from catching your team as they run away, or you can slow them so they can't escape your team for the cleanup. This effect on despair plus bandage toss makes you nearly impossible to escape. Now the other team has a reason to attack you. Tanking mission - COMPLETE!

That is often as far as you will get as Amumu, because tanks shouldn't be getting that much gold. Anything past those I consider luxury items you will rarely get, but basically get the fire cape for more aoe damage and health, or some other item that fits the teams. Tanking is all about adapting, because you need to meet the incoming damage with the proper mitigation.

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Item Variations

There are scenarios in which you can't follow that item path. If the other team is entirely AD for example, you will probably want to get a thornmail instead of an Aegis. It is very important to adapt your tanking to the enemy team, and if you are dying to much you should definitely feel free to change the build to increase your survivability against the enemies who are killing you. The build is very strong for a good number of games, but when the other team has a 7/0 Le Blanc at 10 mins you might want to consider getting a Negatron before that next item you are working on.

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Team Work

Your role is to attempt ganks around level 4 if there are any good opportunities, leaving the last hit to an ally because they need the gold more than you do. Once you are level 6, your role is the initiator in fights. You have a lot of CDR so don't be afraid to ult just to give your carries 1 or 2 kills.

During team fights, your job is to get in the middle of the enemy team (preferably by using Q to grab their carry) turn on W, Ult them, and spam the 'E' button on your keyboard. afterwards, you want to use Q to help your team catch someone running away and pick up the kill, or keep them from catching your team if you don't think everyone can escape.

Once you have built your rylais, you want to dish out as much damage to as many enemies as possible in team fights after using your ult,but when they start to run you want to make sure you stay on them with your W active so they can't get away. Sometimes this will get you kills, that is okay but if possible give them to someone else on your team. Be sure you aren't deserting low health allies that could use you to get away though.

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This is really easy. Just start at blue with W. turn on W and auto attack blue buff golem, activate a potion and you're golden. When it is at about 445 health and smite it, kill small golems, and just work your way over to the other side of the neutrals. use health potions whenever you are mission 200 health or more, and especially before wraiths and red. Once you hit level 4 on the small golem camp, you can go gank, or take a trip back, keep jungling at wolves, or counter jungle. Whatever you think is best.

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Amumu makes a good tank, but giving the enemy team a reason to attack you instead of your carry is what makes a tank great. This build does exactly that, it makes him a great tank with a ton of utility and damage output.