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Nocturne Build Guide by LegatusValefor

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LegatusValefor

rek ppl w/ nocturne pew pew 9k damage

LegatusValefor Last updated on May 21, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Early game

playing nocturne in season 3 isn't as stupidly stronk as it was in season 2 because gapclosing bruiser meta
however nocturne is still strong if you play him right
farming w/ nocturne is pretty easy because of his passive, but you push the lane with it pretty hard.
ward up the bushes if you don't want to get rangod by some stupid sperglord camping your lane cause its pushed
you can utilize the pushing really easily, ie, pushing hard into the enemy turret and then being a tryhard and counterjungling the sperg who was camping your lane earlier.
if sum stupid battyman tries to deny you farm just beat him up because you're nocturne and your early game is strong

fightin people
nocturne is one of the best duelists in the game, so use it to your advantage. take whatever opportunity you get to jump into the enemy laner and shrekulate all over them and their fun with your free attack speed and ad buff from your q and w.
if you got a poopking who picks jayce, nidalee, pantheon, gangplank etc, any sperglord champs that have quite a bit of harass/poke just predict it and use your w to block it off. be wary of using too much mana.

dealing with junglers
since you have such a strong early game and that free sustain on your passive you might want to go full riven and beat the scrublord out of the jungler if the enemy laner doesn't do super damage
be wary of battymen like xin zhao, that knockup can really ruin a brotha's day. (that bein said you can block the knockup with your w)

pushing towers
nocturne is an excellent pusher and tower destroyer, use it to your advantage. if the enemy laner isn't super strong, and you can get away from their jungler easy you can break up the turret and pressure the lane hard.

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Mid game

nocturne's midgame isnt super superb, but it isn't weak either. you can hunt people down relatively easily and if you make sure you don't get focused you can jump on the adc's and apc's pretty well.

midgame farming with nocturne is easy as fk, just pop your q and auto attack once and a lane will most likely either be cleared or almost cleared. use this to push lanes hard and pressure the lanes to give your team some leeway to move about.

since this is a glass cannon build, don't immediately r onto the adc before your team has initiated. wait for your team to initiate, and then dash straight onto the glass cannon that does the most damage. fear the other damage dealer, dispose of one and then quickly dispose of the other. with your ravenous hydra active and the crit proc on statik shiv/infinity edge you should be doing at least 400 damage a hit.

tower pushing
if you're at the losing end of a teamfight nocturne is excellent at splitpushing, mke sure to ward up the bush and you're set to go. rush towers and take them down in seconds, well done you are now teemo v2.

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Late game

nocturne is a flying puss destroyer, late game you should two shot everything if you have sufficient items
do exactly as said before, just make sure you wait a bit longer before going in (they'll probably try to focus you more because you poop damage). two shot the adc and apc, then two shot the support, then two shot their tank and jungler and get a pentakill congratz.

turret pushing
if you win teamfights then feel free to rush a tower, nocturne is ridiculous at taking them later on. you should be able to take down at least two towers before the enemies have respawned. On the other hand, if you have some sperg plebians who wont go into teamfights before you just resort to heavy splitpushing like before. rek the turrets and win the game.

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Pros / Cons

- too much damage, lategame does about 600 damage per auto attack around twice every second
- easily take down towers and objectives, alongside almost being able to solo baron
- take down fed carries instantly by attacking them twice in a second
- basically a melee hypercarry if you don't get focused

- if ur bad u can get focused really easily
- if you get caught out by more than 3 people you might die (in saying that nocturne can 1v5 if they have no hard cc)
- if your team needs a peel/tank you won't be able to do so
- if your team needs you to initiate you're practically going to die every teamfight