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Lux Build Guide by NagOrth

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NagOrth

Lux, did she used her ult twice?

NagOrth Last updated on July 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Pros and Cons of the build.

- Sick CD on her spells, specially on her ult(24s).
- Max CDR.
- You can do SOLO LANES (mid/top) against 1 or 2 enemies at once, everytime I use this build, I ask for top lane while having an enemy jungler.
- etc.

- Quiet expensive.
- Taking the ROA out of the build makes you more squisy, but in the next chapters of the guide I'll tell you WHY.

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9x Greater Mark of Insight [0.95 Armor Penetration] [8.55 total].
9x Greater Seal of Replenishment [0.41 mana regen / 5 sec] [3.7 total].
9x Greater Gylph of Force [0.17 Ability Power per level / 3.06 at level 18] [1.53 per level total /27.5 at level 18 total].
3x Greater Quintessence of Force [0.43 Ability Power per level / 7.74 at level 18] [1.29 per lever total / 23.2 at level 18 total].

You maybe prefer to switch the quints of AP for ArP quints, but I prefer to use the AP ones, just cause I like it that way.
I also prefer AP/lvl Gylphs instead of CDR gylphs because this build makes you reach 40% CDR with items.

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Lux's masteries are easy... I always use regular 9 0 21...
it gives you:
9% CDR on champion spells.
15% CDR on summoner spells.
15s CDR on summoner spell FLASH.
5% boost on our base mana.
4% health and mana regeneration.
3 mana regen / 5 sec.
0.6 AP / level.

The rest is not that important.

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Skill Sequence

Skill sequence in my opinion is questionless...

QEQEQRQEQEREWEWWRWW, maximize priority> R>Q>E>W.

My reasons are simple... I prefer to get te most posible damage over 1 single target, why?, cause it's more useful to kill 1 quick and quickly convert a 5 v 5 battle into a 4 v 5 battle, ensuring a victory.
And I leave the shield to the end because the protection it's almost none... this shield just sucks, it can maybe save you from a couple of situations, but they will be a few, it's not worthed to max it first.

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Skills tips.

Ok I'll try to make this chapter as short as I posible can...
First of all I'll explain to you how Lux's skills work.

Passive: Everytime you hit an enemy with a DAMAGE SPELL (Q>E>R), the enemy will get charged with light for 6 seconds, in this 6 seconds, lux next attack will deal an extra magic damage (very very usefull).

Let's stay here, I'll tell you something obvious...
Any time you can, AND ONLY IF YOU CAN, hit the target with an auto attack after making damage with spells... for example, if you are 1v1 against anyone you should do the following combo:
Q>E(just get it in position, do not explode it)>AA>E>AA>R>AA.

I repeat, ONLY IF YOU CAN... this is just to maximize the damage dealt.

Light Binding(Q): This is a directional attack that hits the first enemy for a 100% of the damage and stun(2s) and the second enemy for 50% of the damage and the stun(Applies Passive).

Prismatic Barrier(W): This is a directional spell that shields you and every teammate that pases through. This is like a boomerang, so, if you miss one teammate when you throw the shield, make sure to get in possition to shield your teammate when the shield comes back to you.

Lucent Singularity(E): This is an AOE spell, lux sends a lightball that slows every enemy in its AOE and can explode by pressing E again(Applies Passive).

Finales Funkeln(R): This is a crazystupidlolunbelievably****edupassbreaker**********inginsane ultimate... this **** has an unbelievable range, does a sick damage with a base of 300/400/500 plus a 75% of your Ability power, just crazy... and if this is not enough for you, the CD of this **** is just ridiculous... ONLY 24 CD with 40%CDR, S-T-U-P-I-D!(Applies Passive).

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Lux is just a sick farmer...
With Lucent Singularity deals damage and applies passive to a high number of minions, let's say that a minion wave has 7 minions, 3 warriors, 3 mages and the tank, with Lucent singularity you can hit them all or at least the warriors and the mages, applying your passive at the same time...
So, lux can farm hell good with E and AA's.
But, if you have soooo many minions and want to screw them all, you can use your practically no-cd ultimate to harrass the minion wave and make a lot of money.

this is something important... DO NOT BE AFRAID OF USING YOUR ULT EVERYTIME YOU HAVE IT!, take advantage from your stupid CD.

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Team Work

Usage of the skills:

- Use your Q to initiate attacks.
- Use your Q to stop your enemies while running from you.
- Use your E to slow enemies so your team can reach them.

- Use your Q to help your teammates when they're being chased.
- Use your Q to escape from enemies.
- Use your E to help your teammates when they're being chased by slowing your enemies.
- Use your E to slow your enemies so you can run from them.

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I want to say thanks to everyone who read this guide and I will answer any question!