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Shaco Build Guide by risenwolfe

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author risenwolfe

Performing the Shaco

risenwolfe Last updated on August 26, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is by all means, not a jungling build for shaco, this is just a guide on how to carry your team while playing. You don't have to follow this build all the way through at all,(I never follow builds all the way) this build's priorities is to maximize damage while allowing you to survive long enough to apply all that damage.

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Now, for runes, you take Greater Mark of Desolation x9 , Greater Seal of Alacrity x9 , and for glyphs you take Greater Glyph of Alacrity x4 and Greater Glyph of Focus x5. This ensures that you have a boost in attack speed while ripping through your enemies armor to a little more damage, and the cooldown reduction glyphs always help. The one thing about shaco is that when you need deceive the most, its always in cooldown. For Quints, you take Greater Quintessence of Desolation x3. This will allow for tons of armor pen.

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Backstab : a pretty OP passive if you ask me. Makes you do a 20% increased damage if attacking from behind. Combine that with the passive of an infinity edge, and deceive, thats some crazy damage.

Deceive : and blink, crit and stealth, all in one. This is what makes shaco, and shaco. People hate shaco because of this. It makes them rage quit. This is what fuels their nightmares. This spell can be used to escape ganks, or initiate ganks.

JiTB : a fun and useful skill for shaco. You put down a jack in the box that fears and does damage. In teamfights or 1v1 engagements, you must put one down. You can also use them as wards in case of ganks or map awareness.

Two Shiv Poison : and dagger throw that slows the enemy down. This allows for you to catch up with a enemy, or for last hitting minions. The passive also allows for shaco to be a great jungler. On hit, it causes a 20% chance of a miss on the next attack. It is also great for that last chunk of health the enemy has while running away.

Hallucinate : another brand named skill that makes shaco unique. This creates a clone that does 75 % of your damage and takes 150 % damage. There are so many uses for this skill. Ganking, initiating,escaping, 1v1, turrent diving, and escaping either vlad's or karthus's ulti. When you use this skill, there is a brief millisecond where you disappear and then reappear with your clone. In that millisecond, you can escape from any damage.

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Summoner spells

OK, on shaco, you must take exhaust. This spell is a need, because of his squishiness. Plus, it gets you a free kill when ganking, you don't want to pop all your cooldowns just so they can get away. Deceive in , crit them , exhaust them, pop your ulti, and if they stay to fight, put down a JiTB.

Ignite : ignite can be very useful early game, and can get you a FB (first blood). OR,if you are engaging with a healer or someone like vlad or warwick, then you pop it first them attack so it stops all their healing by 50% during the fight. Though useful early game, I think that during mid and late game, it will lose its value since teamfights will occur and everyone always aim the champ with the lowest health, so once you pop ur ignite to kill them, your team will shift their attention to him , since he has the lowest life, and you prob wont get the kill.

Flash : an all around great flash. This is the spell in combination with Deceive that makes shaco a shaco. People hate shaco because he has a blink that makes him crit 120% damage and makes him stealth. With flash, you can be double annoying.

Ghost : in my opinion, ghost is the third spell that compatible with shaco. Actually , ghost works with anyone for the most part. With this, you can escape ganks, make their can dont run away from your own ganks, and allows for faster movement around the map.

All other summoner spells are not really viable with shaco.

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The items mentioned in this build is just a guideline, you do not have to follow the whole thing. Once you have all your items, sell the Brutalizer so you now have a free spot for either a utility item like banshees veil , a defensive item like thornmail, or more attack speed or attack damage. The item you get will correspond with the enemy team. If they have amazing attack damage champs, then a thorn mail will be a good pick, but if the casters of the enemy team are ripping you apart, then maybe a force of nature or banshees will help.

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Pros / Cons

Insane damage
A real **** with flash and deceive
Great ganker
For the most part, can get away from all ganks with deceive.
Great at back dooring
Very squishy early game
If silenced or stunned, most likely dead
Blink lasts only 3 to 4 seconds
Bad at teamfights


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EARLY GAME: at the beginning, take your JiTB first. Now you have 3 options. If you have a jungler, then you only have one, but if you don't , you can head over to golems and set up 5 jack in the boxes and kill them for a quick level two , or head over to blue buff and set up 5 to 6 JiTB in the brush to get blue buff(Shaco is very mana-hungry early game). If you have a jungler, then set up your boxes in a brush and try to a FB. With shaco, you always want to be active. As in last hit minions, gank your lane or mid lane, or if all your lanes are pushed or is in good condition, go ahead and jungle for a min or two to get some gold and xp while making the enemy team call mia on you. Find a balance between farming up and getting kills.

MID GAME:by now team fights should have started. Here , you got 3 options. You can back dooring, fight with your team, or wait for the initial round of stuns and cc(crowd control) to be over and head to to get some kills. Shaco is very bad at teamfights so i suggest backdooring or going in after your team to clean up what is left. Remember to gank and farm up between these fights.

LATE GAME: now you should be either so fed that you are obese, or somewhat fed. You should be looking for a enemy champ to at the wrong place at the wrong time. Always get dragon and baron after winning a fights. You should be one of the teams main dps at this point. In late game, back dooring will become very crucial to win. Remember ,you want to win , not get a good k/d.

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The End

This is my first build on mobafire so I hope this guide helps alot. Constructive criticism is always helpful, thanks.