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Twitch Build Guide by Cruix

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cruix

Mid-They never see Expunge coming

Cruix Last updated on August 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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In my experience, Twitch is best played in mid. Because of the early lifesteal items I use, you rarely have to leave the lane for health - however, beware of heavy burst champions. I try to switch lanes away from any Malzahar, Brand, or Ryze. I have fought Miss Fortunes and LeBlancs in mid, but unless they are lower-teir players, I usually can only match them in kills, which is never good. This guide is for mid Twitch, preferably against another squishy carry, and focuses on bursting them down before they can reach their turret.

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What This Means

in this build, you will only have the minimum level slow and 20 seconds of stealth until the mid game, while you are busy upgrading Expunge.

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I don't really experiment with runes - they're too expensive. I just marked up attack speed and damage, but go for darmor penetration if you like. Building health, armor, or ability power runes won't stack well on Twitche's base stats. Dodge chance could work, but that's iffy.

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I go 21/0/9, because the extra 4% damage is all too often the difference when you are bursting someone down from 50% while they run to their turret. If you choose to go with Exhaust, switch Archmage's Savy for the Exhast mastery and the Ghost one for Preservance.

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Summoner Spells

I usually go with Flash and Ghost. Ghost allows you to move between lanes for ganks quickly, and provides yet another escape ability if you need it. Alternatively, you can go for Exhast, but always keep Flash to GTFO when you need to. If you do take it, over short distance chases, try to avoid overlapping Delibitating Poison and Exhast. Use Exhast first, pump them full of poison, and then slow them again when it expires.just 'port over a wall and stealth. Also, against certain chanpions (Ashe, Annie, and Brand especially) Cleanse is crucial for escaping their stuns. Bring it if you think your teamates won't need your help, or you're fighting a heavy stun champion. Since you're in mid, you could probably use Clarity or Heal a lot, but I never bring them.

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Emblem of Valor is fantastic lifesteal for staying in lane, and the bloodthirster is excelent because of the massive lifesteal and the fact that after only 20 minion kills it has as much damage increase as an Infinity Edge, capping at 40 minions to +100. Phantom Dancers come last because when he un-stealths, his attack speed is high enough, and early money is better spent on damage and lifesteal. If you deserately need attack speed quickly and cheaply, get them before the Black Cleaver.

Why do I never upgrade to a Stark's Ferver? Because of the offensive aura. As Twitch, I commonly find myself shadowing the enemy through the jungle while stealthed, and though the Starks's Ferver gives you a signifigant attack speed bonus, the enemy will always be able to know you are there. Feel free to buy this when your inventory is full, and you have them trapped in their base.

Once Twitch gets his infinity edge, I like to call him Uber Twitch. By then his ultamite can let him out-lifesteal an entire team if they line up perfectly. Don't try that unless you have to, because remember, it's only for seven attacks, or until you get stunned and focused. Which will probably happen.

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Skill Sequence

It's tempting to use Expunge to farm minions, but I try to avoid that early game. Why? Because it's the funniest thing on the planet when you haven't used it all game, and Ashe flashes back to her turret laughing, with 3 or 4 hundred health, when you fire level 5 Expunge for the kill.

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How to Play

Stay in mid. Farm minions. Twitch is an excellent ganker, but he is very slow, so you will be out of your lane for a LONG time. Always take that into account. You don't want to fall behind the enemy mid in levels or gold.

When you go for the kill, hold off Expunge as long as possible, because you will almost certainly have only one shot, and you want the poison to do as much damage as possible before you remove it. It sucks when you hit Expunge and they get away with 10 health, knowing that another second of hesitation would have killed them. It has amazing range, so wait until they are slightly past their turret while you wait out of its range. Then, laugh maniacally.

As a general rule for any mid, ping dragon whenever it's up. If bottom lane can help you, you can usually kill it in less thsn 40 seconds past level ten, and if it's not focusing you, your lifesteal will actually heal you. By the time the build is over, I can kill dragon in about 20 seconds and go from 20% health to 90% just from the lifesteal. Remember that late game, clearing the jungle can be faster health than teleporting back. You're still very slow.

Once the game has reached team fights, wait for the rest of your team to initiate. You are very squishy and will be focused, and all your DPS is useless when you're dead. stay near a wall to flash over to escape - or use your ultamate to shoot through the wall. You can do that, if only for seven shots. After the fight snoop around the lane and bushes while stealthed for recalling opponents. by this point, you can probably take almost anyone one-on-one.

Avoid any oracles like the plauge. focus them first if you can, and hope you have enough pressure on them that they can't afford another one.

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I did the best I could! there's no spell check!

Anyway, I'd love some feedback. Especially on the runes. Feel free to point out spelling errors for me to correct.