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Lux Build Guide by Remmix

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Remmix

Remmix's Wicked Lux

Remmix Last updated on July 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi everyone,

Thank you for checking out my ranked game winning Lux build. This build has won me many ranked games, and is a guaranteed win whenever I take solo middle lane! I use it personally and can tell you that it has completely changed my perspective on Lux as a champion altogether! You'll see what I mean when you melt Veigar's and Tryndamere's with this build!

Click here to view screenshots of my ranked-game winning Lux build in action!

This guide will include item build, play style, and alternate builds. Laning is not important, as my build is powerful in every lane and in the hands of every player!

If you liked this build, please vote up, and leave a comment if you wish. Please keep your comments civil and absolutely no raging! Leave that for the other team as you blast away with your lazer ;) Also, you can find more helpful tips by visiting my blog @ (How to win League of Legends games)

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Early game laning phase

Early game is all about earning the gold. Set up your Lucent Singularity so that you will last hit with it while nuking the entire creep wave. If you're good enough, you will always catch the enemy melee champions with your spell as well, so keep an eye out for opportunities to detonate when they get close! You can auto attack the minions for fast pushing (and quick hits on the enemy tower), or you can just last hit the minions when you're facing a tougher opponent (i.e. powerful early game champions like Karthus or Caitlyn).

Use your Clairvoyance spell whenever your enemy walks into a brush. This will keep you and your allies well informed about what your opponent will do. In addition, you will be saving tons of gold by not having to buy wards! ;]

Once you earn 475-510 gold, head back and buy another Doran's Ring (and a health potion if you can afford it). Do not be shy about leaving your lane! You can shop just fine after pushing your minions beyond the river. Instead of waiting around for the next wave of minions, just take the time to Recall back to base and buy what you need!

You should be able to afford the level one boots by the 6 minute mark (if you last-hit using Lucent Singularity and auto-attacks). Once you hit level 6, walk within range to an ally's lane, Clairvoyance where you think an enemy champion is, and Lazer them for a quick, clean gank! Afterward, push your minions beyond the river again, then Recall back to base for some very useful damage, Sorcerer's Shoes.

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Mid-game laning/ganking phase

At this point, you should be able to take down your lane's towers easily using your Light-Binding - Lucent Singularity - Lazer combo. Each minion wave will literally melt before you! Hit the enemy tower a few times to wear it down, but do not overstay your welcome, as overextending will only lead to your doom by a well-placed gank!

Once you destroy your lane's tower, you can just walk around sniping other lanes. Keep an eye on the map, and once you see that an enemy champion is low on health, simply ping so that your team knows you are coming, then Clairvoyance the area, and Lazer away!

If you find that you keep missing your target, fear not! All you need to do is hide in a nearby brush until an unsuspecting enemy champion walks into view. You will let loose your 3-hit combo: E, Q, then R! The E spell will slow them down enough so that your Q spell can hold them in place for your Ultimate! Lux literally is one of the best burst champions that I've played with, and I am sure that you will agree!

You should be able to afford a Fiendish Codex, which can then be converted to Morello's Evil Tome. Grab another Fiendish Codex afterward, and you will be cruising with a sweet 39% Cooldown Reduction! (Maximum cooldown reduction limit is 40%). Now is when the fun begins!

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Late game phase

Late game phase is all about the towers. The enemy team may try to elude you by hiding in the jungles, but little do they know that your fully-reduced-cooldown-Clairvoyance will give their positions away for an easy gank! Pity to any squishy champions who get in the way of your combo, because they will all turn into mush right before your very eyes!

As you push towers and gank the enemy team, you will find that you are constantly out of mana. No sweat! Increase your mana pool with a nifty Tear of the Goddess, and you will literally never have to head home to base again!

Push towers to win and you're golden.

Your final items, Archangel's Staff, and Rabaddon's Deathcap, are useful for puncturing the enemy lines, but you will most likely finish the game before then. I have never really been able to get far along enough in the game to complete the Archangel's Staff, let alone the Rabaddon's Deathcap; the enemy team just surrenders or their base is flooded with super minions by then ;]

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End notes

Before I leave you to your face-melting fun, I would like to point out a few things:

-In battle, stay far behind the front lines and keep casting ALL of your spells! Your shield is invaluable to the team's survival, and your added damage literally melts the enemy champions.
-Don't worry about getting kills; save the kills for the carries! A fed Lux is great, but a fed Ashe is a game breaker!
-Always chase fleeing champions! Lux is fantastic at last-hitting fleeing champions due to her immense range on her ultimate! Simply Clairvoyance a few steps ahead of the fleeing champion, and fire away with your Lazer!
-Stay far, far away from anti-carries such as Tryndamere and Akali! Lux is no match for them up-close, and you should never, ever engage them 1-on-1!