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League of Legends Build Guide Author MadTheMad

MordeKaiser - Mad Hybrid Build

MadTheMad Last updated on April 2, 2011
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Helpful Terms used on the Guide

AD = Attack Damage;

AP = Ability Power;

AoE = Area of Effect;

B/Back = Fall back/be careful;

CC = Crowd Control;

OoM = Out of Mana;

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Welcome everyone, This is my guide for a powerful Hybrid AP/Tank MordeKaiser, which in my opinion is the best way to play him. MordeKaiser is an AoE Caster DPS meaning that most of your dmg will come from your abilities and affect various enemies, and can also withstand a large amount of dmg due to his amazing passive. His worst weakness is that he has absolutely no CC thus making you miss a few kills in early game, but once you get to lvl 6, your full ability combination will make you forget your lack of CC.

This Build that i present is not the build i always use, it's the one that fits MordeKaiser for all purposes, but sometimes we just need a little bit more of attack power or survivability, etc. What i am trying to say is that in-game, sometimes i vary the items i use depending on the team situation and the enemy's team dmg output or play style.

I want to mention 3 more things:

1 - When i say Hybrid AP/Tank DPS, i mean AP and survivability and not AP and AD, as many may think;

2 - At the moment, i won't post any normal/ranked games because, i am playing only in my EU acc, i used to play in the NA server a lot but then i decided to move to EU servers, better ping and many friends were the reasons, when i reach lvl 30 (currently 24) i will do some ranked and then post here some results;

3 - As a DPS your objective is to dish a ton of dmg and what usually happens with this build is that you always get great scores and have great survivabilyti but if the rest of the team help/feed/are noobs/ragequit/afks then you probably won't win even though you had a very good score. Good news are, this usually happens in Normal/Custom games, in Ranked pretty much they all know how to play so you won't have problems.

Concluding the Introduction, I have been testing and trying several builds with MordeKaiser, speccially the Runes and late game items but there is always different approaches to play him, being AD MordeKaiser one of the most funs to play because of his "q" ability doing insane dmg and people start Ragequitting. Anyways, here it is...

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Pros & Cons of MordeKaiser


+ Excellent minion farmer;
+ Very tough because of his passive;
+ 3 AoE skills with good dmg;
+ Ultimate can turn a 5v5 teamfight into a 6v4 teamfight;
+ Can carry a match (which, in my opinion, is a bad thing because there are way better carriers);
+ Can be the initiator (also, not recommended, again there are better initiators);


- No CC abilities dificcults many aspects of your gameplay;
- No escape ability to get out of action;
- Your abilities uses health as the cost (only affects your early game);
- This is going to be a long Con and i apologize for all this but, it needs to be explained:

Most people always say this: "MordeKaiser is a Tank", the problem is most people doesn't know what being a tank actually means. A Tank is the character that will be able to soak a great amount of dmg (sometimes if the tank as to die it's ok if that implicates a better chance to win the teamfight), be able to initiate teamfights, and help the rest of the team by protecting via stun/heal/slow/silence/etc.

Refering to MordeKaiser now, he is way capable to absorb a great amount of dmg but, he can't initiate ptoperly and he has no way to help teammates. Which leads mme to the following conclusion: MordeKaiser is an OFF-TANK and that's it, he is indeed one of the best Off-tanks simply because he can take a lot of punishment and still do important AoE dmg, which makes him a danger if he is not taken care quickly and when he gets the ghost of, for example, an Ashe or a Jax or Master Yi, then you will simply clean the rest and most likely do a Double Kill to say the least.

Ending this Con - MordeKaiser is an Off-Tank meaning he will support the Main-Tank by absorbing a lot of dmg and dealing significant dmg;

These are the Pros & Cons. However, the more you play with MordeKaiser the more you'll notice the Cons fading out as you progress throught the game stages (early/mid/late).

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Greater Mark of Insight

By far the best marks for MordeKaiser by giving you about 9 flat Magic Penetration thus making your skills hit harder through the enemies Magic Resistance turning you more deadly; Dead Simple.


Greater Seal of Vitality

Greater Seal of Vitality

Greater Seal of Vigor

Greater Seal of Vigor

This is your 2 best options for the Seals.

Greater Seal of VitalityThe Greater Seal of Vitality boosts your health by a small amount (175 at level 18) but it can make a big difference, the rune grows as you level and works well with Force of Nature by increasing your Health Regeneration and it also decreases the need to get flat health items early game. In my opinion this is the best Seal for MordeKaiser Tanky.

Greater Seal of VigorThe Greater Seal of Vigor is a good option as well for MordeKaiser but only if your 1st item gives you Health Regeneration; in this case, we start with a Regrowth Pendant which means Health Regeneration from runes and 1 item, this will make you last a lot of time in the lane, which is great. However, you "profit" more from the 1st Seals, at least i feel a lot more comfortable with them.

My Recommendation is Greater Seal of VitalityThe Greater Seal of Vitality.


Greater Glyph of Celerity

Greater Glyph of Force

Again, this are your 2 best options for the Glyphs and, in my opinion, they are both equally great...

The Greater Glyph of Celerity gives you some extra CDR, increasing while you level, this will allow you to spam you abilities more, basically means that you will do some more dmg but, mor importantly your shield bar will be more filled. Early game it's very important that your shield is well filled, grants you more survivability and you can attempt more risky last hittings.

The Greater Glyph of Force gives...