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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Runic

Lady Lux

Runic Last updated on December 6, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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I. Introduction
II. Summoner Spells, Runes, Masteries & Why
III. General Tips/Skills
V. Item explanation
VI. Vocabulary

I. Introduction
Hello! This is my very first guide and it is on my favorite and best champion, Lux. This part of the guide will explain what the rest of it will be about. Lux is a nuke and a mage. She is able to destroy the whole enemy team with a pentakill and use her ultimate every 24 seconds. She's also very good at checking ganks, CCing the team, and being an overall GREAT support hero. She is very squishy, and should always be in the back of the fight, exploiting the range of her skills. Lux should ALWAYS be built with cooldown reduction. This is because, with 40% CDR, she will be able to use her devasting ultimate every 24 seconds. This is a slightly advanced guide, and the acronyms will be posted at the end.

II. Summoner Spells, Runes, Masteries & Why
The most key runes you need are blue CDR reduction runes. It is up to you whether you like flat or per level. The key parts are to have at least enough CDR that with Frozen Heart you will be capped. Your masteries will also need to involve the increase in buff duration because before you get frozen heart you can pick up blue buff to max your CDR. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN BEING LUX![ You NEEEEEED to have 40% CDR.

Here we go with summoner spells. First I'd like to say, smite, revive, or rally are terrible on Lux. Never pick them. No reason is needed. The BEST choices for summoner spells are either:

Second best choices:

The reason Ghost is the very best choice you can have on Lux is that it is amazing for escapes, chases, and map coverage. Flash is for the same reason, Lux is very squishy. Teleport could be a nice choice to save a tower from being backdoored. Clairvoyance s also a nice spell because map awareness is always a plus.

The reason Exhaust, Ignite, and Fortify are second best choices is because they aren't as needed. For example, you already have 2 slows, so why exhaust? You also have enough dps and are a little to squishy and vulnerable to carry around Ignite. If you are doing ranked, Fortify could be nice if no one else has it.

III. General Tips/Skills
I think a lot of people might wonder why I max W before Q. The reason is simple. Q is NOT our main damage output. E is. Lux uses her Q to snare, and then tie in her ult while they are snared. Leveling up Q does NOT increase the snare duration. Though with W, you can shield your teammates from damage and it is an amazing tool to help us act as support in teamfights. Also, SPAM YOUR ULT. You can, it has a 24 sec cooldown, don't save it till a teamfight. Lux can easily walk behind someone, and do the standard attack combo.

Q>Auto attack once>Ult>Auto attack once>E>Auto attack once

Easy as that, the enemy is dead! The reason for the auto attacks is to abuse our passive. You can also 5v1 defend a turret with your ult while waiting for your team to revive/come. Also, practice using your ult! Getting that snipe off a run away is always nice.



Your wtfboom (ult) turns into a 24 second machine before frozen heart. And kill a lot of people. Or steal Baron. Or clearing a minion line. This is the most amazing thing to Lux. If you can't get the buff, then WHO THE **** CARES. You are Lux. You don't need this buff, this buff is just the silencer on the tip of your pistol. But be sure to tell your team blue buff turns you into a ****ing rapist so they will let you get it/take it from them early game.

V. Item explanation

Ok. So. Here we go.

Are your core. Archangel's staff fixes all of your mana problems forever. Mejai's Soulstealer gives you that extra AP boost because 2 of our items to benefit us with AP. Frozen Heart gives you some AP from Archangel's and the all-needed CDR. Sorcerer's Shoes gives us 20 mpen and movespeed! The items I use that follow are Banshee's veil for some extra health/mana plus an epic shield and MR. And then I get Zhonya's Ring for the amazing AP boost.

