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League of Legends Build Guide Author PinkerSchluepfer

Malphite - The wrecking Truck

PinkerSchluepfer Last updated on March 18, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my first guide,throwing down as Malphite - the wrecking train

You may have seen the runes,masteries,items etc. and you'll think "what is wrong with this guy?" but please,stick with me and read on to find out more!

Ok,I would like you to introduce you to my fav "tanky" champion. You may ask: "Why just "tanky" Well,I wanted to try something different than just (full)Tank all the time. So i thought - "what can i do to make Malphite a pain in the *** to my enemey, make him extremly fun to play AND very durable at the same time". Simple answer: mix in some AP(Ability Power).

Important: please play a few games with this build before you judge this guide, because it is not as easy as it may sound.

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In this chapter i want to talk about what to (and maybe what not to) do with Malphite the way that I play him.

So,you saw the masteries,runes,items and skill sequence and probably were like "what...the...fu*k". As you can see,I play Malphite as an AP/Tank which makes him very durable and an epic harraser in the laning phase in my opinion, but keep in mind that you have to change your playstyle a lil' bit to make him as effective as possible.

Malphite is the kinda guy who needs a solo lane in my opinion because you want your lvl 6 as fast as possible.You can top lane solo if you have a jungler or even mid.If you just can't get a solo lane it's not that much of a pain with the right partner(I'll talk about that in a bit).
So,what you wanna do is: spam your Q like there is no tommorow. you just run up to someone Q him and back of a bit. It's not that bad if your enemy fights back because of your superb passive.If you have done all the harrasing and farmed quite well and you hit lvl 6 it's time to wreck your enemy. If he is at half,he is dead.
Basic combo to finish him off:
1: use your ult
2: Ground Slam
3: Seismic Shard
4: Ignite
5: Victory

What to do in a teamfight
You are still the tank which means you get in there soak up as much damage as possible and let your team finish them up.There is one big problem: Your Teammates(if you play with randoms). most of them just don't know what to do when you ult the enemy team. they will just stay and stare at first before they realize what just happened which will kill you 8 out of 10 times. Be aware!

Laning Partner
If you really have to go in a duo lane with someone try to go with a "Sion,Xin,Morgana" everything with some sort of CC like a knock up or a stun or a binding.

My enemy
But be aware. The same thing is true for your enemies. A stun or any hard CC will fuc* up your day if you don't play considerate.

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As you can see i choose AP and Magic Pen runes on a "tank".why? because he can absorb a good amount of damage with his passive. You even don't need health runes because with the dorans ring you got 605 Health which is enough for malphite early on.

With the runes and the dorans you have enough AP to harras your enemy and do quite a good amount of damage to them.

You really don't need HP,armor or magic res.

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Skill Sequence

Switch between your Q(Seismic Shard) and your E(Ground Slam) and your ult whenever you can.
You don't need your W(Brutal strikes) for this build. Brutal strikes gives you some armor when active which procs with your E but it's better to focus on your Q first

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9-0-21 masteries on Malphite?! hell yeah!
You want the Magic Pen for your Q and your Ult.Everyone should get that i guess.
"Why Utility Masteries?" you may ask.You need the Mana Regen because you are going to spam your abilities alot and you don't have clarity as a summoner spell.

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Summoner Spells

Flash and Ignite are my personal fav's on Malphite.
Flash for obvious reason: you can chase the enemy down or escape if you blink over a cliff. you can also use it in combination with your ult if you can't catch them with your ult when they are running away. simply use flash and then your ult.
Ignite will give you so many kills in your lane. Everyone hates it when he manages to escape with 50 health...but not with ignite^^

Other options
Ghost to chase or escape enemies even better
Exhaust to disable their DPS or main damage dealer and focus him down
"Why not clarity or cleanse"? You really don't need the mana with this masteries and the dorans. Cleanse? you can take it but i won#t recomment it. it's not likely that you will get exhausted or stuned in a teamfight.If they focus the tank they lost. And it's not a big deal if you get exhausted in your lane tho.

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You wanna start with [*] +1icon=<Doran's ring> size=45+1 for the health and AP and the lil' bit mana regen.The mana Regen is enough tho because of the masteries.The first time back you buy your boots.
I mostly go along with [*] Sorcerer's shoes but if the enemy team got a lot of HARD CC grab [*] Mercury's Treads instead and another icon=<doran's ring> size=45 or a blasting wand.
From here on it depends on the enemy team.If they have a lot of CC and Magic damage get a icon=<Banshee's Veil> size=45 and a Force of Nature.If they have a lot of DPS get a Sunfire Cape,Thornmail, Frozen Heart etc. BUT you have to get a <Rabadon's Deathcap and a Rylai's Crystal Scepter to keep up the damage output when you feel it is time to purchase those items

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Sorry for my bad english knowledge-english is not my native language.
I will work on this guide in the future(i don't have enough time now) and i will add pictures and more in depth things.

Be sure to try the build before commenting

Have a nice day

�¢ï¿½�¬: could someone tell me how to add pictures of items please =/ seems like i'm too stupid