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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sirk

Orianna, The Treeline Master

Sirk Last updated on June 4, 2011
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Ok, first off, this is my first build due to the fact that I've never really wanted to do one until i played Orianna in a 3v3. In this build she can solo top lane easily, hold bottom with teammates, moderately jungle, and tower dive like no other.

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I chose Magic Pen runes because...well...shes AP. then moved to Scaling Mp5 Seals they work very nicely late game... and then with the items you have ur mana pool is large enough that you dont need any regen items and can focus more on damage. Scaling AP glyphs, this build requires a bit of building, with the catalyst in the way taking up time and then rylai's right afterwords ur gonna need some AP as u level up. So thats what i recommend. For Quints, I use 2 Magic Pen and 1 Flat AP but thats only because i dont have 3 Flat AP. But ive noticed that with the scaling glyphs, the 2 magic pens actually work really well for harassing early game when no one has any MR.

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Masteries, Standard Caster setup 9-0-21. Notice the Insight and Blink of an Eye. Check your team out, If they do not have mana...I would move the point to utility mastery just to help out with buffs since u can eat through any mob in the map.

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Skill Sequence

Q is your main weapon. In 3s, the map is so small that you can use your ball to scout, check for incoming MIAs place it off to the side to side attack an enemy to avoid creep damage reduction. Get Q maxxed out at lvl 9. Your W, slows the enemy and speeds you up. Its very beneficial in slowing escaping enemies, doing extra damage to farm creeps, or give you a boost to escape and make others slowed or run around it as they chase u. I level it to the 3rd skill before I place a 2nd point into my E, which idk how many times has saved my life against a Caitlynn or Nunu Ult or even a tower. Your E will protect you and your teammates and save lives and help give that extra boost for that kill. Ultimate, I use it pretty much only on teamfights, or when I cant afford to die, and MUST escape. Using it on your own tower while being pushed is nice. Attack with Q on minions, then use W to damage/kill them all, then R to hopefully flip the opposing enemy and give him a turret hit or two.

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Doran's Ring - This....I feel compliments you greatly with your runes, a lil extra mana regen plus AP genearally just makes every one of your scaling runes a lil less ****py...

Boots of Speed - If you can get a kill or assist, i recommend farming until you can get 415g so u can get your lvl 1 boots and at least 2 health pots. If you have enough gold before going back start building your catalyst mana crystal first. You should have health pots and i keep 2-3 pots on me until i get my giants belt.

Catalyst of the Protector - Once you get your catalyst built, depending on how many kills you have you should be lvl 8-11, and then your done with that use it to heal as u level up

Rylai's Crystal Scepter - GIANTS BELT GIANTS BELT GIANTS BELT.!.!.!. get the belt first, because at this point, the other team is starting to get stronger and getting their gear, u need life to survive so get the belt then whichever item u can afford first if u still have health pots on you u cant get the belt and both AP items so either hold off or sell them. I keep the pots and just but the last and final build for rylais, u never know when u will need a health pot. Once its finished, your ball...will slow enemies....making it much easier for you to chase them down....and get lots of kills.

RoA and Rabadon's - After Rylais, time to start building up your HP Mana and AP a bit more, so get your Rod of Ages as quickly as possible, you are already unkillable virtually (if you play her right), and the extra life will just scare your enemies. After your RoA is built, Start your Rabadon's Deathcap. This item alone will boost your AP so much...People will see you and run away, they will not want to go against you unless its 3v1 or 2tanky v1. Once your Rabadons is built...Depending on what your teammates are..if u have AP heavy go for a Abyssal Scepter to make everyone better, but if ur the only Lucky AP go for your..............

Void Staff - ........AND NUKE SOME FUGLYS. with this build...and the runes...u get maxxed at 49% Mag Pen. and you will Q W Q R Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q until they QQ. Since your Void Staff takes the 6th slot, and by this time, if your still playing, your mp5 runes will keep ur mana up unless u spam uncontrollably, drop your doran's ring once you have enough for a sheen, and grab the final damage dealing item.

Lich Bane - After completeing your Lich Bane Q, W (slows), auto attack, Q. That combo alone does so much damage, it will make them rage. After this its GG.

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Summoner Spells

I feel Flash is a must for 3v3. So many walls to jump thru to escape or gank. Clarity on the other hand, I use for mana dependent teams, if im orianna, and i have a Tryn and a need for clarity. I just move it over to Utility Mastery and hold my buffs a bit longer.

Other spells I would use....Exhaust and Ghost would be very helpful for grabbin those runners.

In 5v5s I do take Exhaust and Ghost instead of Flash and Clarity. lots more chances of an armorless champ to get ganked

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Well...again Thanks for reading...please comment on my build and give me honest feedback...this build hasn't stirred me wrong in years........(3 days) but ive done really well in 3s. Not as great in 5s but still good... All feedback is good feedback, if you had any critique with my build let me like to try it out... another thing...i dont know if anyone has built this yet...i havent even looked at any orianna builds on moba so if i stole someone elses build im sorry but again this is my first build.