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Build Guide by Jeden Buch

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jeden Buch

Kassadin 1000ap

Jeden Buch Last updated on January 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Chapter 1

This is small guide will hopefully explain kiting and how it works. The problem is that most of the critics dont understand how it works, and therefor they think the build doesnt work.

Kiting is when you jump into and areas, cast your spells, jump out.
Wether you have 5 AAs or 1, you will still have your riftwalk at a 1.8-3.5 second cooldown. During this time, you do your damage, run back and then tele across the wall you jumped into from. You then wait for your cooldowns and repeat.

During this time you will take a few 100 damage and someone may get you ever now and then but 70% time you will escape, and you will of done serious damage.

Im not going to pretend that this build is easy, but if you follow the instructions, you should do fine.

Guide to the Guide.
_-_ General Rundown.
_-_ Abilities
_-_ Strengths
_-_ Weaknesses
_-_ Build
_-_ Game Stratagy (Early - Middle - Late)
_-_ End

General Rundown.

Kassadin is mobile caster with abilities that complement each other well. He is a weak early game char with little influence on his lane between levels 1-5, however with your riftwalk at level 6, kassadin can begin to grab kills from targets who feel they are at a safe distance. Your abilities at farming are much the same, with your only AoE spell working on a spells used effect (Check force pulse description), this makes your minon count low.


Null Sphere
Kassadin fires an ethereal bolt of void energy, dealing damage and silencing the target for the duration.

Nether Blade
Passive: Kassadin's melee attacks restore mana. Active: Kassadin gains bonus armor penetration for a short duration

Force Pulse
Kassadin draws energy from spells cast in his vicinity. Upon charging up, Kassadin can use force pulse to damage and slow enemies in a cone in front of him.

Kassadin teleports to a nearby location dealing damage to nearby enemy targets.
Additionaly, mutiple riftwalks in a short period of time cause them to cost additional mana and deal extra damage

Passive: Reduces incoming magic damage by 15% giving the portion of damage negated to attack speed.

What this means.

Null Sphere
Basicly a nuke to harass targets, very usefull as it does nice damage and has a silence, this also means if your fighting a AP char on your own you can silence burst damage and get out. Then repeating this. (example) Riftwalk into ryze, Null sphere, force pulse, riftwalk out. Repeat. (Only do this if your sure noones around)

Nether Blade
Not hugely useful although it helps you get buffs late game and its low mana, this also means you can spam it to get stacks on your force pulse.

Force Pulse
Your most powerful attack, this spell slows and damages targets in the vicinity. This makes it a very important spell to use as in team fights you'll be AoE for lots of damage.
(To use force pulse 6 spells must of cast in your vicinity by your other players, friend or foe including you.)

The most important ability, without this none of this guide would work. It lets you jump to a nearby location dealing damage, each time you use it you use more mana and do more damage. At 10 stacks you'll do 1837 damage. Yes you saw it right. (Also it doesnt get a bonus to ability power, this means that you need mana regen to get 10 riftwalks)


Kassadin has the highest burst damage in the game by far, with my finished build if you were to combo all your spells you nail your target for 3808 (Without ignite and Magic resist).
His riftwalk alows him to jump into a fight do damage and jump out before being focused, this is known as kiting or as i like to call it divebombing.
He has tenticles on his face.
He floats.


As another guide describes to perfectly, he is a glass cannon. When you hit someone they will know about it but if you get caught without clense or a riftwalk, you might as well open your shop menu right then and there.
Both his regens are laughably bad.


Mejai Soulstear
Sourcer's boots
Archangle Staffx3
Zhonya's Ring
958 AP

IF you have longer

Archangle Staffx5
Zhonya's Ring
1212 AP (without buffs)

Archangle stacking.
The archangles ability means that with mana it stacks AP, and the more you get the more it stacks. With these you can reach the AP i mentioned in the title

Early game build
Amplifying Tome - Builds into Mejai soul stealer First
Boots -
Blasting wind -
From here build two archangle staffs, (Build in what ever order depending on your situation)
Then upgrade boots into Sorcerer's shoes (For magic pen)
Then get another Archangle Staff
Finish with a Zhonya's ring.

This build gives you 958 AP with 20 stacks on your soulstealer.

If the game continues.

Sell your boots for another staff.
This then gives you 1167 AP

If the game continues further sell your soul stealer for your final staff
1293 (with pot and lizard buth)

1300+ with baron.

With the final AP you'll hit.

Null sphere
280 (+649)

Force Pulse
300 (+742)

120 (+371) -=IMPORTANT=-

The beauty of this build is that the staffs also give regen and mana, this means that you WILL be able to get 10 stacks of your riftwalk meaning you WILL hit 1873 damage without your other spells. (This is also why i belive the archangle build only works on kass)

Game Stratagy (Masteries + Runes + Summoner spells)

Clense Priority
I have player 150+ games with kass and without clense even i find it hard to have the same effect. It is undoubtable that you will get stunned now and then, this is what will get you killed. Thats why a clense + Riftwalk combo over a wall will keep your deaths low.
Ignite Secondry
This is useful for mid game stacks, also the obvious last hits.

1+ Null Sphere
Priority then is Riftwalk
Secondry is Force Pulse
Tertiary is Null Sphere
Finally Nether Blade

Magic Pen+Mana regen+AP+HP

Go for all Regen, AP and CD related Masteries.

Early game -
Hope you have a good lane partner, and try to assist him by harassing and getting the odd last hit. If he is a good ganker try to get kills and assists as a bonus.
Having 0-0-0 by the time you have soulstealer boots and blasting wind ISNT BAD. But you'll need to start ganking low hp players or team ganking.
-=IMPORTANT=- if the team fight is raging on and you see a low hp ashe escaping, THAT IS YOUR JOB. People can complain that its not hard but if you dont get these kills noone does. = No kills + No assists for your team mates. You'll kill many players who think they are safe but arent.

Mid game-
Start picking off low hp players and mid hp players with your combo Riftwalk -> Nullsphere -> Force Pulse -> Ignite
Help in team fights, force pulse groups of players, riftwalk away from the fight enter again with no CDs and do the same. (Try to last hit with nullsphere to lasthit for your soulstealer)
Do not panic if you dont have many Soulstealer stacks, the soulstealer alows you to be fed if your in a lane with a noob, but without mant stacks you can still help the team and do lots of damage.

Late game-
Your are an effective player by now, you'll start being able to pick off squishy chars before they can kill you, and trust me they will hate you for it.
Basicly continue as in mid game but now start stacking your riftwalks, you dont have to get 10, 6 stacks still hits very hard.
Also be careful of other low health chars, they do lots of damage if you let them attack you.

Beauty of this build and Tactic.
If you follow this guide, you will find your self with low health often but this doesnt mean you will die, ***es the threat of your target. Will he kill me before i have done my damage and riftwalked away?
If someone tries to chase you, Lol at them and riftwalk over a wall (This is tricky if your low mana, pick your wall carefully.)


This was my first guide to my favorite char, Kassadin. He has survivability, Damage and tenticles. He is also lots of fun to player.
He is difficult to get used to, dont give up on this guide if your getting ripped on, if you feel that your riftwalking skills arent good enough buy a rod of ages or a Scepter to up your HP a little, this means that you'll have more chance of escaping and gives a chance to learn how to use kass effectivly without getting your a headblown off evey time you make a mistake.

Thanks for reading this guide, I am happy to accept friend requests to clear up issues or help you in a practice games. Please be respectful if replaying on the forums and i am happy to take criticsm.