VI. Vocabulary

Thing heard in game or apply to things in game

b = back, fall back, they're coming for you
back = fall back, they're coming for you
care = be careful, they may be coming for you
oom = out of mana
lom = low on mana
focus = To target a player. Meaning that as a team you all will all focus on a specified hero to kill first.
top, mid, bottom = the lanes in LoL. With the flip camera option, the top and bottom may be switched for some people.
lane = the road like expanses that contain towers and lead to and from the bases
river = The river which cuts across the map diagonally
jungle = The mass of treeses and paths that exist between the lanes
neuts = neutrals
neutrals = The creep-enemies who live in the jungle
bp, pill, pilling = blue pilling, going back to base
base, basing = blue pilling, going back to base
shop,buy = To go back to base to go shopping
brush = The large grass in LoL which causes your hero to be hidden to people outside of the brush
grass = see brush
sigils = Temporary buffs granted to a player by defeating the Golem and the Elder Lizard. These buffs transfer to the killer in the event that the hero dies with the sigil.
buff = Typically a temporary increase to some stat(s)
passive = An ability which is not activated but helps a character. For example, Morgana's passive allows her to heal a small % of the damage her spells inflict. Passives usually apply only to the hero who has them.
aura = A 'passive' which applies not only to the hero who has it, but also to heroes within the given range for the aura. A shareable passive.
dd = direct damage ability. Typically DDs are unavoidable: Click ability, click target, profit. For example: Annie's Q fireball.
skillshot = an ability that fires a projectile that can be dodged. For example: Morgana's cage, Ashe's ultimate arrow
aoe = area of effect
pbaoe = point blank area of affect. The area of effect is centered around the caster such as Nunu's Ultimate or any aura.
backdoor= To attack the enemies towers and base without the cover of your creeps there
ult = ultimate ability. The R Ability.
unique = In LoL certain auras/passive are unique, meaning they do not stack.
last hit = Getting the very last hit, or killing blow.
AP = Ability Power. The stat which boosts the effectiveness of abilities.
miss, mia = Missing, missing in action. Commonly used to describe when a hero is missing from a lane and may indicate to the team that a gank may happen.
juke, juking = When being chased, juking is to fool your pursuers. Typically this happens in the jungle. A successful juke could range from eluding the enemy by exploiting line of sight, or could simply cause the enemy to mistarget a spell.
feed = A player who dies constantly feeds the other team (via the gold reward for killing someone). Being called a feeder is not a compliment. A player who is fed has a lot of kills.
gg = good game.
gj = good job.
ms = movement speed
baron, nashor, worm = the big worm like boss that gives a noticeable buff to the whole team when killed.
gl hf - good luck, have fun, usually an encouraging sportsmanlike phrase said before a game, sometimes sarcastically used "gl solo baron"
push - to gather up a creep wave and attempt to destroy an enemy tower "I'm going to push bottom"
d, defend - to sit at a tower and/or inhibitor and attempt to avoid confrontation while stopping the enemy from killing the objective "I'm gonna d mid"
gank - to go (often with more than one player) to try and kill an enemy, often by surprise "lets gank bottom"
tp - summoner spell telleport used to traverse the map "Ill tp back in"
heal - either the summoner spell, a champion ability, or the act of returning to base to regenerate HP and mana "you should heal"
harass - to annoy the enemy with small bursts of non lethal damage, often forcing them to go heal or be set up for a gangk.
bait - to deliberately appear in a position to be easily ganged so as to lure 1 or more players to be gangked by your team "go bait them in to the jungle"
Disable = A Disable is a debuff that usually prevents some kind of action on the player. Stuns, roots, silences are all examples of disables
Stun = A debuff which prevents any action by a champion (summoner spells excluded)
Root = A debuff which prevents any movement by a champion (summoner spells excluded)
Silence = A debuff which prevents any abilities being used by a champion (summoner spells excluded)
Farm = Farming involves the amassing of gold for player. This is usually best done by killing a lot of creeps and killing them very quickly. Certain Heroes like Ashe and Tristana are great farmers: The first has a +gold passive, and the latter has an AOE passive.

Things heard outside of the game or apply to outside of the game

vent = Ventrilo. It is voice communication software used to coordinate as a team. LoL has its own vent server: See the sticky in the beta general for more information.
build = how a champion and its summoner is built. For champions this may includes the items one buys on a champion, and the order one gets a champion's skills. For summoners, this refers to their masteries and rune selections.
carry = A character who, if played properly, wins late game fights for a team. Typically these heroes are weak early game and require a lot of farming.
tank = Character with a lot of HP and likely armor/resistance. Whose job is to initiate battles with the enemy players/turrets as to draw damage onto himself.
dps = Damage per second. Also referes to characters who job it is to deal damage (As opposed to support and tanks)
burst = A large volume of damage done quickly and typically then very little sustained follow up damage.
support = Characters who job it is to support other characters: Healers, buffers, etc
runes = Refers to LoL's rune system, however this term is overloaded and some players also refer to sigils as runes
talents = A non-canon term for masteries
mastery, masteries = The talent-tree system of LoL
Dota = Defense of the the Ancients. A mod for War3 that virtually launched the moba genre
moba = multiplayer online battle arena
elo = The score a person has in the Ranking system.
leave, leaver = To quit a game before it is over.
raqequit = To quit a game in anger (Being killed, losing)
disc, dc = disconnect from a game.
Bearon = The Ultimate League of Legend Champion. A bear of nobility from Rabilov.
Coral = The color of Adjudicators elected in a fair democratic process. Penny then proceeded to invalidate the election and instead we got dodger blue.
adjudicator = Either an older beta tester, or a beta tester whose skill in game or feedback out of game have been noted.
skin = Items that give a Champion a new look (Costumes, clothes, etc)
champion = The particular character that you as the summoner control
hero = non-canon name for a champion
summoner = Your representation in the game. Essentially you are the puppet master of your selected Champion and you have your own summoner abilities along with the champion's abilities.
deny, denie's= Basically last hitting your own creep. This mechanic does not exist in LoL. In Dota this would prevent the other from earning the gold and experience for killing the creep.


Thanks for taking the time to read my guide. This was my very first guide so all constructive criticism and feedback is welcome! If you would like to play with me please send me a friend request in-game. My in-game name is "Paran0ia"