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League of Legends Build Guide Author McDrewbs


McDrewbs Last updated on May 23, 2012
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Why you ask, do you mix up the lanes like that, we, the community made the meta what it is, you must be wrong, I hear you cry.

So let me share my view.
Lets start with AD carry & Support in mid-lane. Looking at Summoners Rift, mid-lane is the lane that it is easiest to get ganked on. A gank can come from 6 places (from either side of the enemy jungle, from the top and bottom brush, and even from your own jungle) now the Support role is focused around keeping the AD carry alive, this includes a focus on warding, with the Support warding mid, it will be a lot harder to gank there with 1 champion focused on protecting the lane, it will also be easier for the Support to "b" and get back into lane quickly because of the shorter distance. The longer the Support is not with the AD Carry in the early game, the more chance of the AD carry getting ganked and dying.

Still with me here?

OK, now for Bruiser on bot-lane instead of top. The simple answer, dragon. It is safer for a bruiser to check dragon then for the AP carry to do it. Dragon is a more "early-game" goal then Baron, so it needs extra attention that would put the AP Carry in danger, but a bruiser, they have more freedom with warding as they are tanky and can dish out damage.

AP carry can look after themselves on mid-lane, so should be able to do so on top-lane, they will need to be careful of over extending, but this is true to all champions. play safe, stay alive.

Now the negative of this is the Jungler, a fast clear time AND an overall high movement speed is needed as the Jungler will find he will probably need to switch focus from top to bot and vice versa, pretty quickly. Mid-lane will be the "gank on opportunity" lane and won't require as much focus though.

Still reading?

It is an Aggressive Meta Style with focus on shutting down the enemy quickly.
As the AD Carry gets stronger (looking at the 10 - 20 minute area, maybe earlier if you are "pro"), they should be able to keep themselves alive from ganks (this next bit favours AD carries with an escape AND an aggressive Support champion) while the Support switches to supporting the Jungler on ganks. With 1 person in each lane (the trust of the team is on them to be able to hold their own and play safe) and 2 roaming into ganks it will punish over extending harshly while allowing the 3 team members who are reliant on farming their lane, to continue doing so.

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Pros / Cons

- Potentially very strong early play with the Jungler and Support shutting down the enemy.
- Strong late game as the AP, AD carry and the bruiser have concentrated on farming.
- The new "weaker" towers makes tower-diving easier and thus easier to be able to get the kill from the gank.
- Silly Meta-sheep will be baffled and will not be able to counter you as it is not apart of their "meta" as they are unable to think outside the box.

- Team reliant, over-extending idiots who don't buy wards can and will get punished easily.
- Requires aggressive "high-risk, high reward" play styles from the Jungler and Support.
- Thinking outside-the-box play style will make it difficult for players who are used to following the meta.

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Roaming Jungler-Support Role

Supporting the Jungler will require a champion who is fast, one who is able to shut down an enemy so the Jungler can rip them a new one.

Example Champions

Lulu - Slow base move speed, BUT, she has her Q to slow the gankee (is that what you call a person who is getting ganked?), she has her W to either get close or to turn the "gankee" into a squrrel (or, slow the AD Carry with Q, turn the Support into a squrrel and Ulti on your Jungler, thus preventing assistance or escape). Her E is a nice shield, for added protection, her Ulti on the Jungler can mean the target (gankee) will be slowed and this will struggle to escape.

Teemo - "Wait what? Teemo Support, damn this guide is trolling me", or is it? Shrooms are free 10 minute Mana-wards, makes it easy to protect mid-lane while not even being there. Teemo's blind can shut-down any auto-attack champion during a gank, he also gets a steroid speed boost ability and his free poison over time ability is great for getting the finishing damage on a tower-hugging gankee. Teemo roaming-Jungler-Support would work brilliantly with a Jungler who can slow (Hello Mundo and your mean cleaver).

Alistar - Jungler and Jungle-Support. What what? Alistar playing Jungle and Support? FUUUUU that is just OP!!! That is right, You take 1 Jungler, you add 1 Alistar Support and you have a deadly mix of roaming devastation!

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Summary - Meta's aren't made overnight

In short, this is just the base of a new play style, nothing more, nothing less. Want to criticise it, go ahead, want to try it with a few friends, go ahead. Being constructive and adding/changing bits is how new meta's come about. It takes time and effort to figure out what works.

So instead of "fuu noob troll guide", how about "well what if X blah blah Y?" "I suppose Q etc etc Z could really do well if you A yadda yadda B."